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Chapter 1808: Shut Your Mouth

“Do you think Im weak just because Im tolerant Its fine if you think Im poor and dislike me, but Ill never accept it if you dare to say I have a sugar daddy to support me.

I have my limits,” Gu Ning coldly said with a serious expression.

She also used her magical power to put great pressure on Gao Shiyan.

Gao Shiyan felt stressed at once and trembled in fear.

Gu Ning already decided to forgive her once, but she refused to stop attacking Gu Ning.

As a result, Gu Ning could only teach her an unforgettable lesson.

“You, you, do you know who I am How dare you slap me! I…” Gao Shiyan was scared by Gu Nings attitude, but she was unwilling to accept this result.

She didnt dare to fight against Gu Ning right now, so she tried to scare Gu Ning with the influence of her family.

“I dont care whether youre a rich or powerful second-generation heir.

As long as you dare to offend me, I wont let you get away with it.” Before Gao Shiyan could finish, Gu Ning interrupted her.

“You…” Gao Shiyan didnt expect Gu Ning to be so arrogant, which made her think that Gu Nings family might be more influential than hers.

However, she couldnt believe it, because Gu Ning only looked prettier than her.

Gu Ning then ignored her and continued to organize her stuff.

Gao Shiyan, on the other hand, was reluctant to give up.

She became impulsive and grabbed a chair to hit Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning!” Song Miaoge was frightened.

She knew Gu Ning was excellent at fighting, but it happened too fast so that she was still worried about her safety.

The next second, Song Miaoge jumped out of her bed trying to stop Gao Shiyan.

Lu Xiaoxiao was scared too.

Although she hated Gu Ning, Gao Shiyans sudden movement was too much.

What if Gu Ning was seriously injured

Gu Ning actually already felt it.

Before Song Miaoge came, she turned around and stopped the chair with a hand staring at Gao Shiyan with a pair of cold eyes.

Gao Shiyan felt as if a knife was pressed against her neck.

She couldnt move or breathe, and began to tremble.

She was shocked that Gu Ning was able to stop the chair without being hurt at all.

Without delay, Gu Ning grabbed the chair over and put it down on the ground.

She didnt throw it away in anger, because she was unwilling to affect other dorm rooms.

After the chair was grabbed away, Gao Shiyan still stood there in great shock.

Gu Ning walked to her and grabbed her neck.

“Gu Ning, what are you doing” Seeing that, Lu Xiaoxiao panicked.

She was afraid that Gu Ning might strangle Gao Shiyan to death.

Song Miaoge, however, understood Gu Ning had her reason.

She wouldnt really hurt Gao Shiyan badly, but only teach her an unforgettable lesson, in case she bothered Gu Ning again in the future.

Therefore, Song Miaoge didnt think Gu Nings behavior was wrong.

If she were Gu Ning, she would do the same thing.

“Shut your mouth if you dont want to be dragged into this,” said Gu Ning to Lu Xiaoxiao.

Even though Lu Xiaoxiao wasnt as unkind as Gao Shiyan, they were the same kind of people.

Lu Xiaoxiao shut her mouth at once, because she was scared by Gu Nings behavior.

However, Lu Xiaoxiao was worried that Gao Shiyan might be seriously hurt, so she secretly took out her phone trying to call for help.

Song Miaoge noticed that and wouldnt allow it to happen.

She walked towards Lu Xiaoxiao and grabbed her phone away.

“Give it back to me!” Lu Xiaoxiao was mad.

“Relax, Ill give it back to you later.

Stay quiet, or youll be punished.” Song Miaoge threatened her.

“You…” Lu Xiaoxiao didnt dare do anything again.

At the same time, Gao Shiyan rounded her eyes in horror after being grabbed around the neck by Gu Ning.

She struggled to get rid of Gu Nings hand, but failed.

“You…” Gao Shiyan could barely finish a sentence now.

She was totally scared at this moment.

“I told you I have a quick temper.

If you offend me, I wont take responsibility for my bad behavior towards you,” said Gu Ning with a gloomy face.

She was extremely dissatisfied with Gao Shiyans disobedience.

“Dont try to bully me with the influence of your family.

Your family isnt the lord of this city.

There are many families which are far more influential than yours in the capital.

Even if you want to bully someone, you better figure out the other persons family background first.

Dont think youre superior to everyone.”

“Let me warn you for the last time.

Dont mess with me, or try to stack the deck against me.

Otherwise youll only be punished more severely,” said Gu Ning, then threw Gao Shiyan to the bed and ignored her.

Gu Ning was reluctant to have conflict, but Gao Shiyan wouldnt stop provoking her.

After Gu Ning dealt with Gao Shiyan, Song Miaoge gave Lu Xiaoxiaos phone back to her as well.

Gao Shiyan, who was thrown to the bed, didnt dare to move all of a sudden.

Her whole body was trembling in fear now.

She was too shocked to get her mind back at this time.

Lu Xiaoxiao didnt dare to go to check Gao Shiyans condition either.

“Do you have sunscreen” Gu Ning asked Song Miaoge.

“Yeah,” said Song Miaoge.

“What brand is it” asked Gu Ning again.

Song Miaoge told her an international brand, but Gu Ning didnt think it had great effects.

Gu Ning took out a tube of Kouzi sunscreen and handed it to Song Miaoge.

“Here, if you trust me, you can try this.

I promise your skin will be well protected during the military training.”

“Kouzi Of course I trust this brand.

Thanks, Gu Ning.” Song Miaoge was happy to receive a gift from Gu Ning.

In addition, she had heard a lot about Kouzi before.

She knew it was a very effective brand.

However, she normally didnt wear makeup, so she didnt buy it.

Sunscreen was necessary for military training.

Even if they didnt wear makeup in their daily lives, they had to protect their skin from being burned by the sun.

If they didnt do that, their skin would definitely be damaged after military training.

Boys might not care about that, but no girl could accept that.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Gu Ning kept on organizing her stuff.

When she finished, she went to clean herself up and sleep.

Because her conflict with Gao Shiyan had wasted some time, a few minutes after Gu Ning went to her bed, the lights were turned off.

Gu Ning wasnt used to sleeping so early, so she played with her phone while lying in bed.

She chatted with Chu Peihan and her other friends in the WeChat group.

Gu Ning asked them how they got along with their roommates.

She wasnt only asking Chu Peihan, Yu Mixi, and Mu Ke, but also Hao Ran and the other boys.

Because they went to enroll during the same time, they were living on their campus too.

Everyone had a good day, but Chu Peihan had a conflict with her roommates and they refused to talk with each other now.

Once Gu Ning learned that Chu Peihan also had a conflict with her roommates on the very first day, Gu Ning felt for her and sent her an emoji.

Gu Ning: We are too outstanding so some girls are jealous of us for no reason.


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