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Chapter 1889: Gu Ning Isnt That Kind of Person

As for Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue, since they were Gu Nings friends, Zhang Zikai believed that they were reliable.

Anyway, they didnt know her background, so it wasnt a big deal even if she told them what had happened to her.

After hearing Zhang Zikais words, not only Gu Ning, but Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue were also mad.

They actually knew that schemes werent uncommon.

However, Gu Ning didnt think she should ask further about that.

After ordering dishes in the canteen, Gu Ning took out a power crystal and gave it to Zhang Zikai.

“If you trust me, take it and youll recover faster.”

“I trust you.

Thank you, Gu Ning.” Zhang Zikai accepted the power crystal from Gu Nings hand at once.

“Can I take it right now” asked Zhang Zikai.

“Sure, anytime,” said Gu Ning.

Zhang Zikai then prepared a glass of water.

In her opinion, medicines were all bitter.

Therefore, without water, she couldnt swallow it.

Seeing that, Gu Ning said, “Itll melt once you put it into your mouth.

You dont need to drink water.”

Hearing that, Zhang Zikai put down the glass of water before opening the porcelain bottle and taking the power crystal.

Sensing the magical power, Baili Zongxues eyes lit up, but she didnt have further information about this pill which contained magical power.

She had to be very careful, otherwise Gu Ning would be suspicious of her.

“Wow, it really melted once it touched my tongue! I felt a touch of cold right afterwards, but it was quite comfortable,” said Zhang Zikai in surprise.

After taking the power crystal, Zhang Zikai soon felt the change from her arm.

The pain in her arm suddenly went away.

Moreover, her arm was very weak earlier, but now it gradually gained strength.

“No way! Its so effective!” Zhang Zikai rounded her eyes in shock.

She couldnt believe it.

Gu Ning smiled but said nothing.

Right at this moment, Yuan Shuyan and her friends walked to Gu Ning.

Although Yuan Shuyan was afraid of Gu Ning, it didnt mean that she didnt dare to face her.

Besides, she was also wronged in todays drama.

Because not only Gu Ning was amid criticisms today, Yuan Shuyan was also criticized by many people.

Rong Zechen, however, was barely criticized.

“Gu Ning, did you tell Rong Zechen that Ive caused you trouble.

I didnt do that.

Why did you say that to him” Yuan Shuyan angrily questioned Gu Ning.

Some people in the canteen didnt know about Gu Nings argument with Rong Zechen just now, but they all had heard of the drama among the three of them in their school forum, so they immediately turned to look at Gu Ning with disdain and dislike.

“Shes Gu Ning Shes so good at studying and running businesses, but she has no moral standard.”

“Right, although shes good at studying and running businesses, it doesnt mean she has standards.”

“Youre right.”

“Dont jump to conclusions before the truth comes out.

Perhaps Gu Ning didnt say that.”

“Right, I dont think Gu Ning is that kind of person.”


Hearing their discussion, Song Miaoge and her friends really wanted to argue with them, but they suppressed their anger because they knew that Gu Ning could handle it.

However, they all looked displeased.

Facing Yuan Shuyans question, Gu Ning was slightly angry, but she didnt lose her temper because she knew that Yuan Shuyan was also a victim.

“I didnt.

To be honest with you, I wasnt aware that Rong Zechen went to question you.

It was his personal actions.

Im not mean.

Besides, Im not familiar with Senior Rong.

We have only met a few times and had a brief conversation.

Its impossible for me to like him, because I already have a fiancé.

Im deeply in love with my fiancé.

Ill never pay special attention to another man.

Therefore, Senior Yuan, I think you should talk about it with Senior Rong, instead of me.”

Although Gu Ning had said many times that she already had a fiancé, those people in front of her werent aware of it.

As a result, they were all astonished after hearing that.

They didnt think it was unacceptable, and were simply surprised.

Since Gu Ning already had a fiancé, it was indeed impossible for her to like another man.

In that case, it was Rong Zechens own idea that Gu Ning might like him.

At the same time, some people had a different idea.

It didnt mean anything even if Gu Ning already had a fiancé, because there were people who cheated on their partners after getting married.

In addition, Gu Ning only had a fiancé, she was still unmarried.

Even if some people held that idea, not many of them dared to say it aloud.

However, someone suddenly said it without any fear, “So what It doesnt mean anything even if you have a fiancé.

Some people even have affairs after getting married!”

It was a female voice, which Gu Ning was familiar with.

It was the girl named Song Siyao, who had a grudge against Gu Ning at the math competition in City B.

Song Siyao knew that Gu Ning was also studying in the Capital University long ago, but she didnt have a chance to see her till now.

Although there was a grudge between them, Song Siyao didnt bother to find out Gu Nings class and dorm room.

Anyway, since she met her right now, she wouldnt miss this great chance to humiliate Gu Ning.

“Song Siyao, shut your mouth! Gu Ning isnt that kind of person,” Zhang Zikai snapped at Song Siyao once she showed up.

Yuan Shuyan didnt notice Song Siyao and Zhang Zikai until this moment, but she knew both of them.

What surprised Yuan Shuyan was that Gu Ning was Zhang Zikais friend.

In her eyes, Gu Ning was only an ordinary girl, but Gu Ning was able to know Leng Shaoxi and Zhang Zikai.

Even Rong Zechen had a very good impression of her.

How many people of the high society did Gu Ning know

“Well, I witnessed her get out of a mans luxury car in City B last time,” said Song Siyao.

Hearing that, some people turned to stare at Gu Ning with a different look, while some didnt think that that reason was persuasive.

Gu Ning was very rich, so it was understandable if she had a luxury car and a chauffeur.

“You seem to remember it very clearly, but dont forget the lesson you learned in City B,” said Gu Ning in a flat voice, focusing on Song Siyao with a pair of unkind eyes.

Song Siyao felt scared upon thinking of the fact that Gu Ning had beaten her in City B last time.

Nevertheless, she was now in the capital where she was born and raised, so she didnt think that Gu Ning dared to hurt her here.

Therefore, Song Siyao summoned up her courage.

“This is the capital.

Do you dare to beat me here If you dare to hurt me again, I can chase you out of the Capital University at any time.”


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