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Chapter 1916: I Call the Shots

Zi Beiying continued, “Also, Charles Cretan brazenly said that if I married him, he would help put an end to the ambushing.

He blatantly pretended that he was not behind them.”

He was certainly shameless.

“Since you know that the Cretans were behind it, why didnt you spill on them Im sure no one appreciates this exploitation and slander!” asked Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning could come up with the suggestion, the Zi family was likely to have considered this action themselves.

She was more curious for the reason they decided against it.

“My father wanted to do that too.

Sadly, there are some internal problems in the clan.

The moment my father and older brother leave Southeast Asia, people are bound to move in on us.

My family is in really deep water now,” said Zi Beiying.

She sounded deeply regretful and worried.

If she had not gone to Country Y, none of this would have happened.

Since it was time for Gu Ning to board, she could not go on chatting with Zi Beiying.

“I have to board the flight, so I cant continue chatting with you.

After I get back to City B, I will find the time to call you back.”

Gu Ning saw Zi Beiying as a true friend, so she was very concerned about Zi Beiyings predicament and was certainly not going to stand on the sidelines without helping.

Gu Ning was preoccupied throughout the flight.

She kept thinking about how she could help Zi Beiying.

From the looks of it, she had to make a trip to the Zi clan.

However, she did not want to go alone since this was no laughing matter.

She had to discuss it with Leng Shaoting before she took any action.

After Gu Ning arrived at City B, she did not head back to the Tang family immediately.

Instead, she inspected the stores in City B before heading to the branch office.

Shengning Organizations City B branch office was located in the abandoned district which was previously haunted.

A skyscraper had now been erected in its place.

The Shengning Organization had already moved in in the middle of the last month.

Only the main building was completed while the building intended for rental was still halfway through construction.

Fu Yanming, a man in his forties, was the general manager of Shengning Organizations branch office in City B.

Chen Cangyi wanted to hire Fu Yanming.

So after K did a thorough background check on him, they concluded that he was a trustworthy man.

Fu Yanming used to be a successful entrepreneur.

Sadly, he offended someone powerful, so he ended up framed and almost got bankrupted.

Even though he did not wind up bankrupt, it was as good as going bust.

Chen Cangyi reached out to Fu Yanming when he learned of what happened.

After some discussion, Chen Cangyi bought over Fu Yanmings business and made Fu Yanming the general manager of Shengning Organizations branch office in City B.

To be precise, Fu Yanming was considered the regional manager and stood at the helm of several city branch offices.

Although no official announcement or major publicity was done for Shengning Organizations establishment, everyone knew of its existence.

Everyone knew that Fu Yanming was the general manager of all Gu Nings official business interests in City B, including Jade Beauty Jewelry, Colaine Pharmaceuticals, Kouzi, to name a few.

Almost all the employees knew Gu Ning since she was specially introduced to them during training.

And the receptionists were given special orders to remember Gu Nings face and to not stop Gu Ning from entering the premises if she ever came.

It would be extremely embarrassing if she ended up barred from entry when she came to visit.

Even though it was normal for the receptionists to bar visitors without prior appointments from entering, it would be unprofessional of them if they could not even recognize their boss face.

Hence, the receptionist promptly recognized Gu Ning when she entered and greeted her reverently, “Welcome, Chairman Gu.”

Just as Gu Ning walked up to the lift, a commotion came from behind.

She promptly halted and turned to check out the noise.

A well-dressed woman in her thirties was here to make trouble.

She wanted to enter the property, but the security guards had stopped her.

After she was denied entry, she made a scene like a shrew.

“I want to see Fu Yanming! I want to see him…”


Qin, kindly leave! He isnt going to see you, so if you insist on making a scene, we will have to call the cops,” said the security guard coldly.

It was clearly not the first time this was happening.

“Do you want to call the cops on me How could you do that I am simply here to visit my husband,” blustered Ms.


Gu Ning instantly caught on to who she was.

Although she had not officially met Fu Yanming, she was aware of his situation.

Fu Yanming was married to Qin Qianhui.

Even though she hailed from a common family, Fu Yanming disregarded her low status and married her.

She enjoyed a rather decent life after marrying him.

Yet, she despised Fu Yanming after he almost went bust and decided to divorce him.

In the process, she left with most of whatever remained of his assets, but he won custody of their 12 year old twins.

Gu Ning reckoned Qin Qianhui had come in search of Fu Yanming and claimed that he was her husband after she learned of the major breakthrough he had with his career in an attempt to reconcile with the man!


Qin, you have already divorced him,” corrected the security guard.

“Even if we are divorced, we can still remarry.

I am the mother of his children after all,” argued Qin Qianhui.

“He said he is never going to remarry you or let you in,” said the security guard.

“Get out of my way.

You are just lowly watch dogs.

How dare you stop me” Qin Qianhui threw a fit.

Gu Ning was instantly furious and walked up to the main entrance right away.

Gu Ning intended on staying out of the incident.

She was confident that her employees were capable of handling a small matter like this.

However, she could not stand by and let Qin Qianhui humiliate them.


Gu Ning startled everyone when she suddenly spoke.

It was clear that Gu Ning wanted Qin Qianhui to apologize to the security guards for insulting them.

Even though it was not the first time, and the security guards were now accustomed to such insults, they were touched when they heard their boss defend them.

“What” Qin Qianhui looked at Gu Ning in astonishment.

She knew that Gu Ning was demanding an apology from her for insulting the security guards, but she simply did not see this coming.

Who on earth was she How could she demand an apology

“Apologize to the security guards this instant,” said Gu Ning sternly in a domineering tone.

“You…” Qin Qianhui was instantly furious.

She felt insulted, so she shouted angrily, “Who are you What gives you the right to demand an apology from me You have no right to ask this of me.”

“This is my territory, so I call the shots,” said Gu Ning with a powerful aura radiating from her.


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