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Chapter 1925: Its An Abduction!

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He was very young, but he knew his father had already divorced his mother.

Besides, his mother abandoned him and his younger sister for money.

Now his mother took him away and claimed to have gotten married with his father again.

He didnt want to lose his mother, but his mothers behavior had broken his heart.

Therefore, he disliked his mother now.

“Let me go back! I want to go back!” Fu Yihao shouted in tears and fear.

“Shut your mouth! As long as your father agrees to marry again, well go back together.

If not, youll never see each other again in your life!” Qin Qianhui snapped at Fu Yihao with impatience.

If he werent her son, she would have already beaten him.

“Qianhui, are you sure its ok Its an abduction!” said Qin Qianhai worriedly.


“Im his mother.

Its not an abduction.

If you hadnt lost all my money by gambling, I wouldnt have done this.

I only have a house and this car now.

If I dont get married to Fu Yanming again, how can I pay the debt for you Do you really expect me to sell my house” criticized Qin Qianhui in anger.

Qin Qianhai had a very bad habit which was gambling.

Before Fu Yanming went bankrupt, Qin Qianhui had saved a lot of money, so she secretly helped Qin Qianhai with his debts.

After Fu Yanming went bankrupt, she was given the majority of his properties, but most of them were taken back by banks, so she didnt have much money now.

She only had a house, this BMW, and two million yuan at this moment.

However, her younger brother lost her two million yuan savings by gambling and even owed other people two million yuan.

Her house was worth nearly 10 million yuan, but she was reluctant to sell it, because she would have no place to live if she did that.

In fact, she could sell the large house to pay off the debts, then buy a smaller house with the rest of the money, but Qin Qianhui was so used to living in a large house that she was unwilling to move into a small house.

As for the car, it cost over a million yuan when they bought it, but it would only be sold at the price of hundreds of thousands of yuan as a second-hand car, which was barely enough.

It wasnt because Qin Qianhui would rather break the law than sell the large house, but because she didnt realize how serious the problem was.

Like what she said, she believed it wasnt illegal for her to take Fu Yihao away with violence because she was his mother.

Criticized by Qin Qianhui, Qin Qianhai closed his mouth.

After all, he was the cause of this abduction and he relied on Qin Qianhui to pay off his debt! Otherwise, he would be doomed.

Once Fu Yanming learned the news, he kept calling Qin Qianhui, but Qin Qianhuis phone was out of power after she took Fu Yihao away and gave Fu Yanming a call.

Therefore, Fu Yanming couldnt get through to her.

It filled Fu Yanming with anxiety.

Now, Fu Yanming was with the police, chasing Qin Qianhui.

At the same time, Gu Ning maintained her call with K and learned which way Qin Qianhuis car was going.

Qin Qianhui didnt know that their actions had been tracked by Gu Ning and the police, so the driving speed of her car wasnt very fast.

Therefore, after Gu Ning set off for just 20 minutes, she was already close to Qin Qianhuis car.

At this time, they reached the suburb.

Qin Qianhui rented a house in a suburban community.

In order to prevent Fu Yanming from finding them, they didnt go to their own house.

Qin Qianhuis car entered the community.

Because Gu Ning didnt live here, she couldnt get in.

She then directly stopped the car on the side of the road without caring about the traffic rules.

After that, she got out of the car and walked inside.

Gu Ning didnt walk through the gate, but got over the wall.

Then she quickly followed Qin Qianhuis car.

Gu Ning could actually stop them, but she was worried that Qin Qianhui might become angry when she saw Gu Ning and hurt Fu Yihao.

Although Qin Qianhui was Fu Yihaos mother, she kidnapped her own son, so she could do something crazier.

Following them, Gu Ning called Fu Yanming to tell him Qin Qianhuis location.

Fu Yanming didnt know that Gu Ning was already aware of it and was following his ex-wife till he received her call.

In an instant, he felt very grateful to Gu Ning, but it wasnt time to thank her right now.

After hanging up, Fu Yanming shared the clue with the police and they went to the community right away.

Gu Ning followed Qin Qianhuis car into the parking lot.

Under the cover of other cars, she quickly followed Qin Qianhuis car.

When they parked the car and got out of it, Gu Ning approached them.

Because they were just ordinary people, they didnt notice that Gu Ning was following them at all.

Fu Yihao was pulled out of the car by Qin Qianhui.

He stopped crying at this time, because he was tired after crying all the way.

He also knew that Qin Qianhui wouldnt let him go if he cried and made trouble again.

Now he just hoped his father could come and take him away.

However, after getting out of the car, Fu Yihao tried to struggle to escape, but was firmly caught by Qin Qianhui.

She angrily yelled at him, “Stop struggling! Even if you go out, you cant find your dad.

What if youre kidnapped by a trafficker outside”

Hearing that, Fu Yihao didnt dare to struggle any longer.

He was a little kid after all and was easily scared.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning took out an embroidery needle from her telepathic eye space, then flicked it towards Qin Qianhuis hand which was on Fu Yihaos arm.

Afterwards, with a cry of pain, Qin Qianhui let go of Fu Yihaos arm.

Gu Ning also rushed over at this moment.

In the blink of an eye, she reached Qin Qianhui and pulled Fu Yihao away.

Before Qin Qianhai could ask Qin Qianhui what had happened, he saw Gu Ning pull Fu Yihao away and was frightened at once.

“Who are you” Qin Qianhai questioned Gu Ning, trying to grab Fu Yihao back.

However, once he came near, Gu Ning kicked him.

“Its you!” The moment Qin Qianhui saw Gu Ning, she was shocked.

She recognized Gu Ning and her eyes were full of anger because of yesterdays slap.

“Give my son back to me!” shouted Qin Qianhui.

She wanted to go near, but was afraid Gu Ning would kick her too.

She didnt think that Gu Ning wouldnt kick her because she was a woman.

After all, yesterdays slap was the perfect proof.

Fu Yihao didnt know Gu Ning, so he was scared after being taken away by her.

Gu Ning understood his feelings, so she comforted him.

“Dont be afraid.

Im your fathers friend.

I wont hurt you.

Your father will be here in a while.”



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