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The taxi followed Lin Wencongs car closely.

To Gu Nings astonishment, they drove to Clean Water Blue Sky.

There were so many coincidences today!

Gu Ning was of course happy to know that.

It saved her a lot of trouble.

Their car went into Clean Water Blue Sky.

Gu Ning immediately got out of the taxi, striding into Clean Water Blue Sky.

Seeing that Gu Ning used a key to open the gate, the taxi driver couldnt help thinking to himself that her fiancé must be a terrible man who even brought his mistress back home.

As a man, the taxi driver was sometimes also sexually excited by other women, but he had never done anything to hurt his family.

He was a man of principles.

Gu Ning followed them along to the villas in the middle of Clean Water Blue Sky.

There was a circle of tall buildings at the outer edge of Clean Water Blue Sky with around 20 villas in the middle.

Lin Wencongs car stopped in the garage on the first floor of the No.

08 villa before they carried Su Jing and Li Zhenzhen inside.

Gu Ning avoided the surveillance cameras and slid inside.

She used her Jade Eyes, seeing that Lin Wencong put Su Jing on a sofa in the living room before he followed Yuan Sen, who had Li Zhenzhen on his back, to the upstairs master bedroom.

Gu Ning checked the position of the master bedroom, then climbed onto its balcony.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen had no idea that someone was monitoring their behavior.

They even didnt bother to close the curtains.

“Make her take this.

Itll be funnier.” Lin Wencong took out another packet, handing it to Yuan Sen.

Yuan Sen smirked.

He knew what it was without asking.

He took it and went to put it in water, while Lin Wencong set up the camera.

Before long, Yuan Sen came back and forced Li Zhenzhen who was still unconscious to drink the water.

Li Zhenzhen soon reacted.

She felt like she had caught a fever and her body was so hot, she kept tearing at her clothing…

Yuan Sen couldnt wait for a second longer, jumping onto Li Zhenzhens body, followed by Lin Wencong.

They started to have a sexual threesome.

Gu Ning waited aside after her camera was set up.

She didnt watch them doing it with her own eyes.

It would be very shameful for her to do that.

Even their moans of sexual pleasure embarrassed Gu Ning to a great extent.

She couldnt bear it.

Yuan Sens movements were violent without any kindness.


“Su Jing told me that Li Zhenzhen has liked the man called Qin Yifan since she was a girl, and I thought that Li Zhenzhen would stay a virgin for the man! Unexpectedly, she is afraid of loneliness too!” Yuan Sen said in a sarcastic way.

He was slightly disappointed that Li Zhenzhen wasnt a virgin, but he didnt care about it too much.

Li Zhenzhen wasnt a girl after all.

She was in her mid-twenties, and it was common that she had some sexual experience.

“Li Zhenzhen stayed abroad for a few years.

No one knows how many men she had.

Hey, is it loose I heard that foreigners d*cks are large,” Lin Wencong joked while he was brutally rubbing Li Zhenzhens boobs.

“Mine isnt small though!” Yuan Sen said.

Gu Ning didnt want to hear them talking any longer.

She packed up her camera, leaving a bug there and left.

A video of several minutes was enough, and she left the bug to record what would happen next.

With the help of her telepathic eye space, she had put away many useful tools, like a camera, bug, knife, gun, laptop and so forth.

Gu Ning had the video in her hands, but didnt plan to expose it.

Instead, she wanted to wait and see how they would get revenge on each other.

After what had happened tonight, Gu Ning didnt bother to deal with Li Zhenzhen personally.

Li Zhenzhen either had to yield under the threat from Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen and keep having such an amoral sexual relationship with them both, or she sued them, but had to be known as a victim of rape from now on.

Besides, it wouldnt be easy to sue the two men.

It wasnt rare that women had sexual experience before she get married nowadays, but a sexual threesome was totally different.

It was a scandal and a shame that she could never get rid of because of the video.

No matter what happened next, Li Zhenzhen was doomed to live a hard life in the future.

Gu Ning still felt disgusted after she went back to her apartment, because she could hear the moans and their talk through her earphones along the way.

“Why dont we get Su Jing up here too You dont care for her anyway,” Yuan Sen said.

As a close friend of Lin Wencong, he knew it clearly.

True love was merely a fart in their eyes.

They only played around, and abandoned whoever they had slept with.

“Ha-ha, no problem.

Ive already had enough, and have wanted to change to a new woman for a long time,” Lin Wencong said airily.

He wasnt as loyal as he seemed.

While he was with Su Jing, he kept having sexual relationship with other women as always, but he was skillful at hiding and lying, so Su Jing had no idea what he was doing behind her back.

She even believed that he was deeply in love with her.

In fact, there was no reliable rich heir at all!

Within minutes, Gu Ning heard the moans of four people.

Her stomach was turning, but she had to keep listening to know what happened next.

Gu Ning sent a message to Leng Shaoting the minute she got back.

She told him that she had just finished her business.

Leng Shaoting replied in a second. Thats good to know.

He must have been holding his phone, waiting for her message through the night.

Indeed, Leng Shaoting was holding his phone in his hands, waiting for Gu Nings message or call.

Gu Ning had told him that she was going to deal with something, so he didnt dare to bother her.

In addition, he still had no idea how to face her after the kiss.

When it was almost 12 am, they stopped texting each other, and agreed to meet tomorrow, but Leng Shaoting stayed awake the whole night yet again.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen also finished around 1 am.

Gu Ning had to admit that they were really full of energy.

The next day, Gu Ning went back to her apartment after her morning run.

She put on the earphones connected to the bug before changing her clothes.

In the villa.

In a big bedroom, there was a mess apparently left by the previous nights violent sex.


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