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Chapter 1987: There Is a Condition

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When they separated, Chen Junnan looked at Leng Shaoxi.

He wanted to say something, but didnt say it aloud.

He actually wanted to have a private talk with Leng Shaoxi, but he decided not to do that upon thinking of her attitude.

He was unwilling to embarrass her.

Gu Ning and the others didnt go out until Leng Shaoting came, so Leng Shaoting was already waiting in front of the car when they arrived at the parking lot.

Seeing Leng Shaoting, Zuo Zhaochen and his friends went to greet him.

Although Chen Junnan didnt know Leng Shaoting, he knew Leng Shaoting was Leng Shaoxis older cousin.

Therefore, in order to show his politeness, he went over as well.

Facing Leng Shaoting, Zuo Zhaochen and the others felt a little stressed, even if Leng Shaoting didnt mean them.

When they said hello to him, Leng Shaoting only replied in a flat voice, “Hi.”

After that, Leng Shaoxi and Gu Ning got in the car and left.

When Leng Shaoxi was gone, Chen Junnan felt even more disappointed.

However, after they left, Zuo Zhaochen and others didnt rush to get into their cars and drive away, instead they turned to look at Zuo Wenjun.

They asked her what had happened.

Even though they had already figured out the result from Leng Shaoxi and Zuo Wenjuns attitudes, they still wanted to learn the details.

Zuo Wenjun said in a resigned tone, “I asked Shaoxi why she suddenly became so cool to Junnan.

Shaoxi told me she only has a good impression of Junnan.

It doesnt mean she likes him, and it can easily change.

Perhaps she just lost interest in Junnan, so she stayed away from him to prevent embarrassment.”

Although Leng Shaoxi said that she loved someone else, Zuo Wenjun didnt have the heart to say it aloud, because she was afraid that Chen Junnan would be heavily hit.

It was a very normal answer, because they all knew a good impression didnt mean love, and it could change at any time.

Actually, even two people in love could easily change because of something, let alone when they only had a good impression of each other.

“Well, if so, I wont insist.

We should go home now,” said Chen Junnan with a wry smile, then walked to his car.

Zuo Zhaochen and the others didnt know what to do about it, but they didnt comfort Chen Junnan either.

Although he liked Leng Shaoxi, they didnt get together at all, so he would be fine in a few days.

Chen Junnan valued a romantic relationship, but he also had reason.

It wasnt necessary for him to punish himself for something he didnt own.

He had something more important to work and fight for.

When Gu Ning and the others left, Leng Shaoxi finally couldnt control her emotions any longer.

She looked very upset and was in a bad mood.

Gu Ning said nothing.

She didnt comfort her, because she needed to digest it.

After driving Leng Shaoxi back to the Leng familys house, Leng Shaoting drove back to the siheyuan along with Gu Ning.

Because Jing Yunyao stayed in the siheyuan and she was the only female there, they were afraid she might feel uneasy.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting wouldnt stay in the Leng familys house for the night.

On their way to the siheyuan, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting talked about Shen Yanfeng.

Leng Shaoting was unwilling to see the Rong family take action before him, so he decided to act tomorrow.

Leng Shaoting would go to catch Shen Yanfeng in person.

He had collected enough evidence of Shen Yanfengs illegal deeds with the Chen family and Chen Jinpeng, so he already had a plan to punish the Shen family and the Chen family these days even if Gu Ning didnt tell him what had happened today.

“Ningning, does Qi Tianlin owe you a favor” asked Leng Shaoting, because Gu Ning had told him she had helped Qi Tianlin deal with mutants last time.

“Yes.” Gu Ning understood Qi Tianlin would be involved once Leng Shaoting asked her that.

In fact, even if Qi Tianlin didnt owe her a favor, he wouldnt hesitate to help her as long as she needed him.

“Well, what the Shen family has done this time has a lot to do with Long Tianhu.

We must get rid of them completely.

Long Tianhu is now a senior manager in the Kirin Gang.

If we kill Long Tianhu, the Kirin Gang will be humiliated to some extent.

It might do something to cause a scene.

We can solve the problem, but its better if we avoid unnecessary trouble.

Itll be for the best if the Kirin Gang can directly give up Long Tianhu.

Can you help us with that and tell Qi Tianlin to give up Long Tianhu” said Leng Shaoting.

“No problem!” Gu Ning agreed without thinking about it.

Leng Shaoting had told her about Shen Yanfengs relationship with Long Tianhu, so she agreed that it was necessary to persuade Qi Tianlin to give up Long Tianhu.

In fact, as long as she promised to give Qi Tianlin a few more power crystals as payment, he would definitely agree to do it.

However, even if Qi Tianlin refused, Gu Ning was determined to remove Long Tianhu.

“Oh, do we need to make an arrangement to make it like a drug deal We can catch him at the scene,” said Gu Ning.

“Of course if its possible.” Leng Shaoting said, “We need Qi Tianlins agreement.”

Gu Ning was a doer, so she took out her phone to call Qi Tianlin once she agreed to help Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting felt it was a little late, so he told Gu Ning to do it tomorrow, but Gu Ning didnt think it was a problem.

Therefore, she made the call right away.

Qi Tianlin just received news that his men were hurt again, and it was serious, but he was running out of Gu Nings power crystals.

He wanted to call Gu Ning to buy more at this moment.

However, it was late now, so he decided to call Gu Ning tomorrow.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning called him.

“There is indeed a connection between us.

I was thinking to call you just as you called me,” said Qi Tianlin on purpose, trying to flirt with Gu Ning once he answered her call.

It sounded as if Gu Ning was his girlfriend.

Hearing that, Gu Ning already knew why Qi Tianlin wanted to call.

He simply wanted her power crystals, so she didnt think it was a big deal.

However, Leng Shaoting was displeased when he heard that and he looked mad in an instant.

Nevertheless, he said nothing.

“Oh, anything up” asked Gu Ning deliberately.

“I need more of your medicine,” said Qi Tianlin.

“Sure, but there is a condition,” said Gu Ning.

“What is it” asked Qi Tianlin.

“I need to deal with a senior manager of your gang.

His name is Long Tianhu, so if youre willing to give him up, Ill sell you the medicine with a 50% discount,” said Gu Ning.

“Why do you want to deal with Long Tianhu” Qi Tianlin wasnt annoyed when he heard that news.

“There is a grudge between us.” Gu Ning said, “Well, if you dont agree, I can deal with him as well on my own, but we wont make any more deals in that case.”

Gu Ning was threatening him, but it depended on Qi Tianlin whether he would accept it..

He could choose between Long Tianhu and the medicine which could save his peoples lives.


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