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Chapter 1803: Never Say No to Business

There was Yin in the well, but it wasnt dense.

People wouldnt be affected if they didnt stay here for long.

In addition, this place was far away from the crowd, so normally visitors wouldnt come here.

Therefore, Gu Ning left it in the well and walked away.

On her way out, Gu Ning entered Dongfang Qis sight, so she deliberately answered the phone and showed a resigned look.

“Fine, see you another day.” After that, she left.

She purposely did that to fool Dongfang Qi.

Although Dongfang Qi couldnt hear what she said, he might read her lips, so she made him believe that her friend couldnt come and she walked outside afterwards.

Gu Ning was right.

Dongfang Qi indeed couldnt hear what she said, but he made a guess from her lips and body language.

He saw her walking out later, so he thought he had guessed correctly.

After Gu Ning left, she could still feel that Dongfang Qi was following her with a hidden air, because he deliberately kept a farther distance from her.

Gu Ning hadnt eaten yet, so she went to have a meal in a restaurant once she walked out of the National Imperial Palace Park.

At the beginning, Gu Ning didnt try to get rid of Dongfang Qi, because he would find out that she had noticed him if she did that.

When there were traffic lights ahead of them, Gu Ning walked across the road first, but Dongfang Qi had to wait for the next green light.

Therefore, Gu Ning sped up, walking away and successfully got rid of Dongfang Qi.

Although Dongfang Qi had doubts whether he was discovered by Gu Ning again, he didnt think it was possible because he kept a long distance away from her.

Besides, he had waited for a minute for the next green light, which was enough time for Gu Ning to walk quite far.

There were bifurcations[1] too, so it was very normal if he lost her.

Dongfang Qi wasnt disappointed, because he knew Gu Nings university and dorm room.

It was very easy for him to find Gu Ning.

It was nearly 2 pm and it was time for a meal, so Dongfang Qi went to have a meal.

Once K heard that Gu Ning came to the company, he went upstairs and talked with her about the illegal theft of Battle in the Sky.

They didnt go to that amusement arcade right away, but secretly visited all the major amusement arcades first to see how many of them were illegally using Battle in the Sky to make a profit.

They needed to collect evidence before taking action.

After their investigation, they were shocked.

There were over a hundred amusement arcades in the capital, and they had investigated the theft among 60 of them.

They found nearly 30 were illegally using Battle in the Sky to make a profit.

It wasnt over yet, so they needed to take action after the investigation was completely done.

Gu Ning was willing to let them use the game to make a profit, but they must pay the copyright fee first! It was impossible for her to allow them to steal the game produced by her company without paying anything.

“How about the manufacturer of those game machines Have you found out who it is” asked Gu Ning.

The manufacturer was the major culprit, and they must punish it first.

“Of course, I found out as soon as possible.

Its a game manufacturer owned by Zhilin Technology Game Company.

Zhilin Technology Game Company is a game company located in the capital.

It has estimated 1.3 billion yuan in assets.

Its boss is Lu Zhilin, age 47, born in the capital, living in House 8 Area D, Luxury Court, western district.

Oh, I also have the monitoring videos of their production.

We have solid proof to prove that those game machines are produced by his manufacturer.”

K was a famous international hacker, so it couldnt be easier for him to deal with that.

“Very well, you can have a talk with Lu Zhilin first.

Tell him to pay the copyright fee or well sue him.

Business theft is totally unacceptable, but we can never say no to business.

If this problem can be solved peacefully, we can compromise.

Given the result of the investigation, game machines with our game are quite popular.

In addition, once we cooperate with them, theyll pay special attention to the theft on their own.

They wont allow other people to share the profit if they can get permission from us,” said Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning was mad at their illegal behavior, she wouldnt punish them without caring about the reality.

If there was a better solution, she would choose the better way to solve this problem.

“Sure,” said K.

He was the supervisor of this game, but he agreed with Gu Nings decision.

After they talked about the business, K left to continue to do his work.

In a while, Gu Ning got a new message.

She read it and learned that a hundred million yuan was transferred to her account just now.

Undoubtedly, it was from Tang Qingyang, because she got paid for unseating the Tang family.

Gu Ning was about to reply to Tang Qingyang, but soon received another message.

Tang Qingyang: Thank you so much for your help.

Are you free this afternoon If its possible, can we share a meal Song Nan, Ruiqin, Xu Qinyin, and Gu Anna will come.

We can celebrate together.

Gu Ning: Why not!

Since their friends were going to celebrate Tang Qingyangs success, she wouldnt be absent as long as she had time.

After all, she had played an important role in that major event, so she was celebrating her success as well.

Afterwards, Tang Qingyang told Gu Ning the location of the restaurant and the number of the private room he had booked.

At 5 pm, Gu Ning went on the road.

The appointed time was 6 pm, and it took at least 40 minutes for her to get to the hotel by car.

The rush hour was coming, so there would be a lot of traffic on the road.

Unfortunately, enemies were bound to meet each other on a narrow road.

Right after Gu Ning arrived at the restaurant, she ran into Yuan Shuyan at the parking lot.

Yuan Shuyan already learned Gu Nings identity, so she wasnt surprised to see her luxurious car.

However, because of their grudge, Yuan Shuyan looked at Gu Ning with hatred.

Enemies always hated seeing one another, but only Yuan Shuyan was full of hatred towards Gu Ning while Gu Ning didnt bother to pay any attention to her.

Gu Ning wasnt the one who had been embarrassed in public after all, so she didnt care about Yuan Shuyans reaction.

No matter how Yuan Shuyan disliked Gu Ning, she wouldnt cause Gu Ning trouble at this moment.

Gu Ning wasnt weak after all.

She wouldnt challenge Gu Ning again unless she had the confidence to win.

There was a young girl about 14 years old by Yuan Shuyans side.

The second she saw Gu Ning, she was struck dumb for a second, then her face lit up with excitement.

Without delay, she ran to Gu Ning and asked, “Goddess Gu Are you Goddess Gu”

“Hi, Im Gu Ning.” Gu Ning replied to her with a smile.

Although the girl came with Yuan Shuyan, her excitement and happiness were real when she saw Gu Ning.

Moreover, the girl might not know anything about the grudge between them.

Facing other peoples kindness, Gu Ning would be nice too.

[1] Bifurcations are separations or branches in something.

In this case the road.


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