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Chapter 1968: Meant to Be Together!

“Right, Ill ask him once were home,” said Mrs.

Xu at once.

“Why dont you directly ask Jinchen” asked Mrs.

Xus friend.

“If we directly ask Jinchen, Jinchen will know I told you.

Hell be mad at me,” said Xu Qinyin.

Actually, Xu Jinchen wouldnt be mad, but she simply didnt want him to know that she told his mother about the secret.

Therefore, Mrs.

Xu gave up the idea of asking Xu Jinchen.

Zi Beiying didnt feel relieved till she had walked far away.

Nan joked with her.

“Miss, it seems that Mrs.

Xu likes you very much.”

“Why did you say that It has nothing to do with me!” Zi Beiying felt a little awkward and immediately retorted in annoyance.

It seemed she was mad at being wronged.

In fact, she felt relaxed after seeing Mrs.

Xus good attitude towards her.

After all, no one was willing to leave a bad impression on their seniors.

“Fine, it has nothing to do with you.” Nan stopped at once, knowing Zi Beiying felt embarrassed now.

“I have a feeling that youll stay in the capital for a long time in the future.” Xia Maiqi joked too.

Although she didnt know much, she could see Zi Beiying was like a daughter-in-law in front of Mrs.

Xu when they met.

It seemed Zi Beiying already found a man she liked and the man must be Mrs.

Xus son, but obviously Mrs.

Xu didnt know Zi Beiying was her sons girl.

“Stop joking about it!” said Zi Beiying.

She seemed mad on the surface, but felt even more embarrassed now.

“Hey, arent we friends I need to know some details!” Xia Maiqi knocked her elbow against Zi Beiyings arm with great curiosity.

“There is nothing you need to know,” said Zi Beiying.

She didnt mean to keep it secret from Xia Maiqi, but there was really nothing special between her and Xu Jinchen now, so she thought she better not say anything.

“Fine! There must be something different between you two.

I can see that from your reaction.

Stop lying to my face!” said Xia Maiqi, seeming annoyed, but she actually wasnt mad at all.

She knew Zi Beiyings character to some extent, so she understood that Zi Beiying refused to tell her details for a reason.

Anyway, she could figure it out by guessing.

“Well, I just have a good impression of a man, but we arent girlfriend and boyfriend yet, so I dont want to talk about it.” Zi Beiying understood Xia Maiqi wasnt really mad, but she didnt want her to be displeased, so she decided to be honest in the end.

“Is the man Mrs.

Xus son” asked Xia Maiqi.

“Yeah,” Zi Beiying said.

“Is it because of you or the man that you arent girlfriend and boyfriend yet” asked Xia Maiqi.

She wasnt interfering in Zi Beiyings personal affair, but simply cared about her.

“Both of us, I think.

Although we know we like each other, its not the right time to move forward, so were just friends for the time being,” said Zi Beiying.

She wasnt prepared either, so she didnt think it was a bad thing.

“How does he treat you” asked Xia Maiqi.

She agreed with Zi Beiying.

Perhaps some people didnt think the man really liked the woman if he delayed confessing his affection towards her, because some people believed that one must say his love aloud as long as it was real.

However, others never easily confessed their affection to people they liked, because they attached great importance to a serious relationship.

Different people had different opinions towards relationships.

Some needed impulse to move a step forward, while some were much more careful.

“He treats me very well, and hes stayed with me these days.

He left today for work,” said Zi Beiying.

She felt a little sad upon thinking that Xu Jinchen left, but didnt show it on her face.

From Zi Beiyings reaction, Xia Maiqi knew there was chemistry between them.

As soon as Mrs.

Xu was home, she directly asked Master Xu, “Dad, do you know the name of the girl Jinchen likes”

“Why do you ask that Do you want to investigate the girl” asked Master Xu instead.

He was willing to tell her, but was worried that Mrs.

Xu would investigate the girl, which wasnt appropriate.

“No, I just want to know whether her name is Zi Beiying,” said Mrs.

Xu with great anticipation, because she hoped that the girl could be Zi Beiying.

“How do you know” Master Xu was surprised.

Master Xus reaction proved that the girl was called Zi Beiying.

“Shes Zi Beiying, right Wonderful!” Mrs.

Xu was full of joy in an instant.

“How do you know that” asked Master Xu again.

It was obvious that Xu Jinchen didnt tell her that.

“Well, I think the two kids are meant to be together,” said Mrs.

Xu, then she told Master Xu about what had happened today.

After hearing the story, Master Xu agreed that Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were meant to be together.

After all, the capital was a very large city.

It wasnt easy for Mrs.

Xu to meet Zi Beiying.

“Well, Im wondering whether Jinchen can win the girls heart.

Although hes good-looking and has an extraordinary family background, he isnt good at sweet-nothings.

He doesnt know how to please a girl at all! Besides, the girl is from Country X.

I dont know how long shell stay in our country.

Shes so pretty and elegant.

She must have countless admirers.” Mrs.

Xu suddenly became worried about that.

“Country X” Master Xu was slightly surprised.

He didnt expect Zi Beiying to be a foreigner, because she closely resembled their people.

“Yeah, Zi Beiying is from Country X, but her ancestors were born in our country,” said Mrs.


“If so, thatll be a problem.” Master Xu got anxious as well.

After all, Xu Jinchen couldnt enjoy the benefits of a favorable position because of the distance.

“Did you ask the girl when shell go home” asked Master Xu.

“I did.

She said shell stay here for a while.” Mrs.

Xu said, “Well, I think I need to tell Jinchen to work harder on that.”

Saying that, Mrs.

Xu took out her phone to call Xu Jinchen at once, but his phone was turned off.

He must be out to do a task again.

Shortly after Xu Jinchen came back to the military base, they were assigned a task.

Therefore, this afternoon, Leng Shaoting sent Gu Ning a message and told her that he needed to do a task and couldnt contact her for a few days.

This task originally wouldnt fall on their shoulders.

The tasks they had always done were to fight against and capture criminal gangs as well as foreign spies, and so on, which were all related to national security.


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