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Chapter 2120: Do You Care So Much About Me

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Because it still needed more than half an hour for them to get to the airport from here, an hour was needed for them to go there and board the plane.

After that, they carried out the unconscious criminals.

Qin Hao didnt ask who the criminals were, because the missions that Leng Shaoting carried out were generally confidential.

He couldnt ask questions casually.

Miao Jingjing stayed in the siheyuan for two days.

There was still no news from Jing Jining, but she understood that it wasnt easy to draw Hong Yifeng out, so she waited patiently.

Let alone a few days or a few months, she could afford to wait, because without Jing Jinings help, she was afraid that she wouldnt be able to take revenge even after years.

During these days, Miao Jingjing focused on cultivation and eating.

Jing Yunyao had the same schedule.

After staying with Jing Yunyao for days, Miao Jingjing learned about Jing Yunyaos level and story.

Miao Jingjing was shocked by Jing Yunyaos level, because Jing Yunyao was already in the primary stage of Out-of-body Stage.

Jing Yunyao cultivated hard to take revenge, but it required talent, abilities, and luck to become so strong.

What would the Jing familys reaction be after they learned about it Would they regret forcing a talented cultivator to be their arch enemy

If the terrible tragedy hadnt happened that year, Jing Yunyao wouldnt have achieved so much today, but she wouldnt be much worse.

After all, Jing Yunyao was already at a high level that year.

Jing Yunyao had indeed made a mistake, but it wasnt serious enough to deprive her of her life.

It was the Jing family who had no mercy.

Even a monster would not hurt its own children, but the Jing family was an exception.

When Leng Shaoting and the others returned to the capital, it was already three oclock in the morning, and Song Haoyu was already waiting at the airport.

Leng Shaoting handed over the fugitive to Song Haoyu, but kept that ninja.

It was a ninja, so Song Haoyu wouldnt be able to handle him.

Leng Shaoting gave Song Haoyu the credit for arresting the fugitive, so that he could record it on his own merits.

Something which Song Haoyu thanked him for.

Then overnight, Leng Shaoting took the ninja back to the military base to interrogate and deal with right away.

Song Haoyu couldnt buy Leng Shaoting a meal as thanks for helping him catch the fugitive right now, so he could only delay it.

Leng Shaoting had to take the ninja to the military base, while Song Haoyu had to report to his leader with the criminal.

There were a lot of things for them to deal with.

The ninja was caught, but they were still spying on Kuraki Akemi and Kato Toya.

Whether they had a relationship with the ninja or not, they had a sinister purpose.

On Wednesday, at noon, Yu Mixi encountered something unpleasant.

Every day, whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner, Yu Mixi ate with Mu Ke, but Zhao Ran came up from time to time, which made Mu Ke and Yu Mixi very upset.

However, she politely greeted and talked with them, so they felt it was impolite if they their showed annoyance at her.

Mu Ke directly ignored her, and Yu Mixi responded to her lazily.

No matter how stupid Zhao Ran was, she could see that they didnt like her and didnt want to see her.

Zhao Ran thought to herself that it must be because Yu Mixi said something bad about her to Mu Ke.

That was why Mu Ke became so indifferent to her.

It seemed as if she thought that Mu Ke had been talkative with her.

Mu Ke used to be nice to her, and now he indeed became cold.

Therefore, Zhao Ran had an idea.

After class ended at noon that day, Zhao Ran hurriedly ran away, and met Mu Ke before Yu Mixi came.

When Mu Ke saw Zhao Ran, he had a premonition.

“Mu Ke, I have something to tell you.

Its about Yu Mixi…” Zhao Ran said, feeling a little guilty in her heart.

After all, she was doing bad things!

Once he heard that it was about Yu Mixi, Mu Ke was anxious, thinking that something had happened to Yu Mixi.

He immediately asked nervously, “What happened to Mixi”

Seeing Mu Ke caring so much about Yu Mixi, Zhao Ran felt jealous, but she controlled herself upon thinking of what would happen next.

She believed that Mu Ke would be angry with Yu Mixi.

“I, I need to show you a photo!” Zhao Ran said, and immediately took out the phone and showed Mu Ke the photo on the phone screen.

In the photo, Yu Mixi was sitting with a male student, and the male student kissed her face.

Looking at the photo, Mu Ke frowned in anger, but it wasnt because he believed that Yu Mixi had betrayed him.

Instead, he was angry that Zhao Ran dared to frame Yu Mixi in this evil way by putting Yu Mixis face on another girls face.

She made it seem the male student was kissing Yu Mixi, which was really unkind.

This photo was photoshopped.

Ordinary people might not be able to see it, but Mu Ke was good at retouching, so he could easily see it.

Honestly, Zhao Ran wasnt smart enough.

Even if Mu Ke accepted this photo was real, her dirty trick could be easily exposed after he went to investigate it.

Maybe Zhao Ran thought that he wouldnt do an investigation, or she might have made an agreement with the boy and would insist on saying it was Yu Mixi.

“Zhao Ran, do you want to tell me that Yu Mixi has betrayed me by showing me this photo” Mu Ke coldly stared at Zhao Ran and angrily questioned her.

Zhao Ran didnt know that Mu Ke had already seen through it, so she thought Mu Ke was mad because he believed Yu Mixi had betrayed him.

Therefore, Zhao Ran was pleased with her scheme.

However, on the surface, she seemed disappointed.

“I actually didnt believe Mixi would do something like that till I witnessed it.

Mixi and I are friends, but I dont want you to be deceived, so I decided to show you this photo after thinking for a long time.”

In the end, Zhao Ran pretended that she cared about Mu Ke.

“Oh” Mu Ke sneered and asked mockingly, “Really Do you care so much about me”

“Yeah!” Upon hearing that, Zhao Ran thought Mu Ke finally noticed that she was a good girl.

She ignored the mockery in his voice and responded shyly.

“Mu Ke, actually I think youre a very good boy.

I seriously dont understand why Yu Mixi doesnt cherish you.

If I were…”

Zhao Ran wanted to say if she were Yu Mixi, she would definitely cherish him.

However, before she could finish, Mu Ke coldly interrupted her.

“Zhao Ran, I can give you another chance.

Tell me honestly, whats in this photo”

“What” Zhao Ran realized it wasnt right, so she looked at Mu Ke anxiously.

Did Mu Ke notice something abnormal That was impossible!

Zhao Ran refused to believe she had such bad luck, but what Mu Ke said next pulled her back to reality.


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