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Chapter 1853: Cant Accept It

Hearing Hu Zijians words, Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing panicked.

Other people might not be able to see it, but Gu Ning and Rong Jue could clearly see it.

Therefore, Rong Jue looked angrier.

The students of Class A were all full of fury, because it turned out that they were finding fault with Gu Ning.

“Because she believed that Gu Ning moved but I knew that its just a lie, I told her to leave.

I had no intention of punishing Gu Ning.

She, however, refused to accept the result and humiliated Gu Ning and I by saying that we have an affair.

Im a soldier.

Its illegal to humiliate a soldier,” said Hu Zijian.

Knowing that, Qu Hanjiao was scared and could barely stand steadily.

Luckily, Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing supported her right away.

They didnt know what Qu Hanjiao had said about Gu Ning and the instructor until now.

It actually was quite stupid.

Given what she had said, they couldnt help her now.

“Gu Ning slapped her after being humiliated,” said Hu Zijian in the end.

“What else do you need to say right now” Rong Jue asked Qu Hanjiao.

“I…” Qu Hanjiao was too guilty to say a word now.

Most importantly, she was facing Rong Jue, so she didnt dare to make up lies again.

“How about you, Gu Ning”

Since Qu Hanjiao said nothing, Rong Jue turned to ask Gu Ning.

“I dont know why this senior suddenly jumped out to pick on me.

Ive never met her before after all.

May I know the reason why you did that to me” Gu Ning looked at Qu Hanjiao with confusion.

In fact, Gu Ning already knew the reason.

Qu Hanjiao did it for Yuan Shuyan.

“I-I-I…” Qu Hanjiao stammered.

She couldnt tell the truth that she did it for Yuan Shuyan, because it would annoy Yuan Shuyan, which was a result she couldnt afford.

“I-I just dislike her.

Im jealous of her.” Qu Hanjiao used an excuse, which actually was also the truth.

She indeed disliked Gu Ning and was jealous of her because Rong Zechen treated Gu Ning differently.

“If so, I have nothing else to say.

Youve slandered and humiliated me, while Ive slapped you.

Its even.” Although Gu Ning knew the real reason, she didnt bother to waste more time on it.

It was meaningless after all, because she couldnt punish Qu Hanjiao just for that.

Anyway, she had given Qu Hanjiao a slap, and Rong Jue wouldnt allow it to become a bigger problem.

“Please stay reasonable from now on.

Even if you dislike me, Ive never offended you.

You cant pick on me just because you dislike me.

Itll be your fault.

If it happens again, dont blame me for using greater strength to beat you.” Gu Ning warned, but she didnt care whether Qu Hanjiao took it seriously.

If Qu Hanjiao refused to listen to her, she would teach her a lesson!

Being warned by Gu Ning, Qu Hanjiao felt humiliated, but she could say nothing about it at this moment.

She could only agree on what Gu Ning said to her.

“Sorry, instructor, for the trouble.” Gu Ning then apologized to Rong Jue and Hu Zijian.

It wasnt her fault, but it happened because of her.

It was necessary for her to make an apology, which showed her attitude.

“Alright, get in the line now,” said Rong Jue, then he looked at Yuan Shuyan and her friends.

“You should leave.”

Because Qu Hanjiao had already been slapped by Gu Ning, Rong Jue didnt punish her again for causing trouble.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning and went back to the line at once.

“Of course,” said Yuan Shuyan and her friends, then walked away with embarrassment.

It was time for military training, otherwise students of Class A would cheer for Gu Ning and compliment her for her bravery.

Once they finished the practice, everyone surrounded Gu Ning and praised her.

“Gu Ning, that slap was so cool and so loud!”

“Right, I saw her cheek swell afterwards.”

“She deserves it.

How could she be so unkind to Gu Ning She has also humiliated Gu Ning.

I think the slap could have been heavier.”

“I agree.”


Gu Ning felt a little uncomfortable hearing their noisy discussion, but she was happy to know that her classmates all defended her.

Yuan Shuyan left and took Qu Hanjiao to infirmary.

Fortunately, Qu Hanjiao had long hair, which could cover her cheek so that other people couldnt see it, or she would only feel more embarrassed.

“Jiaojiao, Im sorry, if it hadnt been for me, you wouldnt have been slapped.

You really shouldnt say that.

You cant humiliate soldiers like that.” In order to prevent Qu Hanjiao from blaming her for the slap, Yuan Shuyan apologized first.

At the same time, she pointed out her mistake.

“I blurted it out at that time,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She didnt blame Yuan Shuyan for it, because she originally tried to vent her own anger on Gu Ning.

“I just cant accept it!”

Qu Hanjiao hated Gu Ning to death now.

Although she had failed today, she wasnt afraid of Gu Ning, because she didnt think Gu Ning was comparable to her.

It was only because of Rong Jue that she let Gu Ning go today.

Rong Jue was a member of the Rong family and also Rong Zechens older brother.

Qu Hanjiao was unwilling to leave a bad impression on him in case the Rong family disliked her.

“Oh, you told me your older brother will hire a bunch of hoodlums to teach Gu Ning a lesson the day before yesterday.

How is it going now” asked Yuan Shuyan.

“My older brother said its not a good idea to cause trouble in the school, so we can wait till Gu Ning leaves.

After all, Gu Ning is a special student.

If shes injured, the school will do something,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She disdained Gu Nings background, but she had to admit that it wasnt easy to deal with Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning isnt weak at all.

Are you sure those people hired by your older brother are reliable” asked Yuan Shuyan.

She was worried thinking of Gu Nings level of martial arts.

“Dont worry, theyve learned martial arts too,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She had confidence in her older brothers friends.

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyan felt less anxious.

During the break at noon, Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue joked about what Gu Ning had done again.

Although Song Miaoge didnt witness the drama, she heard about it from other people.

Baili Zongxue, however, had witnessed it.

“Gu Ning, why are you always in trouble You have so many opponents!” said Song Miaoge with disgust.


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