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Chapter 1874: No Sincerity

Five minutes later, another MPV came and stopped in front of the warehouse.

Another five people came out of it.

It wasnt 11 pm yet, but it was only a few minutes away, so they looked displeased that no one was present.

“Bao, they have no sincerity! They didnt come earlier,” said a man in annoyance.

The man thought that the buyer should come earlier, because the buyer wanted to work with them.

It showed that the buyer attached importance to their deal today if the buyer came earlier.

Besides, they came earlier too, but the buyer was still absent.

They were understandably mad.

“Lets be patient!” The man called Bao was also displeased, but said nothing about that.

He thought that the buyer might have been delayed by something.

However, when it was 11 pm, no one came.

“Bao, do they want to take us down a notch” asked another man.

“Wait for a few more minutes.” Bao looked angrier, but still decided to be patient.

Unfortunately, another five minutes passed, but still nobody showed up.


“Lets go back!” Bao lost his patience and turned around getting into the car.

Afterwards, they left.

Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and Jing Yunyao also walked in another direction.

Although there was only one driveway leading to this abandoned warehouse, they could also reach the main road by another small road.

In the car, Bao took out his phone and made a call to report the problem.

The person at the other end of the phone was also angry.

Yuan Wenrui soon heard, and he called Shen Yanfeng furiously.

“Lord Yuan, have you received the goods” Shen Yanfeng answered Yuan Wenruis call and thought that the goods were already delivered.

“Shen Yanfeng, are you damn fooling me My people went to wait there for a long time, but your people were still absent after 11 pm.” Yuan Wenrui swore at Shen Yanfeng.

Although it might be a mistake or accident, he was displeased that Shen Yanfengs men didnt show up at the appointed time.

“What They were absent How is it possible” Shen Yanfeng was surprised, refusing to believe it, because Liu had sent him a message when they arrived.

“Do you think Im lying” said Yuan Wenrui with dissatisfaction, feeling quite displeased at being questioned.

“I didnt mean that.” Shen Yanfeng was surprised and explained at once.

“Liu just sent me a message when he arrived at 10:48 pm.”

“My people reached there at 10:57 pm.

Just a few minutes later.

Why didnt they see anyone Call them and tell me what happened,” said Yuan Wenrui.

He didnt think that Shen Yanfeng would be so bold as to fool him, so something must have happened.

Although there was only a gap of a few minutes, it was possible for something else to happen.

“Sure, sure,” said Shen Yanfeng.

After hanging up the call with Yuan Wenrui, he called Liu at once.

Given the sudden trouble, Shen Yanfeng was in a bad mood.

He was afraid that their deal might be exposed and that Yuan Wenrui would be annoyed.

If so, the deal would be completely ruined.

Unfortunately, no one answered his calls.

Shen Yanfeng was furious, but he didnt know what exactly had happened.

Was the trouble caused by Liu or did something go wrong

Shen Yanfeng felt quite anxious.

No matter what, he had to reply to Yuan Wenrui first.

Yuan Wenrui was utterly displeased, but could do nothing about it.

Thinking of Shen Yanfengs brother-in-laws relationship with the Kirin Gang, Yuan Wenrui couldnt hold a grudge with Shen Yanfeng on that.

Therefore, he gave him some time to find out the truth.

Liu and the other men didnt wake up till midnight and he immediately called Shen Yanfeng back.

Because of the unexpected trouble, Shen Yanfeng couldnt sleep at all.

Once his phone rang, he got up and picked up the call when he saw the caller was Liu.

“Liu, whats wrong with you Why didnt you answer my calls Lord Yuan told me his people were there while you were absent”

After that, Liu told Shen Yanfeng what had happened, scaring Shen Yanfeng.

“What You were robbed” Shen Yanfeng was mad.

If their goods were stolen away, it meant their deal was exposed.

It was midnight, so Shen Yanfeng didnt call Yuan Wenrui, but waited till the next morning.

In the morning, Shen Yanfeng called Yuan Wenrui and told him about the robbery.

The robbers were a man and two women.

All of them were skilled at fighting.

However, he didnt know who they were.

Knowing that the goods were stolen, Yuan Wenrui was as shocked as he was angry.

The goods werent important, but he was worried that the deal might be exposed.

Nevertheless, it was useless to be worried now, so they could only check the surveillance cameras along the road.

In addition, they didnt dare to do anything again during this time.

To their surprise, the surveillance cameras along the road were all damaged, making Yuan Wenrui even more anxious.

As the masterminds, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, however, were at ease.

They shared breakfast in Mountain River Garden, then Leng Shaoting accompanied Gu Ning to her company.

Because Gu Ning stayed in her school these days, she didnt go to her company and she knew nothing about its current situation.

Actually, it was working very well, and Chen Cangyi could manage it properly even if anything happened.

If there was something he couldnt handle, he would contact Gu Ning.

After Gu Ning came to the company, K reported to her the progress of their deal with Zhilin Technology Game Company.

Zhilin Tech agreed to work with them without hesitation.

After all, they had broken the law first.

If they didnt agree, Gu Ning could sue them.

In that case, they would have to pay a lot of money, whereas they could make a lot of money by cooperating with Gu Ning.

Since they werent idiots, there was no reason for them to turn down the offer.

Although High-speed Tech and Zhilin Tech were in the same industry and they were competitors, they could still work with each other to gain more profits.

K also reported the latest development of the company to Gu Ning.

The company developed smoothly and they were expanding Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi, Colaine, and Gufan.

Because the sales of all of them were rapidly increasing, they could open more branches now.

Among them, products from Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi, and Colaine were in the top 20 on the quarterly sales list of their industries.

Kouzi was the most popular of them, and was ranked 10th on the international market and 1st on the domestic market.

There was also a huge gap between it and the brand ranked 2nd.

There were only a few famous yet effective skincare and makeup products domestically, so Kouzi easily became the champion.


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