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Chapter 1980: Dont Tell Anyone Else

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Because the positions of the top leaders were all selected once every 3 years, and Wei Lingfeng passed 2 elections.

It wasnt only because of his own ability, but also because of the Leng familys support.

The next election was only a year away, so different forces began to work now.

They never stopped trying to push their people onto the position, and the competition would only get more and more fierce as the election approached.

“Come here, Shaoting.

Have a seat.”

After Leng Shaoting walked in, Wei Lingfeng stood up.

He replaced the serious expression on his face with a kind smile.

Leng Shaoting was a junior and subordinate, but Wei Lingfeng didnt show off his power before him.

Leng Shaoting seated himself at once, and Wei Lingfeng poured a glass of water for him.

“What Im going to tell you is something beyond ordinary peoples knowledge and acceptance, so please be mentally-prepared,” said Leng Shaoting seriously.

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng became serious again.

“Did you run into creatures stranger than vampires”

“Yes,” said Leng Shaoting.

Although Wei Lingfeng already made a guess when Leng Shaoting said that, he was still surprised after hearing the affirmative answer from Leng Shaoting.

It took him a long time to digest the news that vampires really existed back then, so now he could hardly calm down knowing there were creatures which were even stranger than vampires in this world.

“I told you there could be people with magical power in our country, but in fact they do exist.

I just didnt know how to tell you that at that time, and I was afraid it might be too hard for you to accept it, so I decided to wait for a while.

I only shared some shocking news with you so that you had time to be mentally-prepared,” said Leng Shaoting.

“What people with magical power” asked Wei Lingfeng in a hurry.

It was good news that people with magical power existed in their country.

However, they needed to persuade those people to work for them.

If those people with magical power refused to work for them or even acted against them, it would be a great threat.

“Cultivators,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Cultivators” Wei Lingfeng had mixed emotions upon hearing that.

He knew about cultivators, but he read about them in novels.

He loved reading novels, especially cultivation novels.

Whenever he felt stressed at work, he would unwind by reading.

He didnt know the difference between cultivators in novels and in the real world.

If there was no difference, the cultivators would be super strong.

“Do you mean the cultivators in novels” asked Wei Lingfeng.

“Yeah, they are basically the cultivators in novels, but at a much lower level.

After all, cultivators need magical power to cultivate, but the magical power nowadays is very thin.

It slows down their speed of cultivating.

Anyway, theyre still unbelievably powerful.

Some of them who are at a high level can still walk on the walls, fly with a sword, or control objects,” said Leng Shaoting.

Knowing that, Wei Lingfeng was greatly shocked.

To his surprise, those people in novels really existed.

Leng Shaoting didnt rush to continue, leaving Wei Lingfeng enough time to digest it.

Although Wei Lingfeng couldnt digest the shocking news within a short time, he soon came back to his senses.

“Will they be a threat to our country” asked Wei Lingfeng.

“Normally they wont, because they arent allowed to hurt mortals.

If they do, theyll be punished.

In addition, if our country encounters trouble, theyll surely do something,” said Leng Shaoting.

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng felt greatly relieved.

Leng Shaoting then continued, “Well, some of them might break the rules, especially people of the Evil Practice.

The Evil Practice is an evil organization.

Its members arent welcome in the cultivation world.

They are always wanted.”

Wei Lingfeng understood that, because bad people were everywhere.

After all, bribery and corruption werent uncommon.

“The Red Flames target this time was precisely one of the Evil Practice.”

“What” Wei Lingfeng was surprised and showed worries.

“How did you handle it Are you injured”

Since their enemy this time was the Evil Practice, it must have been a very difficult task.

Leng Shaoting was strong, but he was a mortal after all.

He was no match for the Evil Practice.

Therefore, Wei Lingfeng was very worried about Leng Shaotings safety.

In fact, if Leng Shaoting was only a mortal, he obviously was no match for the Evil Practice, but he wasnt.

“Im not,” said Leng Shaoting, then hesitated to say something.

After a second, Leng Shaoting made up his mind.

“Well, what Im going to tell you next is also highly confidential, so please dont tell anyone else, even my grandfather.”

“No problem.

I wont tell anyone else, including your grandfather.

Im all ears now.” Wei Lingfeng held great respect towards Master Leng, but Leng Shaoting was also very important in his eyes.

Since Leng Shaoting was unwilling to let more people know about it, he would surely keep it between them.

“I can easily kill vampires and members of the Evil Practice because Im also a cultivator,” said Leng Shaoting seriously.


Wei Lingfeng abruptly stood up in shock, staring at Leng Shaoting with rounded eyes.

It was a piece of much more shocking news than what he had heard from Leng Shaoting before.

Leng Shaoting didnt bother to explain it further.

He raised his hand and the pen on the desk directly flew to his hand.

Witnessing the scene, Wei Lingfeng moved a few steps backwards in horror.

Even if he was aware of the existence of cultivators and knew they had unbelievable skills, he was still taken aback when he saw it with his own eyes.

“Well…” Wei Lingfeng didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“It happened this year.

Because I ran into members of the Evil Practice and got injured afterwards, I became a cultivator by chance,” said Leng Shaoting.

He told Wei Lingfeng he was a cultivator, but wouldnt tell him more details.

In silence, Wei Lingfeng tried his best to understand it.

Leng Shaoting stood aside without a word.

After a long while, Wei Lingfeng finally got his mind back.

He didnt ask Leng Shaoting for details because it wasnt necessary..

All he needed to know was that Leng Shaoting was trustworthy.


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