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Chapter 1829: Get Ready to Play a Dirty Trick

Once Gu Ning and her two friends entered the store, all the saleswomen respectfully called her Miss Gu.

Gu Ning told them to continue to do their own work and leave her alone.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning met Ji Wenna in Kouzi again.

At this time, Ji Wenna was with a girl who was similar to her age.

When Gu Ning and her friends saw Ji Wenna, Ji Wenna also noticed them and her anger that had just eased came up again.

She believed that Song Miaoge and the others had deliberately followed her.

Because of her anger, she didnt think carefully about it and questioned Song Miaoge.

“Song Miaoge, are you following me”

Hearing that, Song Miaoge and her friends couldnt help rolling their eyes.

Ji Wenna was too self-centered!

“Ridiculous, why would I do that Im not bored.

You can come here to buy cosmetics.

Why cant I” Song Miaoge said with mockery.

“I dont believe it!” Ji Wenna sneered.

“Believe it or not,” Song Miaoge said, then ignored her and looked at the skin care products.

Ji Wenna, who was ignored, felt embarrassed, especially when she noticed the onlookers disdain at her, which made her feel that she was like a clown.

“Wenna, are you alright” the girl who was with Ji Wenna asked with concern.

She was Ji Wennas classmate.

She didnt know Song Miaoge or the grudge between them.

However, looking at the way they disliked each other, she soon figured that their relationship must be very bad.

“Im fine,” Ji Wenna said.

Even if she wasnt, she couldnt let other people see it, especially since she thought that Song Miaoge was following her while it wasnt true.

It was too embarrassing.

“Ill go outside and wait for you,” Ji Wenna said.

Without caring whether her classmates agreed or not, she walked out, because she didnt want to see Song Miaoge.

She got angry whenever she saw her.

Song Miaoge didnt care about Ji Wennas feelings, and focused on what she wanted.

After she finished choosing, she went to pay the bill.

Because there were a lot of people queuing to pay, they waited for more than 10 minutes for their turn.

Although Gu Ning could use her privileges to cut the line, she didnt, because it wasnt necessary.

After buying the clothes and skin care products, it was almost 5 pm, and it was time for dinner, so they went to the food street.

Although it was a little early for dinner now, they still needed to go back to school later.

Therefore, they decided to eat early and go back early.

After having dinner, they returned to the school dormitory at 7:30 pm.

Fortunately, they didnt need to have an evening class today, otherwise they would be late.

They went back to their dorm rooms to put away their stuff before going out again.

They went to the small woods in their school, making full use of the time to train Song Miaoge.

Many people were walking or chatting with each other in the small woods, but there were also quiet places a little farther away from the crowd.

Accordingly, they went to a quiet place a little away from other people.

Afterwards, Gu Ning fought with Song Miaoge.

Song Miaoge was better than ordinary people at fighting.

She was even better than Mu Ke and the other boys, but wasnt as good as Chu Peihan.

She was almost half as good as Gu Ning at fighting.

Gu Ning could defeat Song Miaoge in a minute, but the purpose of Gu Ning and Song Miaoges fight was not to have a winner or loser.

Instead, Gu Ning needed to figure out Song Miaoges level, so she didnt directly defeat Song Miaoge too quickly.

Nevertheless, after testing Song Miaoges level, Gu Ning still defeated her.

Song Miaoge was so tired that she almost sank, but she couldnt sit down right after such strenuous exercise.

“Gu-Gu Ning, how are my skills compared to you” Song Miaoge was aware that Gu Ning was far better than her, but she still asked with curiosity.

“Youre almost half as good as I am.

If you can really be half as good as me, itll be easy for you to defeat Ji Wenna,” Gu Ning said.

“Jesus, you are really amazing!” Song Miaoge didnt feel disappointed when she heard that, because Gu Ning was her idol.

No matter how much better Gu Ning was than her, she wouldnt be upset.

On the contrary, she would only admire her more than ever.

Song Miaoge wished that she could be as skillful as Gu Ning one day.

It was actually impossible.

She already had to do her best to become half as good as Gu Ning in order to defeat Ji Wenna.

She couldnt lose, otherwise both she and her family would be humiliated.

Baili Zongxue was clearly aware of Gu Nings level, because Baili Zongyang fought against Gu Ning before.

She couldnt be more familiar with Baili Zongyangs level.

Without the use of magic, he was definitely the best in the mortal world, but Gu Ning was no worse than Baili Zongyang.

In that case, if she didnt use magic, she couldnt defeat Gu Ning.

“Miaoge, as long as you do what I say, Im sure that you can become half as good as me in a month and defeat Ji Wenna.

However, accidents happen.” Gu Ning suddenly said seriously, “If you want to win without any accidents, take me and Zongxue to see Ji Wenna.

Be ready to play a dirty trick.

Perhaps you are unwilling to do so, but Ji Wenna may do it in order to win.

Besides, you cant bear the result if you lose.”

“I dont know your family background, but I bet your father must have a high position in the army.

So, if you lose, according to your agreement, youll have to wear a bikini, pole dance, and post it online.

Itll have a great impact on your familys reputation.

Its irresponsible that you agreed to that, but its too late now.

If you deny it, Ji Wenna will also try to damage your reputation.

Therefore, to win is the most important thing for you right now.

After all, you dont need to have mercy for your opponent.

If she was your friend, she wouldnt make things so difficult for you.”

Gu Ning might not have moral standards at this time, but they were dealing with their opponent.

When Ji Wenna laid down that condition, she had no mercy for Song Miaoge.

Therefore, when dealing with people who had no moral standards, there was no need for them to be morally good.

Hearing Gu Nings words, Song Miaoges face turned pale.

She blamed herself for embarrassing her family just because she refused to accept failure at that time.

In fact, she regretted it right after agreeing to Ji Wennas gambling agreement, but it was too late to say that now.

“How can I play the dirty trick” Song Miaoge asked.

Although she wanted to defeat Ji Wenna with honor, what Gu Ning said to her was right.

Even if she was unwilling to play a dirty trick, Ji Wenna might not hesitate to do it.

Based on her understanding of Ji Wenna, she was sure that she wouldnt hesitate.

However, she couldnt lose, so she had to accept Gu Nings advice.

Baili Zongxue didnt think that there was anything wrong with Gu Nings idea.

If she were Song Miaoge, she wouldnt mind winning with the help of some dirty tricks.


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