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Chapter 1975: Leave the Car

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Before long, Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei got their salaries and left.

“Pay more attention to the new staff in the factory and the company, because there is a spy in the company as well.” Gu Ning said, “Lets go now! We need to fire the spy.”

Knowing that there was a spy in the company too, Ning Changkai was shocked and felt more guilty.

To his surprise, there were so many spies hidden in the factory and the company.

Once Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei left the factory, they called the person who arranged for them to be a spy and reported the situation to the person.

They were surprised that Colaine had such a high standard of its staff, but they werent sure whether it was because of their resumes or the fact that they were spies.

Anyway, they decided to believe it was because of their resumes.

Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei told their supervisors about each other, and they all agreed that both of them were spies, but they werent clear about which force the other person worked for.

Because they were already fired, they could do nothing about it.

After the call with his supervisor, Huang Ziwei called Lu Dan.

Lu Dans information was also fake, so he told her to be prepared.

It would be fine if she wasnt discovered, but she had to accept it if she was found out.

Given the current situation, it was more likely that she was already discovered.

Without surprise, Lu Dan was fired for the same reason as Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei.

That problem was easily solved, but it wasnt the end yet.

Gu Ning clearly knew that the Dongfang family and the Jing family wouldnt give up.

They must be planning to do something else.

It was a problem in the future.

Because they hadnt done anything else yet, Gu Ning didnt know what they would do.

She could only be patient and wait to see their next action.

After solving the problem, Gu Ning left to have lunch alone before going to the siheyuan.

When she arrived at the siheyuan, Gu Ning let the monster fox out.

She told it to find a place and cultivate, then she began to practice controlling the energy inside her body.

Gu Ning was able to move the magical power around her energy center in her abdomen, but couldnt store it in her body, because her soul hadnt fully mixed with her body yet.

Although Gu Ning never gave up, she unavoidably felt a little anxious.

If it was possible, she hoped that her soul and her body could mix with each other as soon as possible, then she could become a real cultivator.


Xu called Xu Jinchen once every day.

When Xu Jinchen turned on his phone, he could see the information.

He knew that his mother called him for nothing good, but he still called her back.

“Jichen, you finally turned on your phone!” The second Mrs.

Xu received a call back from Xu Jinchen, she was full of excitement.

“Whats up” asked Xu Jinchen.

“Um, I know whos the girl youre chasing now.

I saw her.

You…” said Mrs.

Xu thrilled.

“What Did you investigate her” Xu Jinchen raised his voice in annoyance at once.

It scared Mrs.

Xu, but she wasnt mad.

She immediately explained.

“I didnt.

I just ran into her at a restaurant.

I almost slipped in the ladies room.

She rescued me!”

“How did you know shes the girl” asked Xu Jinchen.

“We met each other again after having the meal.

Qinyin recognized her, so I invited her for tea to thank her afterwards,” said Mrs.


“Did Qinyin tell you that shes the girl Im chasing now” asked Xu Jinchen.

Although he asked that question, he already had the answer, otherwise his mother wouldnt know that!

Anyway, he had no intention of blaming Xu Qinyin for it.


Xu, however, was worried that Xu Jinchen might be mad at Xu Qinyin, so she explained at once.

“She didnt.

Actually, she didnt know the girl is the one youre chasing now.

She only introduced the girl to me and told me that shes Gu Nings friend.

She also knows you and Shaoting.

You have a good relationship with each other.

Your grandfather also told me the girl is pretty, elegant, and well-educated, so I guessed.

I went back home and asked your grandfather whether the girl youre chasing is Zi Beiying, and your grandfather said yes, so I was sure of it.”


Xu didnt betray Xu Qinyin, but Master Xu, because Xu Jinchen wouldnt be mad if the person was Master Xu.

Xu Jinchen wasnt surprised that Master Xu would tell his mother.

“Jinchen, the girl isnt only beautiful; shes also very elegant and well-behaved.

You two are a perfect couple.

You must work hard and win her heart!” Thinking of Zi Beiying, Mrs.

Xu was thrilled.

Hearing his mother complimenting Zi Beiying, Xu Jinchen felt happy that his mother liked her.

“Alright, I know.

Im occupied now.

I have to go.” Xu Jinchen really needed to deal with something, so he couldnt continue to talk with his mother.

In the night, Gu Ning was still practicing.

However, halfway through cultivating, Gu Ning saw a scene all of a sudden.

In the scene, Leng Shaoting drove on the highway, but the car suddenly exploded, frightening Gu Ning.

She abruptly opened her eyes, so the magical power that was circulating was stopped.

As a result, she was affected and spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling uncomfortable in her abdomen.

She had no time to cure herself and immediately took out her phone to call Leng Shaoting.

The phone rang a few seconds till Leng Shaoting answered her call.

“Hi, Ningning, Im on my way to the capital…”

Before Leng Shaoting could finish, Gu Ning interrupted him in a hurry.

“Shaoting, leave the car! Its going to explode.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was scared.

He knew that Gu Ning could see the future, so he slammed on the brakes at once, then left the car as quickly as possible.

Right after Leng Shaoting got out of it, he heard a boom and the car exploded.

Gu Ning felt very nervous and shouted, “Shaoting, Shaoting Are you alright”

“Im fine.

Dont forget that Im a cultivator.

I can move a few meters in a second,” said Leng Shaoting to comfort Gu Ning.

In fact, the explosion broke out too fast and was quite strong, so his back was still injured.

Luckily, he only had minor injuries, and would be fine with the help of his magical power.

Obviously, he didnt have time to do that right now, because several men appeared out of the blue and began to shoot at him.

Gu Ning heard the gunshots as well.

“We can talk about it later..

I need to deal with these people right now,” said Leng Shaoting and hung up right away before hearing Gu Nings response.


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