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Chapter 2042: Why Dont We Share Some Tea

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After that, Situ Ye came.

Because he planned to avoid the public as well, he drove his car to a corner.

He came secretly, so he came with only two men.

Because there was no car next to Qi Tianlin, Situ Ye stopped his car by Qi Tianlins car once he arrived.

Qi Tianlin had Yu Hao and another henchman with him, leaving Cheng Hua in the gang to help him deal with some things.

Chu Xuanfeng and another henchman came with Situ Ye.

Chu Xuanfeng stayed with Situ Ye most of the time because Situ Ye trusted him more than anyone else.

Actually, Chu Xuanfeng had something else to deal with today, but Situ Ye thought that Chu Xuanfeng hadnt seen Chu Peihan for a long time either, so he arranged for someone else to deal with the things for Chu Xuanfeng, then brought him here.

Chu Xuanfeng didnt tell Chu Peihan that he would come because he planned to surprise her.

It wasnt the time yet, but he would go to see Chu Peihan after the news conference was over.

Because the window of Qi Tianlins car was open, he saw Situ Ye once Situ Yes car stopped next to him.

“Hi, Qi,” Situ Ye greeted Qi Tianlin.

Although their relationship wasnt good, it wasnt bad either.

They normally stayed in their own lanes, but they would exchange greetings if they met.

Anyway, he was surprised that Qi Tianlin would come, but he came as well, so it wasnt strange.

Seeing Situ Ye, Qi Tianlin was displeased and said sarcastically, “Well, surprised to see you, Situ.

It seems you have a special relationship with Gu Ning.”

He was aware of Situ Yes special relationship with Gu Ning, so he became sarcastic from annoyance.

In the meanwhile, Qi Tianlin deliberately put pressure on Situ Ye.

Situ Ye was milder than Qi Tianlin, but he was the head of an illegal gang after all, so he wasnt weak at all and was trying to make Qi Tianlin feel stressed too.

The two equally strong men ran into each other.

However, people by their side couldnt bear the great pressure, so they found it hard to breathe in the car.

“Qi, since you came here as well, dont you have a special relationship with Gu Ning” Situ Ye seemed calmer than Qi Tianlin.

“Of course I do,” said Qi Tianlin with pride as if he was telling the truth.

Situ Ye said nothing further because he clearly knew that they could only be friends.

Even if Qi Tianlin admired Gu Ning, he could never win her heart because Gu Ning already had Leng Shaoting.

In fact, he was in the same situation, so he didnt laugh at Qi Tianlin.

If he laughed at Qi Tianlin, he would be making fun of himself.

Situ Ye turned to look at Gu Ning afterwards.

Staring at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, he felt they were indeed a perfect couple.

Neither of them said anything, so they stopped putting pressure on each other.

Because Leng Shaoting glanced at them once in a while, he saw Situ Ye when Situ Ye showed up.

He was already displeased when Qi Tianlin showed up and felt even unhappier after Situ Ye came.

Gu Ning felt Leng Shaotings emotional change, so she turned and saw Situ Ye.

To be honest, Gu Ning was very surprised by Situ Yes appearance because Situ Yes domain was far from the capital.

Anyway, she felt slightly moved when they came in person.

Because of their special background, they knew they shouldnt come, but they still did and watched her quietly from the side.

She knew they admired her, but she had no special feelings for them.

However, they could still be friends.

Because Gu Ning couldnt welcome Situ Ye, she only gave him a nod with a smile.

They couldnt exchange greetings, but it didnt mean that she would ignore them.

She decided to buy them a meal separately later.

Qi Tianlin, however, was displeased seeing Gu Ning give Situ Ye a smile when she nodded at him, because he felt he was treated unfairly.

He focused on Gu Ning but Gu Ning already withdrew her sight and ignored him.

He was mad, but couldnt go over and question her.

“Situ Ye, since neither of us can attend the conference, why dont we share some tea together We can invite Gu Ning to have a meal after shes done,” said Qi Tianlin.

He was unwilling to stay here any longer and watch Gu Ning paying more attention to Situ Ye than him.

Gu Ning only gave Situ Ye a quick glance.

She wasnt paying more attention to Situ Ye than Qi Tianlin at all, but Qi Tianlin got jealous because she smiled at Situ Ye when she nodded at him.

“Sure.” Situ Ye didnt know what Qi Tianlin was really thinking, but he had that idea as well, so he agreed as soon as Qi Tianlin proposed that.

Therefore, they told their chauffeurs to drive to a nearby clubhouse.

Because there were mostly office buildings, hotels, and clubhouses in the area where Gu Nings company was located, they easily found the place they wanted.

When they left, both of them sent Gu Ning a message telling her that they would go to have a seat somewhere else.

They could meet after she was done.

Gu Ning had the same idea, so she agreed.

When Situ Ye sent Gu Ning the message, he told her to come with Chu Peihan and told her to keep it a secret that Chu Xuanfeng was also here because Chu Xuanfeng wanted to surprise Chu Peihan.

Gu Ning agreed, so she didnt tell Chu Peihan.

When it was nearly 10 am, Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu came together, which shocked everyone before they got their senses back from the last sensation.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Ningning, congratulations!”

As soon as Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu came, they greeted Gu Ning familiarly and congratulated her.

“Hi, Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Jiang, thanks!” Gu Ning smiled and replied to them.

“Wow, Master Xu came in person as well.”

“Yeah, it seems that Gu Nings relationship with the Xu family isnt common either.”

“When Lord Xu came on behalf of the Xu family just now, it was enough to prove their relationship isnt common.”


All the people who should come were mostly present.

Governor Xiao, who was far away in Province G, Master Fu, and other people couldnt afford a long journey, so they only sent people to congratulate Gu Ning with gifts.

Most people werent familiar with Master Fu and the other names, but they noticed the flower basket sent by Governor Xiao and were amazed.


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