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Chapter 1863: The Greater Power Wins

“Ridiculous!” The dean snapped at Chu Peihan.

If someone dared to beat him, it was impossible for him to stand there being beaten without fighting back at all, otherwise he would be a stupid idiot.

In addition, whoever dared to attack him, he would make the person regret it.

Hearing Chu Peihans question, he realized why she attacked Ke Lili and Ke Lilis mother, but he had a good relationship with Ke Yongqiang.

If Ke Yongqiang wanted to teach Chu Peihan a lesson, he had to be helpful.

The head teacher also felt embarrassed.

He figured out the truth as well.

He originally thought that Chu Peihan was a troublemaker, but unexpectedly she was forced to do so.

“Dean, please let Chu Peihan explain it.

No matter what, we need to learn the whole story,” said the head teacher.


Lin, just leave it to me.

Because Chu Peihans violent behavior, she must be punished and itll be announced to the whole school,” said the dean.

Obviously, whatever the truth was, Chu Peihan must take the blame.

The head teacher frowned.

It actually wasnt a surprising decision, because Ke Lili had a powerful family.

He disliked it when people of power bullied the weak, but he was only an ordinary college teacher who was scared of power.

“Dean, are you sure that youre going to do that If so, I can only fight back to protect my own reputation.

I had the conflict with Ke Lilis mother in the hall of Shengshi Hotel.

There are surveillance cameras.

The truth will come out once the surveillance video is released,” said Chu Peihan.

Hearing that, both the dean and Ke Lili were scared, but didnt take it seriously the next second.

“Do you think that your family owns Shengshi Hotel Can you get the surveillance video as you want” said Ke Lili with disdain.

Her father was a VIP member of Shengshi Hotel and the hotel manager would side with her father.

The dean undoubtedly had the same opinion.

“My family doesnt own Shengshi Hotel, but my friend has the Black Card for it.

You saw her yesterday.

Do you think Shengshi Hotel will do me a little favor and give me the surveillance video” said Chu Peihan in an ironic tone.

She was unwilling to bully other people with her connections, but she disliked bullies too.

She would be an idiot if she didnt help herself out with her connections right now.


“How is it possible”

Knowing that, both the dean and Ke Lili rounded their eyes in great shock.

Chu Peihans friend had a Black Card of Shengshi Hotel, so her friend must be an important figure.

If so, it would be difficult for the dean to make the decision.

“Chu Peihan, you must be lying! Youre from a third-tier city.

How is it possible that you can know an important figure.” Ke Lili couldnt accept Chu Peihans words, so she believed that it was a lie.

Chu Peihan looked at Ke Lili as if she was an idiot.

“Youre not the only one who has relatives or friends of power.

Do you think your family is the most powerful family in this country I hate those who bully other people with power, so I hope it can be solved with justice.

Unfortunately, that idea is too naive.

If so, why cant I help myself out with my connections”

“Ke Lili, you wont stop causing me trouble.

Its true that Ive beaten you, but you annoyed me first.

I was simply fighting back.

You should feel lucky that Im studying in a film academy right now.

Im going to enter the entertainment industry, so I dont want to have a terrible history, otherwise you could have been seriously injured after annoying me so many times.”

“You…” Ke Lili was mad, but didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

Chu Peihans words really scared her.

“Dean, if you cant handle it with justice, I wont mind making it a sensation.

Im not afraid of the result, because I have connections to help me settle it,” Chu Peihan said, looking at the dean.

She was threatening him as well with great confidence.

Chu Peihans head teacher hoped that she could get a fair result, but now it seemed that the greater power would win.

It would be fine as long as nobody was wronged.

“You…” Being threatened, the dean was extremely displeased, but he was scared by Chu Peihans words too.

Although he doubted whether Chu Peihans words were true, it could be true after all! If it was true, he would cause himself trouble by punishing Chu Peihan today.

Besides, it wasnt just Chu Peihans fault.

The dean thought for a while, and believed that he couldnt make the decision right away.

“Alright, go back to the classroom now,” said the dean.

He only told them to go back to the classroom, but didnt say anything further about the problem.

In fact, even if the dean still tried to punish Chu Peihan, Chu Peihan wouldnt care about that.

She didnt think that he was able to hurt her.

Actually, given the situation, the dean would give it up in the end.

“Dean…” Ke Lili didnt have as many worries as the dean.

Seeing that the dean was going to give up, she got anxious in an instant.

“Alright, get out now!” the dean said with impatience, feeling upset.

With reluctance, Ke Lili closed her mouth.

Chu Peihan looked at Ke Lili with a smile of mockery on her lips, which made Ke Lili furious.

Once Chu Peihan and the other people left, the dean called Ke Yongqiang and told him everything.

Ke Yongqiang was dissatisfied, but he couldnt force the dean to help him.

He was also worried that Chu Peihan might be more influential than him.

It could cause him trouble too, which wasnt something he wanted to see.

After Chu Peihan and Ke Lili went back to the classroom, many students surrounded them and kept asking them why the head teacher asked them to go out.

After half a month of studying together, everyone was aware of the conflict between Chu Peihan and Ke Lili, so the head teacher must know something serious had happened between them when he asked them to go out.

Although many people disliked Ke Lilis character, her father was the deputy chairman of Pegasus Entertainment, so many students tried to get a favor from her hoping to be chosen.

It was so hard to have a position in the entertainment industry right now, so it was super difficult to get a job without connections.

As for the reason why their head teacher asked Chu Peihan and Ke Lili to go out, both Chu Peihan and Ke Lili said it wasnt anything serious, so they stopped asking about it.

Actually, even if they didnt say it aloud, they knew that it must be because of their conflict.

Chu Peihan then sent out a message in their WeChat group sharing the news with her friends.

Her friends all agreed that the dean was simply a snob who only sided with people of greater power.


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