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Chapter 2084: They Deserve the Prizes

“Were at low levels, so we cant see his level, but I bet his level must be very high, or he couldnt get magic crystals at the sixth and seventh level.”

“Yeah, and he seems younger than thirty.

I cant believe hes able to reach such a high level at such a young age.

Hes talented.”

“Hes the talent of the talent!”

“It seems Baili Zongyang, the well-known genius of the cultivation world, was overshadowed this time, by a lot of people.”

“Right, but he didnt take part in the game this year.

If he did, he might not be worse than the other people.

Still, he cant be better than the man who has seventh-level magic crystals.”


As they discussed, they mentioned Baili Zongyang.

After all, Baili Zongyang wasnt only the champion of this game last year, but was also the most famous, talented cultivator in their cultivation world, so it was very normal that people compared him with other participants.

Baili Zongyang had a good psychological quality, so he wasnt mad at other peoples discussions.

He even admitted that they were right.

He admitted that he wasnt as good as Qing Feng.

After all, Qing Fengs level was higher than him.

Many people didnt know Leng Shaotings level, but Bai Lingtian and the other elders could see it.

Precisely because they knew it, they were more amazed by the fact that Leng Shaoting was able to get magic crystals at the sixth and seventh level.

A fifth-level demonic monster was as strong as cultivators in the Golden Core Stage.

Even though a fifth-level demonic monster was as strong as cultivators in the Golden Core Stage, cultivators in the Golden Core Stage were more likely to win if they met in a fight.

Because demonic monsters relied on their physical strength to fight and they werent as agile as humans, while humans can play tricks, humans were more likely to win.

As a result, it was possible that Leng Shaoting got a sixth-level magic crystal because his level was able to kill a sixth-level demonic monster.

However, if it was a seventh-level demonic monster, it was a little unbelievable even if he had Gu Nings help.

Because Gu Nings level was much lower than Leng Shaotings, they wouldnt be much stronger than before even if Gu Ning helped him.

Other people refused to believe that they could kill a seventh-level demonic monster together.

However, they did and werent injured, which was quite amazing.

“Senior Shangguan, your disciple is too unbelievable,” said Bai Lingtian.

He couldnt believe it either.

“Yeah, he isnt like a cultivator in the Golden Core Stage at all.” Yun Hongqing chimed in.

He didnt doubt Leng Shaotings abilities because Leng Shaotings level was indeed high and they had witnessed his abilities.

Yun Hongqing thought Leng Shaotings level might be even higher and he could hide it.

However, it wasnt very likely.

Even though Leng Shaoting was Shangguan Yangs disciple and talented, he was too young.

In an era with thin magical power, it was hard to cultivate, let alone become a senior cultivator.

At Leng Shaotings young age, he could be called a talented cultivator given his current level.

Leng Shaoting didnt hide his level and he alone wasnt able to kill a seventh-level demonic monster, but he had the flood dragon with him!

Although the flood dragon was at the same level as them and it might not be able to defeat a seventh-level demonic monster alone, and9 it was even scared of cultivators in the Yuan Ying Stage, it was very powerful when it worked with Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

Actually, they were fighting against three demonic monsters back then.

If there was only one seventh-level demonic monster, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning could kill it by working together because Gu Ning had the Blood of the Phoenix in her body, which could fill her with greater power.

If Gu Ning was only a cultivator in the Fusion Stage without the Blood of the Phoenix, they might not win even if Leng Shaoting, the flood dragon, and the monster fox helped her.

Shangguan Yang knew it very well, so he wasnt surprised that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could get magic crystals at the sixth and seventh level.

However, he was still slightly amazed because it was beyond his expectation that they could have a seventh-level magic crystal.

He thought the highest level they could get was the sixth level.

Anyway, he didnt think that Leng Shaoting didnt deserve other peoples compliments.

Instead, he felt proud of Leng Shaoting.

Jing Yaorong, Dongfang He, and the other people were very displeased with the result, but they had to compliment Leng Shaoting for the sake of Shangguan Yang.

“Ha-ha, he must be very lucky!” said Shangguan Yang, being very modest amid other peoples praise.

They didnt think Leng Shaoting relied on only his abilities to get so many magic crystals, so Leng Shaoting must have good luck.

Anyway, ones luck was as important as his abilities.

At this moment, Leng Shaoting ranked first and other people realized that no one could surpass him now, unless Leng Shaoting let Gu Ning win the first prize by giving magic crystals at higher levels to her.

If so, it meant that they had very high-quality magic crystals.

“I think Senior Shangguans female disciple must have many magic crystals of good quality as well,” said Bai Lingtian.

He didnt think Gu Ning had worse magic crystals than Leng Shaoting.

If he guessed correctly, Leng Shaoting would win the first prize, while Gu Ning won the second.

Anyway, the number and quality of their magic crystals were really amazing.

“Given what I know, Gu… Qing He should have one or two fewer magic crystals.” Shangguan Yang almost blurted Gu Nings name out in excitement.

Although he had already said her surname, nobody thought further about that because they didnt have any doubts.

“It seems Senior Shangguans disciples will win the first and second prize this year,” said Jing Yaorong.

It wasnt wrong, but his tone showed obvious jealousy.

“Right, but they deserve the prizes.” Baili Qifeng chimed in.

He said that sincerely while also mocking Jing Yaorong.

Even if Jing Yaorong was unwilling to accept it, he could do nothing about it because Jing Yunyan lacked the ability.

No one was dumb, so everyone understood the real meaning of their words, but nobody bothered to point it out.

Before long, it was Gu Nings turn.

Because Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were in the same team, everyone believed that Gu Ning would have a good result too.

Therefore, they werent very shocked when they saw Gu Nings magic crystals, but they were still very surprised because Gu Nings magic crystals werent much worse than Leng Shaotings.

They were indeed incredible.

Gu Ning had fifteen magic crystals in all, including one at the sixth level, three at the fifth level, three at the fourth level, four at the third level, and four at the second level.

Although she didnt have as many magic crystals as Leng Shaoting, she ranked right next to him.

In that case, Gu Ning ranked second on the list.

Jing Yunyan totally disappeared from the top 3 now, so he was quite upset.

If there werent new strong competitors, Jing Yunyan could win the first prize this year.

Unfortunately, three strong competitors showed up this year.


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