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Chapter 1841: Are you Able to Teach Her a Lesson

If they praised someone else, she wouldnt mind it, but they kept complimenting Gu Ning in front of her.

After all, Gu Ning had a grudge against her and was her rival in love.

Moreover, they also felt that Gu Ning could definitely win the competition of the most beautiful girls in their school.

Yuan Shuyan had participated in the competition before, but she even failed to get into the top 10, while only the number one could be called the most beautiful girl of their school.

In that case, there would be a huge gap between her and Gu Ning.

It was impossible for her to face that reality.

When Yuan Shuyan snapped at her two friends, they immediately closed their mouths.

They realized that Yuan Shuyan was angry because they praised another girl.

“Um, Shuyan, we didnt mean it,” They explained in a hurry.

“She is Gu Ning,” Yuan Shuyan said.

Her two friends were aware of the conflict between her and Gu Ning.

They had also seen pictures of Gu Ning on the Internet, but they were not very impressed, so they didnt recognize her just now.

“What She is Gu Ning”

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyans two friends were surprised.

Gu Ning was actually even more beautiful than her photos.

No wonder Yuan Shuyan got so jealous!

Although they were on Yuan Shuyans side, they had to admit that Gu Ning was indeed very beautiful and outstanding.

However, no matter how outstanding Gu Ning was, her background was barely comparable to them, let alone Yuan Shuyan.

As a result, even if Gu Ning was pretty and outstanding, they still took her lightly.

In fact, when they just saw Gu Ning, they didnt have any bad impression of her, but they suddenly hated her after knowing her name.

“Shuyan, do you want us to teach her a lesson” a girl said.

“Right!” The other girl chimed in.

“Idiots!” Yuan Shuyan was dissatisfied.

“Do you think youre able to teach her a lesson”

Gu Ning was excellent at fighting.

They couldnt defeat her.

Hearing that, her two friends remembered that Gu Ning had learned many kung fu skills.

They might not be able to teach her a lesson.

Even if they tried to bully Gu Ning with the influence of their families, it might not succeed.

Gu Ning wasnt afraid of Yuan Shuyan after all, so it was impossible that she would be scared by them.

Moreover, they were reluctant to bother their family members for their own affairs.

“Why dont we hire some people to beat her My older brother knows some gangsters.

They are good at fighting.

I dont believe that Gu Ning can beat a group of gangsters all by herself,” a girl said.

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyan squinted her eyes.

In fact, she always had this idea, but she hadnt made up her mind to do it yet.

“I dont think its a good idea,” Yuan Shuyan said hesitantly.

She was unwilling to cause a lot of trouble.

“Why Do you want to watch that girl named Gu Ning become close to Zechen” one girl said, with the intention of adding fuel to the fire.

Actually, Yuan Shuyan only told them that Rong Zechen treated Gu Ning a little differently and didnt say that Rong Zechen liked Gu Ning.

In fact, even if Rong Zechen really liked Gu Ning, the Rong family wouldnt agree.

After all, their family background was so different.

However, since Yuan Shuyan, their best friend, liked Rong Zechen and hated Gu Ning, they wouldnt allow Rong Zechen to like Gu Ning even though it was impossible for them to be together.

Upon hearing that, Yuan Shuyan was displeased.

She absolutely wouldnt watch Gu Ning and Rong Zechen become close and get together in the end.

Even though Rong Zechen didnt like her right now, she couldnt just watch him be together with other girls.

She wouldnt allow it to happen, at least not before she gave up on Rong Zechen.

“Well, Shuyan, if youre unwilling to hire a group of gangsters, there is another way to make Senior Rong hate Gu Ning,” another girl said.

“What is it” Yuan Shuyan asked.

“Jiaojiaos older brother can hire a group of gangsters to flirt with Gu Ning, then take some photos from special angles to make people believe that Gu Ning is a slut.

In that case, Senior Rong will naturally hate Gu Ning,” the girl said.

“Right, I think Qingqings idea is good.” said the girl called Jiaojiao.

Yuan Shuyan thought for a while, feeling reluctant to let Gu Ning go, so she was persuaded.

“Great, you can talk to your older brother about that.”

“No problem,” the girl said.

After Gu Ning left their school, she went straight to the siheyuan.

During the days when they were absent, she didnt have time to go there to cultivate.

She had taken enough leave during this period, so she couldnt always take time off.

After the military training, even if she asked for a week of absence, it wouldnt matter.

When Gu Ning arrived at the siheyuan, Shangguan Yang and the others were already there.

They had actually arrived at 11:30 am.

They knew that Gu Ning was in military training and couldnt answer their call, so they didnt call her until she had a break.

When Gu Ning came, it was already 1 pm, but Shangguan Yang and the others hadnt eaten yet.

Instead, they were waiting for Gu Ning to share the meal together.

They werent being polite, but just wanted to wait for Gu Ning to come and dine together.

From a distance, Gu Ning saw Leng Shaoting in front of the gate of the siheyuan looking in the direction where she was coming.

The second she saw him, Gu Ning drove faster.

As she came closer to Leng Shaoting, she could see his expression more clearly.

His eyes were full of desire for her.

He must miss her very much.

Although they had only been separated for a week, he felt that they had been separated for a year, which made him miss Gu Ning very strongly.

He couldnt be distracted and think of Gu Ning during cultivation, but he thought about her whenever he had a rest.

When he returned to the capital, the first person he wanted to see was Gu Ning, but he couldnt leave Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao behind, so he could only go back to the siheyuan with them.

Gu Ning missed Leng Shaoting as much as he missed her.

As soon as her car stopped, Leng Shaoting came and opened the door for Gu Ning.

As soon as Gu Ning got out of the car, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly even before the car door was closed.

Gu Ning struggled.

“People might be watching us!”

“No one else is around,” Leng Shaoting said.

It was true that no outsider would show up here.

Although the siheyuan was located in the city center, surrounded by high-rise buildings, and there was also a park nearby so many people walked along the river 10 meters away, no one would come close to the siheyuan.

There was a boundary five meters away, surrounding the siheyuan.

Outsiders didnt know who lived in this siheyuan, but ordinary people couldnt afford to live here, so no one dared to get close.

In addition, outside the siheyuan, there was a gate guarded by security guards.

Only they were allowed to come and go freely.


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