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Chapter 1953: Classy People Look Good in Everything

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“You sure look good today!” commended Master Xu.

“Classy people look good in everything,” said Master Leng as he looked at her proudly.

After all, she was his granddaughter-in-law!

Jiang Zhongyu and Master Xu could naturally tell Master Leng was showing off! They glanced at him speechlessly.

Initially, no one thought much about it when Gu Ning greeted Master Leng.

After all, all the people in the hall greeted them even though they were unrelated.

However, everyone went into shock when they caught sight of Master Leng getting along so well with Gu Ning.

Oh god! Were their eyes playing tricks on them Gu Ning was acquainted with Master Leng and the others.

It was simply inconceivable.

The people who despised Gu Ning previously suddenly felt as though they were slapped in the face.

Gu Ning even knew big shots like Master Leng and the others..

How could their so-called connections compare to this

Even though they felt Gu Ning must have an improper relationship with someone powerful, they would not dare to suspect Master Leng and the others for it!

Since Tang Qingyang and Song Nan knew of Gu Nings relationship, they were unsurprised by their interaction.

Rong Zechen happened to arrive with Master Rong just in time to see Gu Ning talking to Master Leng and the others.

He too could not help feeling shocked that Gu Ning was acquainted with them.

Also, Gu Ning was particularly stunning today, so he could not help feeling awestruck and upset.

Rong Zechen fancied Gu Ning, but she was disinterested in him.

It made Rong Zechen feel both defeated and resentful.

He felt he was too good for Gu Ning to begin with, so she had no reason to refuse him.

Gu Ning saw Rong Zechen when he walked over with Master Rong.

However, she did not react at all and acted as though she were complete strangers with Rong Zechen.

Rong Zechen could not help feeling insulted when Gu Ning did not react when she saw him.

Hence, he deliberately ignored Gu Ning and pretended not to know her.

“Hi, Leng, Xu, Jiang and Cai! I see you made it too!” greeted Master Rong.

Although they stood on opposing ends owing to family feuds, they remained courteous on the surface and greeted each other whenever they crossed paths.

Also, they interacted as though they were close friends

“Uh huh! Hi, Rong! Nice to see you here,” acknowledged Master Leng as he chuckled.

“Such a pleasant surprise to see you here, Master Rong,” acknowledged Master Xu, Jiang Zhongyu, and Cai Wenhong as well.

Owing to their statuses, they greeted him more formally than Master Leng.

“Grandpa Leng, Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Jiang, and Curator Cai,” greeted Rong Zechen courteously.

Master Leng and the others said hello to Rong Zechen.

“Long time no see.

You look even better than when I last saw you!” said Master Rong.

He was not trying to be tactful.

Instead, he genuinely felt Master Leng and the others looked more radiant and healthier than before.

That went without saying.

They had all taken Gu Nings power crystal, so they were a lot healthier than their peers.

“I think so too! I do feel a lot healthier recently.

It helped that I have been exercising and relaxing,” said Master Leng.

He proceeded to end the conversation and sat down at the next table.

“I will sit with you.”

He saw Xu Jinchens table card at the seat when he sat down, so he realized Xu Jinchen was coming.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were supposed to sit with Gu Ning.

Even though only his name was written on the table, the other two tables were intended for their guests.

The person who was supposed to sit with Gu Ning and Xu Jinchen was waiting for Master Leng to leave before he took his seat.

However, he immediately froze when he heard Master Leng wanted his seat and went into a dilemma.

Where would they sit if Master Leng wanted to sit here

However, no one dared to tell Master Leng to leave!

Everyone was stunned by Master Lengs actions, including Rong Zechen.

How could Master Leng sit beside Gu Ning Were they that close

“If you sit there, then what about the person whom the seat was actually reserved for” Master Xu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

In reality, they were already seated right in front of Gu Ning making them barely half a meter apart!

“Just tell them to take my seat!” said Master Leng.

Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu was speechless briefly before they decided it sounded like a good idea.

Master Xu looked at the man beside him and said, “Mr Nie, mind trading seats with me”

Master Leng had taken the seat belonging to the eldest son of the Nie clan, general manager of their family business, and Nie Chenyangs father, Nie Xuesen.

“Be my guest,” said Nie Xuesen.

It was no big deal to trade seats, especially when it was Master Leng asking!

Since Master Leng wanted to sit here, Master Xu, Jiang Zhongyu, and Cai Wenhong all moved over with him.

Master Rong did not continue chatting with him.

Instead, he led Rong Zechen to their seats and sat down.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying arrived around this time.

The moment Xu Jinchen spotted Master Xu sitting beside Gu Ning, he could not help feeling uneasy.

Zi Beiying did not know them, so she did not feel awkward.

Mengda and Nan did not go with them.

Instead, they were seated slightly behind them.

Also, Master Xu opened his eyes wide in excitement when he saw Xu Jinchen here with a young lady.

His grandson finally got smart and found himself a woman!

Master Xu blatantly scrutinized Zi Beiying altogether.

She was a pretty young woman with an elegant aura, so she did not look like someone from an ordinary family.

Zi Beiying felt puzzled when the old man kept looking at her, but she did not show it on her face.

“Hello, Grandpa, Grandpa Leng, Grandpa Jiang, and Curator Cai.” Xu Jinchen walked up in front of them and greeted them.

The moment Xu Jinchen greeted the elderly man as his grandfather while the elderly man scrutinized Zi Beiying, she could not help feeling worried.

She did not expect to encounter Xu Jinchens grandfather here.

Since Zi Beiying was uneasy, Gu Ning stood up immediately and introduced, “Meet Grandpa Xu.

This is Shaotings grandfather, Grandpa Leng.

This is Grandpa Jiang.

Also, this is the head of the Palace Museum, Curator Cai.”

“Hi there, Grandpa Leng, Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Jiang, and Curator Cai,” greeted Zi Beiying courteously after being introduced.

“Hello,” they replied.

Master Xu seemed particularly enthusiastic.

“This is my friend, Zi Beiying,” introduced Gu Ning to Master Leng and the others.


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