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Chapter 1875: Wrap Party

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For the brands on the international list, they had been popular worldwide for many years, so it wasnt easy to replace them.

However, for a new company, it was quite unbelievable to enter the top 10 on the list.

It had never happened before.

After staying in the company for an hour, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

Leng Shaoting was leaving after having dinner that night, so they went to dine with Jing Yunyao in Mountain River Garden after hanging around outside for a while.

After having the meal, Leng Shaoting sent Gu Ning back to her school, then left reluctantly.

Gu Ning had missed the time for the evening class when she got back to the school, so she didnt go to it and went straight to the dorm room.

Monday morning, Lu Zhan called Gu Ning, telling her that the filming of An Empress of Military Blood was over.

He asked her whether she had time to join them for the wrap party which would be held at the Huangdeng Hotel in the southern district.

Since it was the wrap party for An Empress of Military Blood, Gu Ning would definitely join them.

Lu Zhan also told her that she could come with Chu Peihan if it was possible.

Although Chu Peihan only played an unimportant role in An Empress of Military Blood, and all the guests invited for the wrap party were major actors, Lu Zhan had a good impression of Chu Peihan.

He decided to invite Chu Peihan to be the supporting role in his next show, so he planned to let her get used to the events first so that she could know more people in the industry as well.

Therefore, Gu Ning called Chu Peihan.

Chu Peihan undoubtedly wouldnt miss the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood.

“Boss, I need to prepare a gown for it.

I think I should ask for leave to choose a gown from Charm.

It also takes time to put on make-up and do a hairstyle.

Can you pick me up when its almost time Or should we go together” said Chu Peihan.

Although the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood wasnt very grand, it was an important event, so they had to wear a formal gown.

“We can go together! Ill pick you up right now,” said Gu Ning.

It was 1 pm, and it would almost be the time after they finished everything.

“Sure,” said Chu Peihan and went to ask for leave from her head teacher.

Chu Peihan said that she needed to attend the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood, so their head teacher agreed at once.

Although Chu Peihans head teacher was only a teacher in the school and wasnt involved in the entertainment industry, he paid a lot of attention to the entertainment industry, so he had heard of An Empress of Military Blood and Fenghua Entertainment.

If Chu Peihan was invited for its wrap party, she must have a close relationship with the show, Fenghua Entertainment, or the major actors.

Only important people were invited after all.

Therefore, Chu Peihans head teacher asked out of curiosity, “Who will you go with for the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood”

“My boss.” Chu Peihan blurted it out, but soon realized it wasnt right, so she explained.

“Um, Gu Ning.

Shes the owner of Fenghua Entertainment.”

Chu Peihan said that, not to show off, but simply because she thought that her head teacher was very nice.

It wasnt a big deal if she told him.

Hearing that, Chu Peihans head teacher was amazed.

To his surprise, Chu Peihan was the friend of the owner of Fenghua Entertainment.

All of a sudden, he believed that Chu Peihan had a bright future ahead.

Although Fenghua Entertainment was still very small, Infinite Horror was a great success, which proved its ability.

By now, it had also gained a lot of fame.

Most importantly, the owner of Fenghua Entertainment, Gu Ning, was a talented businesswoman.

Upon thinking of Gu Ning, Chu Peihans head teacher thought that she could be very successful in the future.

Gu Ning also called her head teacher for absence.

There was no need for Gu Ning to think of an excuse.

In fact, even if she was absent from classes without asking for leave, it wouldnt be a big deal.

However, out of respect, Gu Ning talked about it with her head teacher.

Gu Ning went to pick up Chu Peihan from her school before going to the Charm studio.

Charm had a studio in the commercial center of the capital.

They went to the studio instead of the store because there were formal gowns, a makeup and style area, and a jewelry area.

All the jewelry in the jewelry area was Jade Beauty Jewelry.

And it included jewelry made of jade, gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and so forth.

By now, Jade Beauty Jewelry wasnt only selling jewelry made of jade, but gradually began to sell jewelry made with other materials, but the main material was still jade.

Ever since Yu Zi won all kinds of international awards and got great fame, Charm became more and more famous as a high-end brand.

Rich ladies, heiresses, and even celebrities were its customers.

Su Tongnuo was the spokesperson of Charm.

After Charm studio was established, she showed up at all its major events.

As the spokesperson of Charm, Charm would provide six sets of gowns for Su Tongnuo for free during the time of their agreement.

However, if Su Tongnuo wanted more, she needed to pay for it on her own.

Even though Su Tongnuo was working for Gu Ning and Charm was owned by Gu Ning too, they were from two different companies, so they had to obey the rules.

As for make-up and style services, Su Tongnuo could enjoy it for free.

Although Su Tongnuo didnt have many works after joining Gu Nings company, she got more and more fame over a short time.

She soon became a B-list actress with a bright future ahead.

Not long ago, Su Tongnuo was selected as the supporting actress in a show, and the filming would begin the next week.

The actors of Fenghua Entertainment could play roles in shows produced by Fenghua and other companies too.

However, actors of Fenghua Entertainment wouldnt accept unspoken rules, and Fenghua wouldnt allow its actors to do that either, because Fenghua valued their images very much.

When Gu Ning and Chu Peihan arrived at the Charm studio, Su Tongnuo was there too.

She also came because of the wrap party tonight.

“Hi, boss, been a while.”

Seeing Gu Ning, Su Tongnuo came to greet her without adjusting her gown after walking out from the fitting room.

“Been a while! Look at you now.

Youre getting the air of a big star,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

Su Tongnuo now had completely changed.

“Im not a star at all in front of you, boss, but Im quite happy to hear your compliment.

All I own today was given by you,” said Su Tongnuo.

She never stopped being grateful to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled.

“Hi, Tongnuo!” Chu Peihan greeted Su Tongnuo.

“Hi, Peihan,” Su Tongnuo replied to her..

She was quite polite and nice to Chu Peihan, not because she was Gu Nings friend, but because Su Tongnuo was very approachable.


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