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Chapter 2024: You All Are Talent!

If it was possible, he wished that he and Gu Ning could be a normal couple so that they wouldnt need to deal with so many things and often be separated from each other.

However, it was fate, and sometimes they had no choice, so they could only do their best to finish their tasks.

“Lets go back now! Master almost went crazy,” said Leng Shaoting, then let Gu Ning out of his arms.

He held her hand, walking back.

Gu Ning felt very guilty for making Shangguan Yang worry about her safety after she went missing.

At this time, Shangguan Yang was walking forth and back in front of the tower anxiously.

When he heard two peoples footsteps approaching, he knew Leng Shaoting found Gu Ning back and felt relieved.

After a while, he indeed saw Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, so he was completely relieved.

Although it wasnt likely for Gu Ning to be hurt given her abilities and because he had the idea that Gu Ning might leave to cultivate and forget the time, she disappeared for two days.

It was understandable that he was worried.

Therefore, Shangguan Yang was relieved to see Gu Ning coming back, but he still asked her seriously in a bad mood, “What happened” He asked her why she disappeared all of a sudden.

“Im sorry, Grandpa Shangguan.

I shouldnt have worried you.” Gu Ning apologized to Shangguan Yang first, then she explained.

“I ran into a snow lotus when I went out back then.

I chased it to the edge of the cliff.

Then I was attacked by something all of a sudden.

I tried to avoid it, but stepped on a snake by accident.

I slipped and fell down the cliff.”

“What Were you injured” Shangguan Yang stopped being mad at Gu Ning once he heard that.

“Im fine, because I used magical power to protect myself.

I simply lost consciousness after the heavy hit.

Then the snow lotus gave me two of its petals.

I woke up later and wanted to come back, but I suddenly felt magical power rushing around in my lower abdomen.

I thought I might be going to get into the next level, so I stayed there to break through the barrier first.

In the end, I went up two levels.

Now Im in the Fusion Stage,” said Gu Ning with a beam.

“Really Its wonderful!” Shangguan Yang felt excited as well.


You all are talented!”

Although Gu Ning had the Blood of the Phoenix in her body and it was easier for her to cultivate than for other cultivators, it was only helpful.

She still relied on herself to improve her skills.

Therefore, with the help of the Blood of the Phoenix, Gu Ning was able to go up two levels, but her own talent and perseverance played a more important role in the process.

“Great, during the time here, you can work harder on cultivation.

Lets see whether you can break through the Fusion Stage.

After all, its the last stage of turning the power into qi.

Youll get into the phase of turning qi into energy afterwards.

There is a huge gap between them.

Its a large step forward, so youll have a lightning tribulation,” said Shangguan Yang.

The lightning tribulation wasnt the most terrifying part when cultivators tried to get to the next level.

The scariest part was the tribulation of free spirit where cultivators had to experience the test of heavenly thunder 81 times.

Each time was real torture.

Over a thousand years ago, only a few cultivators could survive the test, let alone now.

Once a cultivator passed the test, he or she could become immortal right away, but the losers would become untitled gods if they were lightly injured or their souls would be completely ruined if they were seriously wounded.

For now, no cultivator was able to pass the phase of free spirit.

Even Shangguan Yang who had cultivated for hundreds of years was merely in the Soul-separation Stage.

He stopped going up in level over a hundred years.

Anyway, it was still quite incredible for cultivators that he made it to the Soul-separation Stage, at least no cultivator was stronger than him for the time being.

“Sure, Ill work harder,” Gu Ning replied seriously.

If she often had the lightning tribulation in the capital, cultivators in all directions would notice.

Leng Shaoting was worried that Gu Ning was going to have the lightning tribulation, but he could do nothing about it because every cultivator had to go through it.

He could only hope that Gu Ning would succeed.

It was midnight now and Gu Ning had just successfully gotten to the next level, so she needed to rest before getting up tomorrow to continue to cultivate.

Jing Yunyao, who was in retreat, was gathering her magical energy to hit the barrier in order to get to the next level as well.

The lightning tribulation would show up after the barrier was broken.

However, after breaking the barrier, Jing Yunyao would be physically weak, which made it very dangerous for her to handle the lightning tribulation .

Unfortunately, no one could help her.

Shangguan Yang could only treat her if she lost and got injured to make sure she was fine.

When Leng Shaoting went back to the capital, Xu Jinchen followed him, but he didnt tell his family nor go home at once.

Instead, he contacted Zi Beiying first and asked her out for a meal.

Zi Beiying hadnt seen Xu Jinchen for a few days, so she missed him very much.

However, she wouldnt show her real feelings because they werent boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

Therefore, when she accepted Xu Jinchens invitation, she seemed unwilling to go out.

If Xu Jinchen didnt know that Zi Beiying actually had a good impression of him, he might think that she didnt want to spend time with him.

Anyway, Xu Jinchen was thrilled to know that Zi Beiying already bought a house in the capital, because he understood that she did that mostly because of him.

Zi Beiying explained that she needed to come to the capital often and couldnt stay in Gu Nings place or a hotel all the time, so she directly bought a house.

She could sell it in the future if she wouldnt come again.

Xu Jinchen, however, could see that Zi Beiying made up that explanation to hide her real purpose.

He was happy, but didnt expose her lie.

Xu Jinchen could rest for a few days after coming back this time, so he asked Zi Beiying where she wanted to visit.

He would have a tour with her.

Zi Beiying was excited to know that too, but she had her pride and said that she needed to think about it.

She didnt think about it for too long.

When Xu Jinchen drove her back to Century City at night, she decided to climb the Great Wall.

The Great Wall was one of the seven wonders of the world, the symbol of their culture and the pride of their people.

Therefore, at 9 am the next day, Xu Jinchen went to pick up Zi Beiying at Century City, then they left together.

This time, there were only the two of them.

Zi Beiying didnt bring Mengda and Nan with her, because she wanted to spend some time alone with Xu Jinchen and she also needed them to supervise the decoration of her house.


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