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Chapter 1848: Move to Another Dorm Room

Song Miaoge might not be able to defeat Ji Wenna right now, but Gu Ning believed that she could beat these five men.

Although the five men took Song Miaoge lightly, in order to show their strength, they used great force at the very beginning, so did Song Miaoge.

The five men thought that they could easily beat Song Miaoge once they fought, so they were full of confidence.

Unfortunately, they soon realized that they were wrong.

They failed to catch her after fighting for a long while, and Song Miaoge even kicked one of them.

They were mad and became more violent, but it was obvious that they couldnt win the fight against Song Miaoge.

Although Song Miaoge felt it was a little difficult for her to fight against five of them alone, she was quite excited.

Once in a while, some students passing by heard the noises and walked over to have a look.

Seeing Song Miaoge fighting against five men by herself, they were all amazed and kept complimenting her.

The five men, however, were all injured by Song Miaoge, but they could barely touch her, which shocked them.

To their astonishment, this girl was much stronger than they thought.

In about 10 minutes, all the five men were beaten to the ground by Song Miaoge, while Song Miaoge had only gotten kicked from behind.

Luckily, she avoided it right away, so she wasnt heavily hit.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue didnt bother to help her.

If Song Miaoge hadnt been trained by Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue, it would be hard to tell whether she could win the fight against these five men, because they werent bad at fighting.

Given their skills, Song Miaoge was sure that they had served in the army for at least three years.

However, they were gangsters now, and it was normal that not every soldier was an upright person.

Actually, there were bad people in every industry.

In the army, cliques and factions werent uncommon.

“Have you served in the army” asked Song Miaoge in a deep voice.

She grew up in a military base, so she naturally was very familiar with soldiers way of fighting.

They had been soldiers, but they now were bullies, which made Song Miaoge quite angry.

She also understood that there were bad people in every industry.

Those who had served in the army might not be good people, but she couldnt stand it whenever she witnessed it.

“How did you know” The five men were greatly surprised.

“I grew up in a military base.

Its very easy for me to see through you.

Youre a shame to soldiers!” Song Miaoge criticized them.

Hearing that, they were astonished.

If Song Miaoge grew up in a military base, her family wouldnt be ordinary.

Since her father could stay in the military base for so many years, her fathers title could be a major at least right now.

Thinking of that, the five men were scared.

“Alright, you can disappear now! Tell Gao Shiyan to be careful.

We live in the same dorm room after all.

It cant be easier for us to make things difficult for her.” Gu Ning didnt bother to waste more time on them and told them to disappear.

Gu Ning told them to say that to Gao Shiyan, and she wasnt afraid that Gao Shiyan would refuse to come back to the dorm room after hearing it.

Gu Ning actually wished that Gao Shiyan wouldnt come back again, because they would live a much more comfortable life then.

They were going to punish Gao Shiyan, but not right now.

They had plenty of chances to do it in the future.

Although the five men werent badly injured, they needed at least a week to recover.

They were in school after all, so Song Miaoge had to be gentle.

The five men were scared by Song Miaoge, so they immediately ran away once Gu Ning told them to disappear.

“Jesus, I can beat five men alone now! Even if I could do that in the past, I would be injured too!” Song Miaoge said with excitement after they left.

Once the five men walked far away, they called Gao Shijie.

They didnt have Gao Shiyans number, so they could only call Gao Shijie.

After that, they told Gao Shijie the result.

At this time, Gao Shijie and Gao Shiyan were in a restaurant.

Knowing that they failed, both of them were angry, but they were also shocked to hear that Song Miaoge alone had beaten the five of them.

Gao Shiyan was also frightened by Gu Nings threat.

She didnt dare to go back to the dorm room now.

“Shijie, what should I do now” Gao Shiyan turned to her older brother for help.

“You can move to another dorm room.

Lets go to see your head teacher now.

We can say that you dont get along with them,” said Gao Shijie.

He didnt dare to cause Gu Ning trouble right now, because he was reluctant to be beaten.

Gao Shijie had served in the army for a few years too, but his five comrades couldnt defeat Song Miaoge, let alone him.

Afterwards, Gao Shijie took Gao Shiyan to see her head teacher.

They used the excuse that the girls didnt get along with each other and often argued to explain why Gao Shiyan wanted to move into another dorm room.

Gao Shiyan was worried that their head teacher might find out that she had hired a bunch of people to beat Gu Ning, so she didnt say that she wanted to move into another dorm room because of Gu Nings threat.

Gao Shiyans headteacher was comparatively snobbish.

She knew that Gao Shiyan was from a rich family, so she agreed to move her into another dorm room.

Without hesitation, Gao Shiyan rushed back to the dorm room and packed up her stuff.

At noon, Lu Xiaoxiao wasnt with Gao Shiyan, so she had no idea what had happened.

When she saw Gao Shiyan packing up her stuff in the dorm room, she was surprised.

“Shiyan, what happened Why are you packing your stuff”

“Ill move into another dorm room,” said Gao Shiyan.

She sounded upset.

Hearing that, Lu Xiaoxiao was anxious.

If Gao Shiyan moved into another dorm room, she would be left alone in this dorm room.

Upon thinking that she would be alone facing Song Miaoge and Gu Ning, Lu Xiaoxiao was scared.

“What happened Why are you suddenly moving into another dorm room What should I do if Im left alone here” asked Lu Xiaoxiao, feeling nervous.

Gao Shiyan was displeased.

“I didnt expect Song Miaoge to be so strong.

My older brother hired five men to teach them a lesson, but Song Miaoge alone has beaten them.

You know the five men have served in the army along with my older brother.

Theyre quite good at fighting, but…”

They failed to hurt Song Miaoge.

“What” Lu Xiaoxiao was amazed.

She thought that it was super easy for Gao Shiyans older brother to punish Gu Ning and her friends, but unexpectedly Song Miaoge alone beat them.

“Um, do they know that the five men were hired by you” asked Lu Xiaoxiao.

Actually, it was quite obvious that Gu Ning and her friends were aware of it, otherwise Gao Shiyan wouldnt move into another dorm room.


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