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Chapter 2171: Take It Slowly

Because Han Chenglin lost many times in the games, Chu Peihan was in a very good mood.

It was the most harmonious meeting they had ever had since they met each other, and Chu Peihan beamed at him for the most times too.

In fact, it was the first time that Chu Peihan had ever smiled at him.

Even if it happened when Han Chenglin lost the games, he was willing to lose.

Han Chenglin already realized that he might really fall in love with Chu Peihan, but it was too early to confess his affection for her yet.

After all, Chu Peihan didnt have a good attitude towards him yet.

Although he planned to confess his affection for Chu Peihan, he had to wait till Chu Peihan had a better impression of him.

Even if he did that at this moment, he believed that Chu Peihan would reject him.

“Youve stayed with us for so long.

Wont your friends get mad at you” All of a sudden, Chu Peihan asked Han Chenglin and Han Chenglins good mood was damaged.

“Its fine.

Actually, I didnt want to play with them, so I went out to have some fresh air.

I met Shi Xiaoyue by chance.

I heard you were here, so I came over.

Its more fun to be with you.” Han Chenglin lied without feeling guilty at all.

“Fine!” Since Han Chenglin said that, Chu Peihan didnt continue to talk about it.

She didnt want him to feel that she was chasing him away.

Even though she didnt have a good impression of Han Chenglin, it wasnt so bad that she would chase him away.

When it was about 11 pm, they left the clubhouse.

Before they left, Zhang Zikai called her home and told her familys chauffeur to come pick her up, and she drove Song Miaoge home.

Han Chenglin wanted to drive Chu Peihan home, but Chu Peihan turned him down because she left with Gu Ning.

Because of that, Han Chenglin decided to send Shi Xiaoyue home.

Although other people didnt know Han Chenglins relationship with Shi Xiaoyue, they believed Han Chenglin wouldnt hurt Shi Xiaoyue so they werent worried.

After that, Gu Ning brought Baili Zongxue, Chu Peihan, Yu Mixi, and Mu Ke back to Century City.

After Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin left, Shi Xiaoyue joked with him.

“Chenglin, you must admit that you really like Chu Peihan now, right Its so obvious today.

Everyone could see it.”

“Everyone could see it, except for Chu Peihan,” said Han Chenglin.

He sounded very upset, but it meant he didnt refuse to admit he really liked Chu Peihan.

“Well, take it slowly.

You didnt leave a good first impression on her after all,” said Shi Xiaoyue.

She didnt know much about romantic relationships, but one never got a second chance to make a first impression, so it wasnt easy for Han Chenglin to change Chu Peihans opinions about him.

However, Shi Xiaoyue was still surprised that Han Chenglin begged Chu Peihan to teach him kung fu and never gave up seizing all the chances to strike up a conversation with Chu Peihan.

It was totally beyond her understanding.

She learned all that from Chu Peihan, because Han Chenglin wouldnt tell her.

He did all these things, but he cared about his dignity in front of other people.

In Shi Xiaoyues eyes, Han Chenglin was always proud and aloof.

It was true that people changed when they fell in love.

She was curious to know more about Baili Zongxues older brother now.

She wondered what he was like and why Chu Peihan took him as her dream guy.

After all, in her eyes, Han Chenglin was very outstanding.

Born in a rich family, he was handsome and skilled.

He was also the dream guy of many girls, but Chu Peihan was an exception.

However, she also understood that Han Chenglin was attracted to Chu Peihan precisely because Chu Peihan was different.

If Chu Peihan was the same as other girls and lost her reason once she saw him and began to chase him, he wouldnt pay special attention to her.

People always preferred different people and stuff.

The next morning, they got up to run together, then unsurprisingly met Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue.

Seeing Baili Zongyang, Chu Peihan was excited and greeted him.

She also tried to talk with him.

Baili Zongyang treated her politely, not showing any impatience or dislike.

After running in the morning, Gu Ning invited Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue to share breakfast at her place.

Baili Zongyang hesitated to accept her invitation because they had done that before, but he hadnt invited them to share a meal yet.

Therefore, he proposed to buy them breakfast.

Because the breakfast was already made at her home, Gu Ning turned Baili Zongyang down.

Baili Zongxue insisted on going with Gu Ning, so Baili Zongyang had to follow them.

After having breakfast, Baili Zongyang thanked them and left.

Baili Zongxue however, didnt leave right away, and stayed with Gu Ning and the others.

Gu Ning also left at 9 am.

Yesterday, Gu Ning had asked Gao Yi to prepare the truck to transport the products, so when Gu Ning left, she directly asked Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to drive with her.

After leaving, she went to the siheyuan to pick up Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing, then went to the XX flower base.

Although owners of most flower shops tended to go to the flower wholesale center, Gu Ning directly took Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing to the flower base.

They came today mainly to get plants to plant at Xiaoyao Mountain Villa, so they needed a lot of them.

They came to the flower base to buy flowers in a large quantity, so the more they purchased, the cheaper the prices would be.

Because Gu Ning and the others mainly sold succulents, they wanted a lot of succulents, which could almost supply the amount of the flower shop for half a year.

There were many species of succulents.

Some were expensive and some were cheap, but Gu Ning and the others wanted all of them.

After the flowers and plants were settled, they needed to deal with vases and flower pots.

Xiangyun Antique-store produced vases and flower pots, but they were much more expensive than those commonly used for displaying and planting flowers.

However, expensive plants should be matched with expensive flower pots, because they were high-end products.

Moreover, no matter how expensive vases and flower pots were, they only cost tens or hundreds of yuan, which was affordable for many people.

It simply depended on whether they were willing to pay the prices.

Gu Ning went to the Xiangyun Antique-store to buy some good vases and flower pots, and also went to other companies to buy some ordinary vases and flower pots.

After all, not everyone was willing or felt it was necessary to buy expensive vases and flower pots.

The flowers and plants were directly taken to Xiaoyao Mountain Villa, but no workers were brought with.

They did the work by themselves and transplanted the plants into the garden.

Several servants of Xiaoyao Mountain Villa helped them.

They had taken care of the garden of Xiaoyao Mountain Villa for so many years, so they were already very skilled at planting and raising flowers and plants.

They were quite professional.

Therefore, with their help, Gu Ning didnt need to have any worries.


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