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Chapter 2083: How High Is His Level

A cultivator in the Golden Core Stage had slightly fewer magic crystals than Dongfang Ziyu and the disciple of Tiandaozong, so he ranked after them.

Seeing that two of the cultivators in the Golden Core Stage didnt surpass Jing Yunyan, Jing Yunyan and the Jing family felt relieved a little.

They hoped that other cultivators couldnt surpass Jing Yunyan either.

Another cultivator in the Golden Core Stage, however, surpassed all of them with nine magic crystals and ranked first at once.

He had two fifth-level, two fourth-level, two third-level, and three second-level magic crystals.

In an instant, Jing Yunyan and the Jing family looked very displeased.

They were mentally-prepared, but still couldnt accept it when they had to face reality.

Jing Yaorong originally expected Jing Yunyan to win the first prize and get the Spirit-gathering Pill so that he could improve his level, but now he was disappointed and angry.

However, no matter how disappointed and angry he was, he could do nothing about it because Jing Yunyan was indeed worse.

At this moment, he could only hope that Jing Yunyan was able to keep a position in the top 3 so that the Jing family wouldnt be embarrassed.

Unfortunately, he was bound to be disappointed.

After a glance at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, Jing Yaorong felt it would be very difficult for Jing Yunyan to keep a position in the top 3 unless only one of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could get into the top 3, which wasnt very likely to happen.

Jing Yunyan wanted to blame Leng Shaoting for that because Leng Shaoting had robbed him of a fifth-level magic crystal, but the fifth-level magic crystal wouldnt be his even if it hadnt been robbed away.

Anyway, Jing Yunyan was still mad at Leng Shaoting.

Even if the fifth-level magic crystal couldnt help him rank higher on the list, it was very helpful for his cultivation.

He might be able to reach the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage with it.

The more he thought about that, the angrier he got, so Jing Yunyan turned to glare at Leng Shaoting again.

He hated Leng Shaoting even more than the person who stole the first prize away from him.

Noticing Jing Yunyans expression, Jing Yaorong began to look at Leng Shaoting coldly as well.

He guessed that Jing Yunyan lost the first prize because of Leng Shaoting.

If so, Leng Shaoting was hateful in his eyes.

Glared at by Jing Yunyan, Leng Shaoting did nothing, he just turned to meet the pair of cold eyes at the front of the hall.

The moment Leng Shaoting looked over, he met Jing Yaorongs eyes.

One was mad, while the other was cold.

The moment they met each others eyes, Leng Shaoting became more displeased and Jing Yaorong turned his head away.

He didnt expect Leng Shaoting to look over and they even met each others eyes, so he panicked all of a sudden.

However, Jing Yaorong felt mad after turning his head away.

He felt it was embarrassing for to avoid Leng Shaotings eyes.

Leng Shaoting was a junior after all.

Anyway, he was slightly panicked, so he didnt look at Leng Shaoting again.

He felt stressed under Leng Shaotings gaze.

Although he was reluctant to admit it, he couldnt deny it.

Leng Shaotings look put a lot of pressure on him.

Suddenly, an idea dawned on Jing Yaorong.

He thought that the unkind look might come from a person who wanted to kill him.

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong squinted and felt a crisis.

He wasnt sure although it was possible, but he didnt think there was any grudge between them.

Why did the person want to kill him

Was it because of Jing Jining Did Jing Jining aim to kill him for Jing Yunyao Jing Jining was no match for him, so Jing Jining might have hired another person to kill him.

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong was mad and gave a glance at Jing Jining who wasnt far away.

It was only his guess, but he couldnt ignore his anxiety, so he made up his mind to investigate it, otherwise he might be confused if something terrible really happened.

Anyway, Jing Yaorong guessed correctly.

Leng Shaoting indeed wanted to kill him, but for Jing Yunyao instead of for Jing Jining.

Leng Shaoting had that idea also for his dead father.

It should be soon.

Jing Yunyao was already in the Out-of-body Stage right now, and she could come back to the cultivation world after she had made a full recovery and stabilized her level.

As soon as Jing Jining felt Jing Yaorongs look, he turned to look over, but Jing Yaorong moved his eyes away.

Jing Jining slightly cocked his eyebrow.

He didnt understand why Jing Yaorong did that, but he had no interest in asking.

Instead, he turned to focus on the square to observe the situation under it.

After Jing Yaorong moved his eyes away, Leng Shaoting withdrew his look too, because he was afraid that he might lose control of himself and attack Jing Yaorong if he stared at him for longer.

He had good control of himself, but emotions could get the better of him sometimes, because he was a human, not a saint.

And the person in front of him wasnt an ordinary guy, it was the murderer of his father.

The cultivator who ranked first now felt excited, but didnt show his real feelings on his face.

He turned to give Leng Shaoting a glance because Leng Shaoting was a big threat to him.

Actually, even if Leng Shaoting really surpassed him, he was willing to accept it because he could see that Leng Shaoting was at a higher level than him.

Ones luck mattered too, so Leng Shaoting might just have good luck.

After all, Mo Qilin who was in the same team as them had gotten so many magic crystals.

No one could surpass the top 3 till No.50 participant.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning attracted much attention among the last ten participants.

From No.51 to No.60, three participants had already failed and others were at very common levels.

When it was Leng Shaotings turn, Leng Shaoting took out his magic crystals and shocked everyone.

The other people thought that Leng Shaoting couldnt be better than them, but unexpectedly Leng Shaoting was far better than them.

It took a long while for Leng Shaoting to record his magic crystals and people began to wonder whether he had too many or very few magic crystals.

However, no one really believed that Leng Shaoting could only have a few magic crystals because he had outstanding abilities.

In that case, he must have too many magic crystals.

How many did he have

It turned out that Leng Shaoting had 17 magic crystals in all, including one at the seventh level, one at the sixth level, two at the fifth level, four at the fourth level, four at the third level, and five at the second level.

Most important were the magic crystals at the sixth and seventh level.

As his result was announced, everyone was amazed and became jealous of him.

“Jesus, he has magic crystals at the sixth and seventh level!”

“Its so unbelievable!”

“How high is his level”


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