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Chapter 1807: She Looks like a Siren

“She looks like a siren,” Gao Shiyan said in a low voice.

The other girls didnt hear it, but Gu Ning did.

She knew Gao Shiyan was talking about her.

Gu Ning was displeased, but Gao Shiyan didnt point her name out, so she could say nothing about it.

She was unwilling to make a connection after all.

Therefore, Gu Ning ignored her and began to organize her stuff.

“Gu Ning, may I help” asked Song Miaoge.

“No need, thanks.

I dont have much stuff.

It should be done in a minute,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure!” Song Miaoge didnt insist.

Gu Ning really had carried very few things with her.

There were only two sets of bed sheets and duvet covers, five sets of clothes and two pairs of shoes, as well as daily necessities.

Although it was early autumn, the weather was still very hot, so they were still wearing short sleeves.

The clothes were light and thin, which didnt take up much space at all.

As for skincare and makeup products, Gu Ning didnt have any, because she didnt need them.

She had her magical power to help her take care of her skin.

Gu Ning wouldnt put on makeup unless it was necessary.

Therefore, she stored her makeup products along with her other changes of clothes in her telepathic eye space.

“Oh, a poor girl,” said Gao Shiyan unkindly after giving a glance at Gu Nings stuff.

She still kept her voice down, but Song Miaoge heard it this time and didnt hesitate to argue with her once more.

“Someones really stupid.

A poor girl cant afford a sluxurious dorm room.”

“What did you say” Gao Shiyan was mad.

“I said that to the stupid idiot.

I didnt point out a name.

Why do you have to make a connection” Song Miaoge mocked.

Although she refused to admit it, her attitude obviously showed that she was criticizing Gao Shiyan.

“You…” Gao Shiyan was angry.

Song Miaoge didnt point out her name, but she knew that she was talking about her.

“You didnt point out a name, but you said that right after me.

You were talking about me!” said Gao Shiyan.

“In that case, when you mentioned a poor girl, were you talking about me” asked Gu Ning in a flat voice, but she was displeased since she opened her mouth.

She was kind to other people, but it didnt mean she could easily be bullied.

“So what I was indeed talking about you.

Look at your clothes.

Even if you can afford a luxurious dorm room, you might be a girl who only cares about money and luxuries.

You might have a sugar-daddy whos supporting you as well,” Gao Shiyan mocked.

“What the f*ck did you say” Song Miaoge was furious at once.

She abruptly sat up and was about to do something, but Gu Ning gave her a glance to stop her.

Knowing that Gu Ning wasnt weak at all, Song Miaoge calmed herself down.

Gu Ning didnt lose her temper, but she actually was full of anger, so she squinted, glaring at Gao Shiyan, which made Gao Shiyan feel uneasy.

“You said Im a poor girl, and its also you who said I have a sugar-daddy.

Isnt it contradictory Have you ever seen a girl with a sugar-daddy being so poor as me” Gu Ning said in a cold voice, “In addition, it has nothing to do with you even if Im poor.

I dont spend your money anyway.”

“Come on, you dont have any makeup products.

You might secretly use ours when were absent!”

Feeling uneasy under Gu Nings look, Gao Shiyan didnt dare to say the word sugar-daddy again.

Song Miaoge couldnt help but roll her eyes.

Gu Ning owned a makeup company and she had endless makeup products to use as long as she wanted.

Gao Shiyan made herself a joke!

“Do you take me as a thief” Gu Ning sneered with dissatisfaction.

“It always happens in the dormitories.

Im just protecting my stuff,” said Gao Shiyan.

It was obvious that she took Gu Ning as a thief.

“Its ridiculous.

“Keep on bragging! Your face is so white.

Even though you dont wear much makeup, you must have put on some foundation,” said Gao Shiyan.

She refused to believe that Gu Ning had flawless skin.

“Believe it or not, but you should stop attacking, humiliating, or challenging me.

I have a quick temper.

If you offend me, I wont take responsibility for my bad behavior towards you.” Gu Ning lost patience and warned Gao Shiyan.

She could forgive Gao Shiyan once for slandering her, but she wouldnt hesitate to teach her a lesson if she dared to do it again.

Gao Shiyan was scared by Gu Nings serious expression, but she got angry with embarrassment afterwards.

“How dare you threaten me!”

“So what Dont you dare attack me again!” said Gu Ning in a cold voice.

“You…” Gao Shiyan accepted her challenge and abruptly stood up to beat Gu Ning.

She was a spoiled kid of a rich family and was quite used to beating other people once she was annoyed.

Song Miaoge knew that Gu Ning wasnt weak at all, so she didnt stand out at this time.

Gu Ning didnt need her help at all.

It was impossible for Lu Xiaoxiao to stop Gao Shiyan, because she was in the same boat as her.

She also disliked Gu Ning and was afraid that Song Miaoge might jump out.

When she saw Song Miaoge remaining quiet, she felt relieved.

In fact, if Song Miaoge joined the fight, she would be really worried that Gao Shiyan might be hurt.

After all, Song Miaoge had learned many fighting skills.

Gao Shiyan dashed to the front of Gu Ning, then raised her hand trying to slap Gu Ning.

In the following seconds, they heard clear slaps, but it was Gu Ning who slapped Gao Shiyan across the face.

Before Gao Shiyans hand could touch Gu Nings cheek, Gu Ning slapped her first.

She slapped Gao Shiyans cheeks four times and Gao Shiyan was totally shocked.

Not only Gao Shiyan, but Lu Xiaoxiao was also stunned.

To their astonishment, Gao Shiyan was the one who was slapped.

Song Miaoge was slightly surprised, but soon went back to normal, because it wasnt beyond her expectation.

Actually, Song Miaoge quite enjoyed watching it.

“You, how dare you slap me!” Although Gao Shiyan was struck dumb for a moment, the pain from her cheeks soon drew her back to reality.

She was furious now.


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