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Chapter 1936: Give the Chips to Someone Else

If Gu Ning was not mistaken, he used to be a man of high status but ended up in decline.

Naturally, Gu Ning was purely speculating.

“Uh huh! I desperately need money.

Since I cant make so much money in a short span of time, I decided to try my luck at gambling.

Sadly, I lost £20 000.

I dont know what to do now,” said the man with self-reproach.

“See these chips I won a lot of money, so I know it is impossible for me to leave unscathed, but I cant bring myself to return it to the casino for nothing.

I want to give you £1 million.

Would you like to take some” said Gu Ning.

“Huh Thats a lot of money…” The moment the man heard Gu Nings offer, he noticed the box in Gu Nings hands with a pile of chips in it and was instantly stunned.

“Uh huh! Can I give you some chips Dont worry.

The chips are authentic.

Also, you dont have to do anything in return,” said Gu Ning.

“Are you really giving them to me” The man felt he was in luck.

Even though it was not right to take someone elses money, he genuinely needed it.

Also, Gu Ning said it would be a big help for him to take some off her.

Although he did not frequent casinos, he was aware of the unwritten rules.

People were not allowed to leave after winning too much money from them.

The casino was a dark place, but no one could do anything about it.

“Yes, I am,” replied Gu Ning decisively.

“Oh! Thank you so much.

It is such great fortune to have met you.

You gave me a helping hand when I needed it the most.

However, I cant just take your money.

Can I treat it as a loan If you can leave me your contact number, I will definitely return the money when I recoup my losses.

I insist.

Otherwise, I will feel bad about it.

I cant stand having no peace of mind.

If you refuse to give me your contact number, I cant accept your money,” said the man.

Since he was capable of saying this, he was not a greedy man.

Hence, Gu Ning did as he asked, “Fine!”

Gu Ning took out a name card and handed it to the man.

It was Tang Ainings namecard.

The man took the name card and said, “Im sorry.

I dont have a name card on me.

My name is Peter Bruni.

Trust me.

I will get in touch with you when I have the money.”

“Im sure you will,” said Gu Ning.

She took £1 million worth of chips and handed it to Peter Bruni and proceeded to give out money to more people.

The people who received chips from Gu Ning felt they were in luck.

In the end, Gu Ning gave away her chips until she was down to £800 000 worth of chips before she got them exchanged.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting check the GPS for the address Renzo provided after they left.

Although they managed to find the address, they had to check to confirm if the Cretan family genuinely resided there.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting took a cab to the place, but did not go straight to the street Renzo mentioned.

Instead, they headed to a villa district nearby.

They arrived 30 minutes later.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got off the cab, they headed to the street.

It was a long street with villas located on both sides intermittently without a single tall building.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked as she searched for the Cretan family compound using her Jade Eyes.

Since it was the Cretan family compound, it was bound to be larger and more luxurious than the average villa.

If their family genuinely lived here, it would be easy to locate their residence.

Gu Ning saw a fork in the road when they got to the center of the street.

The path was about 20 meters long and led to a huge entrance with eight security guards walking around outside.

Considering the high security, its residents must be people of high status.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting looked at the sign on the door to see a name written in the local language: Cretan.

Behind the doors, there was a huge front yard.

It was approximately 500 meters from the main entrance to the villa with gardens and pools on both sides.

The Cretan family compound was particularly big and luxurious.

There was high security on the compound and it had surveillance and security guards everywhere.

It was hard for an average intruder to get in.

Also, most of the people here were fighters and armed with weapons since they were mafia.

The average man would be at a great disadvantage if they wanted to fight them.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were unafraid of them.

However, they had to be particularly careful if they wanted to get in.

It was really hard to avoid all those surveillance cameras in there.

Hence, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting did not intend on going in right now.

To begin with, they did not know whether Chas and Charles Cretan were home.

If they were not home, their attempts to trespass would only serve to alert the Cretan family.

Also, there was a second option available to them.

They could try their luck at the off-road race tomorrow.

If they were able to find Charles Cretan there, they would not have to enter their family compound.

It was far easier to take him out at the race.

If he was not there, they could still come by the residence tomorrow night, so they left the family compound and checked into a nearby hotel.

By the time Renzo regained consciousness, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had already left for an hour.

He received a few missed calls while he was unconscious, but no one else had entered the room.

The moment Renzo regained consciousness, he looked at himself and checked to see if he was injured.

Fortunately, he only suffered from an ache on his nape and was not injured anywhere else.

He immediately woke up the bodyguards and took out his phone to check the time.

He trembled when he saw missed calls from Chas Cretan.

He told the bodyguards to go out before he called Chas Cretan.

After the phone rang five to six times, Chas Cretan answered the phone and asked in displeasure, “What happened Why didnt you answer the phone earlier”

“My apologies, Lord Chas.

Something cropped up and I was knocked unconscious and only just woke up,” replied Renzo.

“What Did someone knock you unconscious” asked Chas Cretan in shock.

Renzo proceeded to tell Chas Cretan about the events that transpired tonight.

“Huh Did they win tens of millions of Euros” Chas Cretan was dumbfounded.

The troublemakers not only won a lot of money, but also one every single round as though they could see right through the dice cup.

“Y-yes, thats right,” acknowledged Renzo.

He was afraid that Chas Cretan would hold him accountable, so his voice could not help trembling.


Renzo continued to tell him what happened.

“Are you sure they were looking for Charles” Chas Cretan could not help feeling happy.

It would be perfect if they were hunting for Charles Cretan.


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