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Chapter 1982: Given Him a Chance

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Because Zhonghai Garden and the siheyuan were in the city center, they werent far from each other.

So after driving for only a dozen minutes, Leng Shaoting arrived.

He even waited for the traffic lights to turn green twice on the road.

After having a meal in the siheyuan and cultivating for a while, they went to the Leng family house together at 3 pm, along with Shangguan Yang.

During this time, Master Leng and Shangguan Yang often met.

Because of Leng Shaoting, they got along well with one another.

Master Leng introduced Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu to Shangguan Yang.

They all knew that Shangguan Yang was Leng Shaotings master, so they were very polite to him.

In addition, Shangguan Yang was easy-going, so they had a harmonious relationship.

Shangguan Yang also taught them some skills of using their fists.

He told them to practice more in their daily life, because it was good for their health.

Therefore, Master Leng and his old friends were practicing the skills every day recently and became more flexible.

It left them with a better impression of Shangguan Yang.

No matter when they found something fun, they never forgot to call him, but Shangguan Yang didnt join them every time.

Shangguan Yang was at a very high level, but he had an even higher standard of himself, so he needed to cultivate most of his free time.

After all, nowadays the magical power was getting thinner and thinner, so it took more and more time to cultivate.

When Leng Shaoting and the others arrived at the Leng familys old house, Jiang Shuyuan also came back from visiting Leng Shaojia at the hospital.

She stepped out of her car earlier than them.

She was in a good mood, because Leng Shaojia got much better.

In half a month, she could return home to recover.

However, she became displeased once she saw Leng Shaoting and other people.

Especially when she saw Gu Ning.

She was full of hatred, because Leng Shaojia was seriously injured due to Gu Ning.

Although it was Leng Shaojias fault and they had to accept the consequences.

It didnt mean they would stop blaming Gu Ning for that.

After that, Jiang Shuyuan gave them a look of dislike, then walked into the house.

Leng Shaoting and the others saw it, but they couldnt care less about Jiang Shuyuan.

Because Jiang Shuyuan was unwilling to see Leng Shaoting and other people, she went upstairs to her room after greeting Master Leng.

She also ignored Leng Yuanzhen and his wife.

They knew why Jiang Shuyuan did that, but they also never liked Leng Yuanqians family.

Master Leng could do nothing about it, but sigh, shaking his head.

It was impossible to improve their terrible relationship now, he could only hope it wouldnt get even worse.

Shangguan Yang came as well, so Master Leng went outside to welcome him in person.

“Hi, Shangguan, welcome!” Master Leng beamed at Shangguan Yang.

“Well, Leng, I came to have a big meal at your place.

You must tell your cook to prepare more food,” said Shangguan Yang without feeling embarrassed at all.

“No problem.

I know you love meat.

Ive already told my cook to prepare all kinds of meat in the kitchen,” Master Leng laughed.

He was aware of Shangguan Yangs large appetite.

Shangguan Yang was able to eat as much as 4 people by himself, so Master Leng had ordered the cook to prepare enough food for todays meal.

“Nice to see you, Mr.

Shangguan, Yunyao, Shaoting, Gu Ning!” Leng Yuanzhen and his wife greeted them.

“Hi, father, Yuanzhen, Yin,” Jing Yunyao called Master Leng.

“Hi, grandpa, Uncle Yuanzhen, Aunt Yin.”

“Hi, Grandpa Leng.”

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning greeted them as well.

“Hi!” Master Leng gave them a light response, but couldnt hide the happiness on his face.

As soon as they seated themselves, they heard rapid footsteps coming down.

Once Leng Shaoxi and Leng Shaoxun heard that Gu Ning and the others came, they went downstairs.

“Hi, Grandpa Shangguan, Aunt Yunyao, Shaoting, Gu Ning!” After they came downstairs, they exchanged greetings.

They chatted with each other for a while in the living room, then Leng Shaoxi pulled Gu Ning outside to have a private talk.

In the yard, when there was no one around, Leng Shaoxi seemed hesitant to say something.

“Whats wrong” Gu Ning asked before Leng Shaoxi could say anything because she was a little anxious after seeing Leng Shaoxi hesitating.

Gu Ning had patience, but she got impatient because she was worried about Leng Shaoxi.

Besides, something must have happened given the expression on Leng Shaoxis face.

After hesitating for a while, Leng Shaoxi said, “Um, Ningning, there is one thing Ive been thinking about these days, but I dont know whom I can talk with.

Can you help me with it”

“What is it” asked Gu Ning.

“The thing is that a friend of my good female friends older brother told me that he likes me.

I have a good impression of him as well.

Although Im not sure whether its admiration, Im willing to get to know him better.

His family isnt in the mainland, theyre in HK.

His family is a large family in HK.

I actually dont care much about ones family background, as long as there isnt a huge gap.

Hes now running a business in the capital.

Hes achieved a lot with a bright future ahead.

Anyway, I always feel he has a high standard of himself,” said Leng Shaoxi.

As she said that, she flushed a little.

Obviously, Leng Shaoxi liked the man more than she knew.

“Since you have a good impression of him, why dont you give him a chance You need more time to know him better to make sure whether you really like him,” said Gu Ning.

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoxi looked upset.

“Um, but I found out my good female friend also likes him.

She looks very different every time she talks about him.

She seems happy, but looks sad.

She never told me her real feelings, but I just feel that.

What if my good female friend is hurt after I get together with the man”

“Well…” Hearing that, Gu Ning realized it wasnt an easy question.

One was her good friend, while the other was the man she liked, but her good friend also admired the man she liked.

It was quite a dilemma.

Obviously, the man disliked Leng Shaoxis good female friend, so it wasnt Leng Shaoxis fault even if she became the mans girlfriend, but her good female friend would feel hurt.

Even if her good female friend never said anything about it and even helped them get together, it didnt mean she wouldnt feel sad at all.

Gu Ning was sure that Leng Shaoxi didnt want to see such a thing happen either.

After all, both the man she liked and her good female friend mattered to her.

Even though she also became friends with Zi Beiying who admired Leng Shaoting, she didnt know Zi Beiying when she became Leng Shaotings girlfriend..

Therefore, she didnt hurt her friend.


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