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Chapter 1887: Shouldnt You Apologize

“Rong Zechen, you dont look guilty at all!” Seeing Rong Zechens happy expression, Song Miaoge got angrier and snapped at him.

Hearing that, Rong Zechen was taken aback.

He didnt understand what Song Miaoge meant.

“What do you mean” Wei Chuanxun opened his mouth at this time in an unkind tone, because he was displeased with Song Miaoges attitude.

Song Miaoge said nothing, and Gu Ning walked over.

“Gu Ning, what do you want to talk about with me” Rong Zechen was obviously excited to see Gu Ning.

Gu Ning, however, looked at Rong Zechen in annoyance.

She asked, “Senior Rong, perhaps youre worried that Yuan Shuyan who likes you might cause me trouble, so you went to question her, but I didnt tell you that Yuan Shuyan has caused me any trouble.

Have you ever considered my feelings What youve done can damage my reputation.

Its now a hot topic in our school forum.

Everyone believes that I told you Yuan Shuyan has caused me trouble, but she actually hasnt.

People are all criticizing me for being calculating.

I feel quite aggrieved.”


Knowing that, Rong Zechen was shocked.

It was obvious that he knew nothing about that.

“Sorry, I didnt expect it to have such a huge impact.

I thought that Yuan Shuyan has caused you trouble, so I went to ask her about it.” Rong Zechen apologized at once.

He was indeed surprised by the result of his impulsive behavior.

“Even though you didnt expect this to happen, it indeed has bothered me and damaged my reputation.

I think that we better be strangers from now on! I told you I dont want to be affected by irrelevant people and things,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Rong Zechen was disappointed.

He believed that he had treated Gu Ning very well, but she didnt cherish his affection towards her, which made Rong Zechen start to change his positive feelings to her.

“Gu Ning, Zechen was only worried that Yuan Shuyan might bully you, so he went to ask her about that.

You dont cherish his effort, and you even blame him for that” Wei Chuanxun was mad, defending Rong Zechen.

This time, Rong Zechen didnt stop him, because he had the same thought.

Gu Ning frowned and was about to lose her temper.

Many people were already looking at them and more and more people surrounded them after Wei Chuanxuns shout.

Hearing their conversation and the hot topic in their school forum today, they immediately realized what they were talking about.

When they saw Gu Nings annoyed expression, they began to wonder whether the post in their school forum today told the truth.

“You…” Song Miaoge was furious and wanted to say something again, but Baili Zongxue stopped her.

They should leave it to Gu Ning, it was better for them to be quiet.

Song Miaoge also realized it, so she closed her mouth after giving Wei Chuanxun a glare.

In her eyes, Wei Chuanxun was even more annoying than Rong Zechen.

Gu Ning turned to coldly look at Wei Chuanxun, which made him tremble in fear.

He couldnt help avoiding Gu Nings eyes, because her look was so piercing that he somehow was scared.

Ignoring those onlookers, Gu Ning said to Wei Chuanxun in a cold voice, “Why should I cherish it I know he went to question Yuan Shuyan out of kindness because he was worried that she might bully me, but Ive done nothing wrong.

Why should I carry the blame in the end Do I deserve to be criticized by so many people Cant I be mad at being slandered Do I have to accept the result”

“I…” Wei Chuanxun felt a little guilty hearing that.

Actually, Gu Ning indeed had done nothing wrong, but she was amid criticisms in the end.

“Someone said in the school forum that I like Senior Rong, so I deliberately stirred things up between Senior Yuan and Senior Rong trying to make Senior Rong hate Senior Yuan.” Gu Ning turned to ask Rong Zechen, “Senior Rong, can you tell us whether Ive told you that Senior Yuan has caused me any trouble”

Rong Zechen remained silent.

He didnt answer Gu Nings question right away, because the answer was negative.

If he told the truth, he had to admit that it was his fault in public.

Although it was indeed his fault, he was unwilling to admit it in front of everyone.

Seeing Rong Zechens reaction, Gu Nings expression became colder.

She knew that Rong Zechen was selfish and refused to admit it only to save his own face.

Since he chose to protect himself, Gu Ning continued without waiting for his reply.

“Senior Rong, we actually are not familiar with each other.

Even if weve talked with one another before, it was only a brief talk.

Its impossible that I admire Senior Rong.

Senior Rong has countless admirers in our school, but not every girl likes him.

Besides, I already have a fiancé.

Im deeply in love with my fiancé, so Id never like another man.”

Knowing that, everyone rounded his or her eyes in shock.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning already had a fiancé.

It wasnt strange, but was quite surprising.

Rong Zechen was embarrassed, because he believed that Gu Ning didnt take him seriously.

Somehow, Rong Zechen began to be mad at Gu Ning.

Because of Gu Nings further explanation, people learned that she wasnt the kind of girl the post in their school forum described.

That post obviously was defaming her.

It was Rong Zechen who went to question Yuan Shuyan of his own accord, but it brought great trouble to Gu Ning afterwards.

As a result, people began to look at Rong Zechen differently, but nobody dared to criticize him for the sake of his background.

All of a sudden, a cold female voice sounded.

“Lord Rong, I think you should take the blame for this drama.

Since Gu Ning didnt say that Yuan Shuyan has caused her any trouble, youve damaged her reputation by questioning Yuan Shuyan of your own accord.

You did that out of kindness, but Gu Ning was attacked because of you.

Shouldnt you apologize to her”

Hearing her voice, Gu Ning knew that it must be Zhang Zikai before seeing her face.

Gu Ning didnt remember that Zhang Zikai was also studying in the Capital University until this moment.

However, she hadnt seen her nor contacted her yet, neither did Zhang Zikai.

Anyway, once she saw Zhang Zikais hand wrapped in bandages, she figured out that she had been injured.

Although the Zhang family wasnt as influential as the Rong family, it didnt mean that Zhang Zikai was afraid of it and didnt dare to stand out for justice.

Everyone agreed with Zhang Zikai on her words, but they still chose to be silent.


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