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Chapter 2004: Secretly Scheme Against Her

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It always happened.

After watching two episodes and reading some comments, Gu Ning began to cultivate.

Although she hadnt made much progress these days, she was still making progress.

When it was nearly 6 pm, Gu Ning entered the Foundation Stage.

After entering the Foundation Stage, she became a real cultivator and could focus on improving her level.

Because Gu Ning had her Jade Eyes, the skills she learned during the Foundation Stage were nothing to her.

The new skills were barely comparable to the skills she already had.

After having dinner, Gu Ning went back to her school along with the monster fox.

Gu Ning needed the monster fox sometimes, so she couldnt leave it to cultivate there forever.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Because Gu Ning went to school on Wednesday, it was Friday after she had classes for two days.

During the past two days, Yuan Wenrui had been called to the Public Security Bureau twice, once a day.

He was asked a few questions every time before leaving.

It was a piece of big news in high society.

Some people trusted him, while some didnt.

No matter what, as long as the police didnt announce that Yuan Wenrui was guilty, he was safe.

During this time, the Yuan family heard a lot of rumors and were quite mad.

The Yuan familys young generation suffered a lot of mockery and unkind glances from their schoolmates, which filled them with fury.

Yuan Wenruis son even had a fight with his classmate and injured his classmate.

In the Yuan family, only Master Yuan and his other sons were aware that Yuan Wenrui really had been involved in drug trafficking.

Other family members had no idea about that, so they were persuaded when Master Yuan and his other sons denied it.

They obviously chose to believe their own family members instead of outsiders.

The Yuan family was mad, but could do nothing about it.

They knew that Yuan Wenrui would be safe, so other people would stop talking about the case once it was over.

The classmate who was injured by Yuan Wenruis son wasnt from a powerful family, but Yuan Wenruis son had the fight in public, so the Yuan family paid the medical fee.

The Yuan family had done many bad deeds, but they were reasonable.

As long as their benefits werent hurt, they were willing to pay the compensation whether the injured people were from a powerful family or not.

The interrogation of Shen Yanfeng, Chen Jinming, and Chen Jinpeng was over today.

They would be sentenced at the court tomorrow.

The Chen family didnt know that Chen Jinpeng was also caught until the announcement was released today.

In the Chen family, only Master Chen and Chen Jinming were aware that Chen Jinpeng was still alive.

Other members had no idea about that, so they were greatly surprised when they learned the news.

They asked Master Chen what had happened, but Master Chen didnt reply to them.

Master Chen was in a terrible mood now, so he was reluctant to answer their questions.

Witnessing the Chen family decaying, he could do nothing.

Gu Ning, during these days, could always feel the air of cultivators near her, but the cultivator didnt move closer mainly because of Baili Zongxue.

If the cultivator moved too close, he or she would be discovered by Baili Zongxue.

If there was a distance, Baili Zongxue couldnt discover him or her given her level.

The cultivator wasnt afraid of Baili Zongxue, he was simply unwilling to be discovered.

It was not only Gu Ning who was their target, the Baili family was also their target now.

Because Baili Zongxue had a close relationship with Gu Ning, they thought that Baili Zongxue might have already found out something useful from Gu Ning.

Since the launch of An Empress of Military Blood, there had been six episodes released in three days, so two episodes a day.

The audience rating was getting higher and higher day by day.

The main actors also gained more and more fame, receiving many more offers.

Su Tongnuo, Han Lengxuan, and Bai Lin, who always played supporting roles, began to get offers for leading roles.

Although the roles werent from shows with a large budget, they werent on a tight budget either, most actors wouldnt say no to them.

It was a chance for them to become more popular.

Su Tongnuo, Han Lengxuan, and Bai Lin, however, were very cautious about their offers.

Han Lengxuans contract with his agent company would end in half a month, so he had no plan to accept more offers till he joined Fenghua Entertainment.

During this half month, there was activity about An Empress of Military Blood, so he wouldnt be free and his fame wouldnt be affected even though he didnt have a new role.

Bai Lin was different.

She had three months ahead, so she needed to play a new role in order to attract more attention from the public other than for attending activities about An Empress of Military Blood, or people might forget her.

However, she couldnt play a role in a long show because she only had three months to stay in her crew.

In the end, Bai Lin chose a supporting female role for a romantic show, which was adapted from a popular novelists work.

It only had 20 episodes and the shooting would begin next week, so three months were enough.

Bai Lin chose that role not only because it was a short show, but also because it was a charming role.

The role was the leading male characters older sister who had a divorce and raised her 5-year-old son alone.

She was so strong and brave that people felt sympathetic to her.

She could easily arouse empathy from other women who had the same experience as her.

The company Bai Lin used to work for had less interest in her now, but she suddenly became popular, so the company was unwilling to let her go and even wanted to renew their contract.

Bai Lin refused, but the company wouldnt stop negotiating with her.

Not many people knew that Bai Lin would join Fenghua Entertainment after her contract with the previous company ended.

Only Gu Ning and several other people knew it, so the company Bai Lin used to work for had no idea about that.

The senior management of the previous company was displeased because Bai Lin wanted to end her contract with them right after she became popular.

However, in fact, before Bai Lin became popular, she had already told them that she wouldnt renew the agreement, but even if the senior management remembered that, they wouldnt hesitate to deny it for benefits.

Therefore, as soon as Bai Lin refused to renew the agreement in the morning, the general manager arranged for a meal in the afternoon.

Bai Lin was always careful, which was necessary in this industry or she could be harmed by other people at any time.

Exactly because she was very careful, she didnt think this afternoons meal was a kind invitation.

Was the general manager going to secretly scheme against her

She wasnt paranoid, but it was too common in this industry.

She just turned down the general managers offer and the general manager invited her to have a meal that afternoon, which unavoidably made her feel quite nervous.

She had to go, but she called Han Lengxuan in private and told him to help her figure out a way to handle it.


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