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Chapter 1884: What Has She Done to You

When Gu Ning reached the gate of their school, she ran into Rong Zechen.

Gu Ning originally tried to pretend that she didnt see him if he didnt notice her, but someone aside suddenly said, “Isnt that Gu Ning”

Rong Zechen heard it, so he turned to look at her.

A touch of happiness flashed by Rong Zechens face and he walked to her at once.

“Hi, Gu Ning, what a coincidence! Do you live outside the school” he enthusiastically greeted her.

Although there was unpleasantness before, it didnt affect Rong Zechens enthusiasm for Gu Ning.

Besides, it was Wei Chuanxuns fault after all, so he had no reason to feel bad about Gu Ning.

Since Rong Zechen came to greet her, Gu Ning couldnt ignore him any longer, so she replied in a flat voice, “Not really, I dont come back to the school when I need to deal with something outside.”

Hearing that, Rong Zechen remembered the companies owned by Gu Ning.

“You must be very busy!” he said, caring about her.

Gu Ning was studying and running a business empire at the same time, which made it impossible for her not to be busy.

“Yeah,” said Gu Ning, but she enjoyed it.

“Oh, I should apologize to you for what Wei Chuanxun said last time.

Hes indeed a little arrogant,” said Rong Zechen.

He wasnt deliberately defaming his friend, but he knew Wei Chuanxuns character very well.

What Wei Chuanxun had done last time was indeed unacceptable.

“Its already history.

I didnt take it seriously,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt bother to pay special attention to Wei Chuanxun.

Rong Zechen was very popular in their school, so many students were attracted to him once he showed up.

They also witnessed his talk with Gu Ning, and the girls got envious.

“Jesus, Im so envious of that girl.

Senior Rong went to talk to her of his own accord.”

“Yeah, I wish I were her.

Im envious of her as well.”

“Shes very beautiful.

They look perfect together.”

“So what Senior Rong is from a powerful family.

An ordinary girl doesnt deserve him.”

“Right, hell only have a marriage between families of equal social status.

I think only Yuan Shuyan deserves Senior Rong.”

“I dont think Gu Ning is a bad choice.

Shes young and successful.

Shes the boss of several super profitable companies now.”

“I have to admit that Gu Ning is very outstanding, but the Rong family is an extraordinary family.

It cares a lot about social status.

In addition, power is always more valuable than wealth, unless its a top, super-rich family.”


Hearing their discussion, both Gu Ning and Rong Zechen were annoyed.

Gu Ning was displeased, but not because they thought that she didnt deserve Rong Zechen.

She actually didnt think Rong Zechen deserved her! Moreover, her man was much better than Rong Zechen.

She wasnt an idiot and she wouldnt like Rong Zechen.

She was simply reluctant to be connected with Rong Zechen, even if it was only a rumor.

Rong Zechen was annoyed because he disliked hearing other people saying that Yuan Shuyan was perfect for him.

He didnt mind if people talked about him and Gu Ning.

As for the problem of social status, it was indeed very important, but his family would agree as long as he was determined.

After all, Gu Ning was very outstanding.

Rong Zechen had that idea because he indeed had a good impression of Gu Ning, otherwise he wouldnt have tried to strike up a conversation with her many times.

“Senior Rong, I think we should keep a distance from each other.

I dont want to be involved in unnecessary trouble,” said Gu Ning.

After that, she left Rong Zechen behind and walked away fast.

Rong Zechen was surprised and chased after her at once.

“Gu Ning, has Yuan Shuyan done anything to you”

He was aware that Yuan Shuyan liked him and Yuan Shuyan would warn other girls to stay away from him.

Therefore, Gu Nings words made him think that Yuan Shuyan might have done something to her.

He didnt care if Yuan Shuyan warned other girls to stay away from him, but he wanted Gu Ning to be close to him.

“Yuan Shuyan has no ability to hurt me.

I simply dont want to waste time on boring things or be affected by them,” said Gu Ning.

She then ignored Rong Zechen and walked faster ahead.

Hearing that, Rong Zechen felt upset.

However, he understood why Gu Ning said that, because they were merely acquaintances right now.

Therefore, Rong Zechen stopped chasing Gu Ning.

Since she said that, he would only make her unhappy if he chased her.

Anyway, he needed to be more patient, because he wasnt sure whether he really liked Gu Ning very much.

However, Rong Zechen was mad at Yuan Shuyan for causing Gu Ning trouble.

He didnt like Yuan Shuyan at all, and actually hated her.

Even if he liked her, it was impossible for them to be together given the huge gap between their families social status.

Is Yuan Shuyan an idiot or something Couldnt she figure out such a simple thing

Yuan Shuyan soon heard that Rong Zechen went to talk with Gu Ning of his own accord.

Some students also said that they looked perfect together, which was totally unacceptable in Yuan Shuyans eyes.

She ached to cause Gu Ning trouble, but had to give it up because she knew that Gu Ning wasnt weak.

Therefore, she could only be full of anger, but couldnt do anything about it.

The whole morning, Yuan Shuyan was absent-minded.

At noon, Ge Qingqing noticed the absent look on Yuan Shuyans face, so she asked with concern, “Shuyan, what happened You have an absent look.

Is it because of Qu Hanjiao”

Because of the terrible news about the Qu family, Qu Hanjiao had been absent for days.

Although both of them cut their relationship with the Qu family, Qu Hanjiao was their friend after all.

They wouldnt help her, but they still had sympathy for her.

The case about the Qu family was settled this morning.

Because of the solid proof, Qu Linan was sentenced to years in jail.

However, because it was his personal actions, the Qu family and the Qu Organization survived.

However, after the scandal was uncovered, the price of stocks of the Qu Organization dived, which had a great effect on it.

Luckily, the Qu Organization was a large business group, so it wouldnt easily go bankrupt.

Anyway, the sharp fall of the stocks price already made it chaotic.


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