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Chapter 1979: Hes the King

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After walking into the backyard, Leng Shaoting immediately pulled Gu Ning into his arms.

He hugged her tightly, as if he was afraid of losing her.

At this moment, he wasnt afraid of losing her; he was full of happiness.

“Ningning, Im so happy that you finally became a cultivator,” Leng Shaoting said.

In fact, he wouldnt abandon her even if she couldnt become a cultivator.

Even if she would die of old age after many years, he was determined to stay by her side.

However, if they could live, no one wanted to die.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting could be together with Gu Ning forever now.

“Yeah, Im finally a cultivator.” Gu Ning was excited too, because she no longer needed to worry about her age.

Leng Shaoting wouldnt have to kill himself for her either.

She wouldnt know about it after she died, but she felt sad every time she thought of that, because she was reluctant to see Leng Shaoting give up his own life for her.

“Shaoting, I have an idea,” said Gu Ning.

“What is it” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Both of us are cultivators now.

We can live a long time, so we have to leave the public eye after a few decades.

Well stay away from the crowd and keep on cultivating every day.

It should be boring, so why dont we be a mysterious couple of heroes We can help whoever needs help,” said Gu Ning.

Although she wasnt helpful all the time, she thought life needed some excitement.

Anyway, it was very easy for them.

“Sure!” said Leng Shaoting.

He actually had the same idea.

Because he had been a soldier for many years, he was determined to guard their country and their people.

Even if he wasnt the team leader of the Red Flame or a soldier in the future, he would still do something whenever he saw innocent people being bullied.

“Oh, are we going to cultivate again tomorrow or do something else” asked Gu Ning.

“I need to see my leader tomorrow morning and talk about cultivators with him.

Then Ill come back to have a meal here.

We can visit grandpa at the Leng family house in the afternoon,” said Leng Shaoting.

He had been back for a whole day, but hadnt told Master Leng anything nor visited him, so he felt quite guilty.

Gu Ning had the same feeling, because Leng Shaoting delayed his visit to Master Leng because of her.

The next morning, Leng Shaoting left after having breakfast with them and went to visit his leader.

Today was Saturday, so the leader was having a rest at home.

In the afternoon yesterday, Leng Shaoting already gave the leader a call and told him that he would come to see him at his home this morning.

They were going to talk about something highly confidential.

The leader gained his position relying on the Leng familys support, so he had a very close relationship with it.

He could be suspicious of anyone, but the Leng family, especially Master Leng and Leng Shaoting.

Zhonghai Garden was located on the west side of the imperial palace, covering an area of about 1,500 acres, including 700 acres of water surface.

It was a national key cultural relics protection unit.

It was also the government affairs office as well as the residence of senior leaders, mainly for work convenience and security.

However, not all senior leaders of a national level lived in Zhonghai Garden.

Living in Zhonghai Garden was only convenient for work and security, and it wasnt so convenient and free for life.

Therefore, there were only a dozen leaders living in Zhonghai Garden, and many lived outside.

It was an age of peace.

Assassination didnt happen very often nowadays.

So with good security measures, there was no major danger.

The Leng family used to live in Zhonghai Garden, but only when Master Leng was in the highest position for a few years, because as mentioned, living in Zhonghai Garden wasnt as convenient and free as living outside.

Actually, only Master Leng lived in Zhonghai Garden, while the other members of the Leng family lived in the Leng familys old house.

Because Master Leng was 53 years old when he reached the highest position all his children had jobs.

So they all needed to work, but it was very inconvenient to do so while living in Zhonghai Garden.

Now, although Leng Yuanzhen and Leng Yuanqian were both senior leaders and could move into Zhonghai Garden, they didnt.

Leng Shaoting made the same choice.

In the military, officers ranked higher than major general could live in Zhonghai Garden.

None of them moved in, but they still had places in Zhonghai Garden and were allowed to go there as they wanted.

Because Zhonghai Garden had tight security, outsiders werent allowed to go inside.

Even relatives of the leaders who lived there needed to be guided inside.

In addition, they needed to write down their ID information before going inside, and couldnt stay the night.

They had to leave before 12 am.

At the gate of Zhonghai Garden, Leng Shaoting showed his ID card and went in.

Zhonghai Garden was very large.

Entering from its front gate, Leng Shaoting drove for a few minutes to get to the leaders place.

This wasnt the first time that Leng Shaoting had visited the leaders home, so the security guards already remembered his face.

And because of his privilege, he didnt need the leaders permission and directly went inside.

Once Leng Shaoting walked into the living room, a noble lady welcomed him with a smile.

“Hi, Shaoting.

Your Uncle Wei is in the study.”

The lady was the senior leaders wife.

Although she looked very gentle, she was actually a very strong woman.

She used to be a major general and was the head of the National Dance Ensemble.

In fact, if she wasnt an outstanding woman, she wouldnt have been able to marry the senior leader.

It was not only the senior leaders wife; his 23-year-old son was also extraordinarily outstanding.

Although his son wasnt comparable to Leng Shaoting, he was very excellent among his peers.

Leng Shaoting was special compared to his peers.

“Nice to see you, Aunt Wei,” Leng Shaoting respectfully greeted her.

After that, he went to the study.

Because he came here often, the Wei family treated him as one of them.

In the study, in front of the desk, a middle-aged man about 50 years old was sitting.

He sat there in silence, but released an air of the king.

He was the king.

Leng Shaoting knocked on the door of the study.

After he heard permission from the inside, he pushed the door open, walking in.

“Hi, Uncle Wei,” Leng Shaoting greeted the man before the desk with great respect.

In private, he called the man uncle.

The leaders name was Wei Lingfeng..

He was 53 this year and had been sitting in the highest position of this country for 5 years.


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