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Chapter 1911: Yuan Yilins Warning

No matter what Rong Zechen, Qu Hanjiao, and Yuan Shuyan had done about her, Gu Ning was innocent.

In fact, Yuan Yilin was aware that it wasnt Gu Nings fault that Yuan Shuyan was misunderstood, but it had something to do with Gu Ning.

In addition, Yuan Shuyan was a member of the Yuan family, so she undoubtedly sided with Yuan Shuyan.

However, she didnt really have a good impression of Yuan Shuyan.

“Either way, Junior Gu, its my kind advice that you better be smart in the capital,” said Yuan Yilin.

After that, she left without delay.

She didnt give Gu Ning any chance to retort, because it would be embarrassing.

Gu Ning didnt care about it at all, because Yuan Yilins words made sense, but it was only a piece of kind advice for other people.

Gu Ning was reluctant to have grudges against people in power, but she was always dragged into trouble by other people.

She wasnt weak and refused to be bullies so she had to fight back.

Right after Yuan Yilin left, Nie Chenyang came with another senior male student.

“Gu Ning, are you alright Did Yuan Yilin hurt you” asked Nie Chenyang with concern.

He looked very sincere and without any evil ideas.

As a senior, he simply cared about the freshmen.

Nie Chenyang asked her that question because he saw Yuan Yilins hostility towards Gu Ning.


She just reminded me to keep a low profile because there are too many rumors about me in the school these days,” said Gu Ning.

Because what Yuan Yilin said wasnt wrong, it was nothing even if she said it aloud.

However, Nie Chenyang understood it wasnt kind advice, but a warning.

He knew it, and he clearly knew that Gu Ning was aware of it as well.

“I know youre innocent although there are rumors about you, but stay away from them as long as its possible.

It wont do you any good if you have conflicts with them,” said Nie Chenyang kindly.

He knew Gu Ning had a relationship with many big business groups, but wasnt sure whether they were close.

If Gu Ning had a conflict with the powerful families, no one knew whether she could get support from her connections.

The Nie family was a first-rate rich family in the capital, but it was barely comparable to the top families, so even he did his best to avoid having conflicts with them.

Actually, if Nie Chenyang learned Gu Nings real status and connections, he wouldnt say that.

However, precisely because he had no idea, he kindly reminded her to be careful.

Gu Ning was a very outstanding girl with great potential, so he didnt want her to be ruined by them.

“I know, thank you for your kindness.” Gu Ning understood Nie Chenyang was very kind to her, so she was grateful to him.

“Oh, the class is about to begin.

I need to go now.”

“Sure,” said Nie Chenyang, then Gu Ning left.

“Chenyang, you really care about her! Do you like her” The boy who was by Nie Chenyangs side joked when Gu Ning was gone.

His name was Tai Junzhe, a member of the second-rate Tai family.

He had a close relationship with Nie Chenyang and their families were relatives.

One of Tai Junzhes aunts married into Nie Chenyangs family.

“Dont think too much about it.

I simply feel that Gu Ning is an outstanding girl with great potential.

I dont want to see her ruined by the Rong family or the Yuan family,” said Nie Chenyang.

“Right, given what I know, Gu Ning is indeed a very good girl.

Shes at least much better than those hypocritical people, like Yuan Yilin and Yuan Shuyan,” said Tai Junzhe.

Although this was his first meeting with Gu Ning in real life and he knew very little about her, he had read a lot of news on the Internet about her saving other people.

She must be a very kind person for her to be willing to help others.

Moreover, she almost always did it in a very dangerous situation.

“Even though Gu Ning has powerful connections, nobody knows whether theyll side with her if she has conflicts with the Rong family or the Yuan family, so I suggested she avoid having grudge against them,” said Nie Chenyang.

“I have a feeling that Gu Ning isnt a troublemaker, but she wont hesitate to fight back no matter who dares to cause her trouble,” said Tai Junzhe.

“If so, I cant help it.” Nie Chenyang shook his head with a resigned look.

He kindly reminded Gu Ning to be careful, but had no right to interfere in her affairs.

It had nothing to do with him after all.

Gu Ning had nothing else to deal with today, so she went to see Ji Wenna with Song Miaoge.

After their classes were over, they left in a group.

They went to dine before heading to their destination.

On their way, Song Miaoge said, “If I really win, will we really take a video of her pole dancing in a bikini and post it on the Internet”

It was Ji Wennas idea to embarrass her, but she thought it was out of line.

If the video went viral, she would be affected too.

“Of course! Its her idea to humiliate you,” said Zhang Zikai.

She didnt think it was a bad idea to give Ji Wenna a taste of her own medicine.

“If it becomes hot news, Miaoge will be affected too.

In order to protect herself, Ji Wenna might accuse Miaoge of forcing her to do it, so I dont think we should.

However, we must take the video and keep it in our hands to threaten Ji Wenna.

As long as shes scared of you, she wont cause you any trouble again,” said Gu Ning.

“Fine, Gu Nings right.”

Although Zhang Zikai felt they couldnt let Ji Wenna get away with it easily, they had to be careful not to damage Song Miaoges reputation.

Persuaded by Gu Ning, Song Miaoge made the same decision.

Their destination was the martial arts hall that Ji Wenna often visited.

Ji Wenna specially booked a room.

During this period, whenever she had time, she would come to the martial arts hall to practice martial arts.

She had confidence to defeat Song Miaoge, but she still needed to train in case any accidents happened.

Moreover, even if she wasnt having a competition with Song Miaoge, she still needed to train regularly.

When they arrived at the martial arts hall, it was about 7:40 pm, and Ji Wenna was already there.

She came once her classes were over and dined in the martial arts hall.

There were four people with Ji Wenna.

Two males and two females.

They were all Ji Wennas friends who had witnessed Ji Wennas last competition with Song Miaoge.

All of them were good at martial arts too.

Seeing Song Miaoge coming, Ji Wenna showed disdain, because she believed Song Miaoge was doomed to fail.

However, Ji Wenna was displeased to see Gu Ning, because she was still mad at what had happened at Gufan last time.

Nevertheless, she didnt think Gu Ning was anything outside of her beautiful appearance.

Therefore, Ji Wenna took Gu Ning lightly, and paid no attention to Baili Zongxue and Zhang Zikai.


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