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Chapter 1792: Chu Peihan Has Conflict with Her Roommates

Shortly after Chu Peihan went back to her dorm room, she had an argument with her roommates.

When Gu Ning drove Chu Peihan back to her school, she didnt rush to go back to her dorm room.

Instead, she walked around their school for a while, because she was free.

It wasnt a bad thing for her to learn more about the campus.

She spent nearly an hour outside, and went back to her dorm room later.

Chu Peihan planned to clean up her bed and closet before having dinner.

When Chu Peihan returned to the dormitory, there were already two roommates in the room.

There were many beautiful girls and handsome boys in the film academy.

The two roommates of Chu Peihan were both very good-looking, but Chu Peihan was even prettier than them.

The two roommates were chatting, eating melon seeds, and throwing them all over on the ground.

It made Chu Peihan feel a little uncomfortable after entering the door.

They didnt care about hygiene at all!

Chu Peihan didnt say anything, but because of her bad impression of them, she didnt take the initiative to say hello.

Given Chu Peihans character, it wasnt easy for her to greet other people of her own accord.

As for her two roommates, seeing Chu Peihan come in, they didnt take the initiative to say hello to her either.

However, once they found Chu Peihan was even more attractive than them, both of them frowned and showed jealousy without even trying to conceal it.

Without delay, one of the girls felt that Chu Peihan looked a little familiar.

After thinking for a few seconds, she immediately realized something and took out her phone to check it.

Abruptly, the girl in the bed on the left got up and asked Chu Peihan, “Hey, do you know Professor Gu”

The girls tone was very unkind.

Besides, she looked at Chu Peihan with an expression which was full of hostility.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan and the other roommate were both taken aback.

The roommate stopped eating melon seeds at once, then turned to look at Chu Peihan with shock.

Does she know Professor Gu

Chu Peihan indeed looked slightly familiar.

She was the girl who talked to Professor Gu in the photo she just saw

Did Chu Peihan really know Professor Gu The girl was quite curious about the answer.

Chu Peihan looked back at the girl.

Although she was a little surprised that this girl knew she had talked to Professor Gu, she soon accepted it.

Chu Peihan was very upset about the girl looking at her with hostile eyes, and her expression became cold.

If it were the old time, she would have already lost temper, but she became much more mature after becoming Gu Nings friend.

She wasnt as impulsive and irritable as before.

“No,” said Chu Peihan in a flat voice.

“No My friend saw you talking with each other.

I have photos to prove that! Youre in the same clothes as those of yesterday.

Do you think Ill believe your words” said the girl in a questioning tone, as if Chu Peihan had harmed her.

Even though Chu Peihan learned to control herself now, she wouldnt submit to humiliation, and the girls attitude annoyed her.

“Its none of your business whether I know Professor Gu or not.

Mind you own business!” Chu Peihan was mad.

Chu Peihan knew this girl was jealous of her.

She understood their feelings, but it didnt mean that she could stand it.

Ke Lili angrily argued with Chu Peihan because she was jealous of her, even though she didnt know whether Chu Peihan was able to become Professor Gus disciple.

Like everyone said, countless students ached to become Professor Gus disciples, but only a few of them could succeed.

During the summer vacation, her father had taken her to meet Professor Gu, hoping that Professor Gu could accept her as a disciple.

After Professor Gu declined, they hoped he could give Ke Lili some advice, but Professor Gu turned them down again.

Professor Gu said she could attend his classes in film academy if they could see each other again.

If she had any shortcomings, he would help her.

Nevertheless, it wasnt what Ke Lili and her father wanted.

However, they could do nothing about it.

Professor Gu held a very high position in the film industry and had a powerful family background.

Even though they were displeased, they didnt dare to offend him.

As a result, once she heard that Professor Gu had talked with Chu Peihan for so long, she was quite dissatisfied.

If Chu Peihan was Professor Gus relative, she could accept it.

If not, she would naturally take Chu Peihan as her enemy.

Actually, if Ke Lili was smart and wasnt self-centered, she should feel happy that her roommate was able to know Professor Gu.

In that case, she might get some help and advice through her roommate.

Unfortunately, Ke Lili treated Chu Peihan unkindly just because she might know Professor Gu, which wouldnt do her any good.

Since Ke Lili had met Professor Gu before, she should know something about his character.

She didnt behave herself, which would only leave a bad impression on Professor Gu.

Although there were many respected artists in the film academy other than just Professor Gu, he had taught the most outstanding students.

It was also the reason why so many students longed to become his disciples.

“Do you know who I am How dare you talk to me like that!” The girl was mad.

Not many people dared to talk to her like that.

Given her attitude, she must be from an either rich or powerful family, but Chu Peihan wasnt afraid at all.

“I have no interest in you.

Whether youre a rich or powerful second-generation heir, I wont hesitate to fight back as long as you cause me trouble.” Chu Peihan coldly warned.

Gu Ning just reminded her to make as many friends as possible, but there was no need for her to be polite to a troublemaker.

Ke Lili had already made things difficult for her, so Chu Peihan didnt need to remain polite.

“You…” The girl was mad.

To her surprise, this freshman was so bold and didnt think she was important.

She believed it must be because Chu Peihan didnt know her family background yet.

She convinced herself with that reason.

“My father is the major shareholder of Pegasus Entertainment, Ke Yongqiang.

If you dare to have a grudge against me, I can easily shut you out of the entertainment industry,” said the girl.

Pegasus Entertainment had assets of seven or eight billion yuan, and it was a second-rate enterprise with an important position in the entertainment industry.

A major shareholder of Pegasus Entertainment was naturally very influential in the entertainment industry, so it shouldnt be difficult for him to shut a person out of this industry.

The condition was that this person wasnt more powerful than him.

Although Huatian Entertainment which was owned by the Qing Gang wasnt as powerful as Pegasus Entertainment, Pegasus Entertainment was barely comparable to Qinghua Organization.

Therefore, Chu Peihan wasnt afraid of it.


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