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Chapter 1972: Think About the Big Picture

Dongfang Qi originally didnt know that Zhang Yong was sent by the Jing family.

Huang Ziwei told him that after finding out.

Knowing the answer, Gu Ning gave the power crystal to Dongfang Qi.

Gu Ning didnt doubt Dongfang Qis words, because she needed to deal with them after conducting an investigation.

She wouldnt just believe every word Dongfang Qi said.

If Dongfang Qi dared to lie to her face, she would pay him back as well.

Dongfang Qi told Gu Ning to keep it secret that he shared the news with her and Gu Ning agreed.

When their talk was over, they finished drinking their coffee, then Gu Ning left.

She was going to dine with Zi Beiying this afternoon along with Xu Qinyin.

Although Zi Beiying followed Xu Jinchen to their country, Zi Beiying was her friend after all.

So now thatXu Jinchen left to do a task, she should treat Zi Beiying well.

When Mrs.

Xu learned that Xu Qinyin was going to have a meal with Zi Beiying, she insisted on going with her, because she was worried that her son couldnt win Zi Beiyings heart.

She wanted to help with that.

However, Master Xu stopped her in the end.

He told her Zi Beiying would be scared if she went there too.


Xu thought for a while, then gave up reluctantly.

As Xu Qinyin walked away, Mrs.

Xu kept reminding her to compliment Xu Jinchen in front of Zi Beiying, amusing everyone.

Gu Ning spent some time talking with Dongfang Qi, but it wasnt much, so she wasnt late for her appointment with her friends.

Zi Beiying and Xu Qinyin were only a few minutes earlier than her.

Zi Beiying had invited Xia Maiqi, but Xia Maiqi was occupied by work and couldnt come, so only the few of them gathered together.

Xu Qinyin didnt mention Xu Jinchen when she saw Zi Beiying.

She didnt do what her aunt told her to do either, because she was unwilling to embarrass Zi Beiying.

After Gu Ning came, they began to order.

Then they separated after having the meal.

Gu Ning didnt go back to Century City with Zi Beiying, she went to Mountain River Garden because she needed to ask Jing Yunyao about the Chengfeng Group and the Yaping Group.

Although Jing Yunyao hadnt visited the cultivation world for over 20 years, the two groups had existed for a long time, so she would definitely have heard of them.

Once she heard about the Chengfeng Group, Jing Yunyao frowned and said, “The Chengfeng Group is owned by the Jing family.

The Yaping Group belongs to the Dongfang family.”

“What The Yaping Group is controlled by the Dongfang family”

Gu Ning didnt focus on the Chengfeng Group, she focused on the Yaping Group.

She thought the Dongfang family wasnt involved, but it turned out that she was wrong.

The Dongfang family sent two spies to her company.

Anyway, she figured it out now.

The Yaping Group belonged to the Dongfang family, but wasnt in the same boat as Dongfang Qi.

After all, there were always cliques and factions in a large family.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised to know that the Chengfeng Group was owned by the Jing family, because she knew it had to be under the control of the Jing family or the Yin family.

As for the Baili family, it shouldnt bother to do that since Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue already had the power crystals.

Even if the Baili family sent a spy, the man would have to be on a different side from Baili Zongyang.

She was willing to trust Baili Zongyang.

“What happened” asked Jing Yunyao with concern.

Gu Ning said, “Well, isnt there magical power in the medicines produced by Colaine Many people found out and are always trying to get it.

Dongfang Qi came to see me today and made a deal with me.

He wanted to have the ingredient that makes the medicines so effective, then he told me there are spies in Colaines factory.

I thought that Dongfang Qi was trying to use me to get rid of the other spies since hes a member of the Dongfang family.

Unexpectedly, the Dongfang family itself sent 2 spies over.

It seems to be a conflict inside his family.

Dongfang Qi perhaps isnt aware of that.”

“Right, Dongfang Qis father is the second son of the Dongfang family.

It must be his uncle who sent the spies to your factory.

Although his father and his uncle are biological brothers, they have different mothers.

So they never stop competing against each other,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Anyway, Dongfang Qis family doesnt think about the big picture.” Although Dongfang Qi helped Gu Ning to discover the spies, it showed that his family wasnt careful at all.

“If Dongfang Qis uncle succeeds, his uncle will move a step nearer to the seat of patriarch in the Dongfang family.

His father cant accept it.

In the cultivation world, a powerful man is much more admired than a man of old age, so they rely on their own abilities to compete against each other.

They dont care about whos the oldest,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood it.

“Now the Jing family is also aware of the magical power in the medicines.

After the spies fail, the Jing family will take action too.

By then, theyll find out about Shaoting sooner or later,” said Jing Yunyao, feeling a little upset.

Even though she was prepared for that, she still hoped it would come later, at least when Leng Shaoting grew stronger.

“Well see what we can do.

I dont think they can hurt Shaoting even if they find out about him.

Shaoting might not be a match for them, but he can escape! As long as Grandpa Shangguan helps, they wont be able to do anything to Shaoting,” said Gu Ning to comfort Jing Yunyao.

Actually, she was worried about that as well.

Even if she knew Leng Shaoting would be fine, it was unavoidable for him to be injured, which was the last thing she wanted to see.

Nevertheless, she couldnt stop it from happening, so they had to be optimistic.

“Right!” Jing Yunyao didnt want to worry Gu Ning, so she composed herself at once and stopped thinking too much about it.

That night, Gu Ning stayed in Mountain River Garden.

She would go to deal with the spies tomorrow and cultivate afterwards.

It shouldnt take much time anyway.

Staying in Mountain River Garden, Gu Ning could practice how to control the energy inside her body.

After all, there were no cultivators around her, so she was safe.

Once Dongfang Qi got the power crystal, he went back to the cultivation world and reported it to Dongfang Xuri.


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