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Chapter 1831: Gu Ning, You Are Amazing!

As time went by, students started to run on the playground.

The days of military training were really tiring, so most students wanted to sleep longer when they had time.

Even if they didnt sleep, they would never do exercises.

However, this was only the idea of 90% of the students, while some students had the habit of running in the morning or practicing martial arts.

Therefore, even the military training couldnt stop them from insisting on running in the morning.

Many students studying in the Capital University were born in families of power or wealth, so they practiced martial arts to protect themselves for various reasons.

The student union of the school had a martial arts department, and the students who joined it had learned some basic skills.

Every morning, they would come outside to run and practice martial arts.

Now when those freshmen who came to run in the morning saw what Gu Ning and her friends were doing, they couldnt help but surround them.

They thought it was a fight.

However, after they got closer, they realized that they were training.

In their eyes, the battle between Gu Ning and Song Miaoge was fierce and exciting, so they looked at them with admiration.

These two girls were so amazing.

Some students were eager to have a competition with them.

Although they knew they might fail, that was the entire reason that they were interested.

If they were sure to win, the competition would be meaningless.

After all, their goal wasnt to defeat anyone.

After a while, Song Miaoge was knocked to the ground by Gu Ning again, and Gu Ning let her rest for a while.

At this time, everyone around started talking.

“Wow, you two are so amazing!”

“Right, my cousin is a taekwondo master, but I dont think he would be able to defeat you two!”


They kept praising Gu Ning and Song Miaoge.

Although Song Miaoge lost, she was still quite good in their eyes.

At least, none of them had the confidence to win against Song Miaoge.

“Hey, may I know your name” a male student asked Gu Ning.

“Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said.

“Gu Ning Are you the top scorer of this year” someone asked excitedly after hearing that.

Most people knew that the top scorer of this year was called Gu Ning, so they were all excited when they found out that this girl in front of them was Gu Ning.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said, staying calm.

“Im surprised that you are as smart as you are beautiful.

Youre also quite excellent at martial arts!”



Everyone began to compliment Gu Ning.

In their school, most people were only aware that Gu Ning was the top scorer of the year, and only a small number of people knew that she was also the boss of many companies.

Students of the Department of Economics were all aware of that because their dean had told them.

“Um, Gu Ning, can I have a competition with you” a male student asked, feeling a little shy.

He wanted to fight with Gu Ning, but was worried that she wouldnt agree.

“Why not!” Gu Ning replied.

She didnt mind agreeing to things that werent difficult.

With Gu Nings agreement, the male student was very happy, but then he added with hesitation, “Im not skilled, so Im afraid that Im no match for you.”

“Dont worry, we can stop if its necessary,” Gu Ning said.

The male student might not be Gu Nings match, but she wouldnt hurt him.

After that, the two got ready and began to have the competition.

At the very beginning, Gu Ning didnt rush to defeat the boy.

If it happened right after the competition began, it would make people think that the boy wasnt ready yet and she was just lucky.

Therefore, Gu Ning defeated the boys after they fought with each other for a while so that people could see that the boy was ready and had also fought with Gu Ning.

Seeing that the boy failed within a short time, everyone was surprised, finding it quite unbelievable.

He lost too fast!

The boys was also struck dumb.

He knew he couldnt win the competition against Gu Ning, but unexpectedly he lost so soon.

The boy was shocked and embarrassed, but he didnt blame Gu Ning.

After all, she was much stronger than him.

“Gosh! Gu Ning, you are amazing.”


Everyone complimented her again, and Gu Ning just smiled.

Originally, there were many people who wanted to fight with Gu Ning, but they gave up the idea after seeing the boys result.

When it was almost 7 am, Gu Ning and her friends had to go to eat breakfast, so they didnt continue to practice.

Besides, more and more students came out now.

She didnt want to be watched like a monkey in the zoo.

Once Gu Ning left, those students dispersed.

In a while, a few students from the same department as Gu Ning came across them coincidentally.

After hearing their discussion, they couldnt help but join in it.

“What, you had a competition with Gu Ning God, she can beat 30 security guards all by herself!” said a student.


Hearing that, everyone was shocked and couldnt believe it.

After that, according to what the student told them, they all searched for more information about Gu Ning on the Internet, then they learned more about her.

They were so shocked that they even forgot to run.

Many of them immediately took Gu Ning as the top goddess in their eyes.

Because she had just trained, Song Miaoges body was a little sore, but it wasnt serious and wouldnt affect her movements.

Gu Ning and her friends still received a lot of attention.

Some people who recognized her greeted her, and Gu Ning gave them a response, leaving a good impression on them.

During the military training, Gu Ning always felt that someone was looking at her.

The person didnt give her a casual glance, but paid special attention to her.

It was their chief instructor, Rong Jue.

Gu Ning didnt know why he always looked at her, but she didnt feel any malice from him.

Since she didnt know the reason, Gu Ning didnt bother to care about it and turned to focus on military training.

Rong Jue actually didnt realize that he was paying special attention to Gu Ning.

He simply couldnt help but look at her.

Perhaps it was because he thought she was a special girl!

Ever since they started training Song Miaoge, Gu Ning and her friends had been running and training until 7 am after getting up at 5 am.

They went to eat breakfast afterwards and came back to start military training later.

After lunch, they didnt go back to the dormitory for a nap and went directly to the small woods for training.

Because they might easily be watched on the football field, they needed to find a more secretive place.

In the afternoon, they went to train after having lunch as usual till the time of the evening class.

And once the evening class was over, they continued to train.

The lights were turned off at 11 pm in their dormitory, so they went back to their dorm rooms at 10 pm before having a shower and going to sleep.

During these days, they had no time to rest before the lights were turned off.


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