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Chapter 1783: Play Slot Machine Again

Since it was said on the Internet that Gu Guangmiao had a very high standard for his disciples, Gu Ning wasnt sure Chu Peihan could let Gu Guangmiao accept her as a disciple.

However, given Gu Guangmiaos attitude towards Chu Peihan, it shouldnt be difficult to get his guidance.

After all, Chu Peihan was very outstanding.

“Right, itll be the best if Professor Gu is willing to accept me as his disciple,” said Chu Peihan with great excitement.

Because she aimed to become an actress simply out of interest, she didnt ache to gain fame or wealth.

In addition, there was an entertainment company under the Qinghua Organization.

No matter what kind of show Chu Peihan wanted to join, it was very easy for her to do so.

There was no need for her to compete against other actresses.

Generally, if a student could win the approval of a respected art professor, he or she must have pure love for acting so that he or she could show its essence.

People who ached to gain fame or wealth simply used acting as a tool, so it would lose its meaning.

Therefore, Gu Ning thought it was still likely for Chu Peihan to become Gu Guangmiaos disciple, but it would take some time.

A master always required a long time to accept a disciple.

“All art masters prefer to accept those who have moral principles, acting skills, and pure love for acting as their disciples.

I know youre able to do all the above, but you still should pay more attention to your behavior.

Youre going to join the entertainment industry after all, so you cant leave a bad impression on other people.

Of course, you can still be aggressive when you encounter trouble,” said Gu Ning.

She understood that Chu Peihan was very smart and knew it very well, but she thought she should remind her anyway.

“I understand.

Ill be more careful,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt think Gu Ning was interfering in her business, instead she felt touched because Gu Ning cared about her.

“Im in a very good mood today, so Ill pay the bill for the meal later,” said Chu Peihan.


None of them would hesitate to let Chu Peihan pay the meal, because they were all close friends.

After having a big meal, they didnt rush to go back home, because they all needed to go to their universities tomorrow.

They couldnt leave their schools unless there was a special situation or it was a weekend, so they wanted to seize this chance and enjoy themselves.

Chu Peihan asked Gu Ning to take them to an amusement arcade, and Gu Ning agreed.

However, she didnt know where the amusement arcade was, so she searched for it on the Internet.

After they found one, they went there.

There were many amusement arcades, so they went to the nearest one.

An amusement arcade was always crowded, and most of the customers were young people.

The scale of the amusement arcade was very large, but it didnt provide anything related to gambling with a high rate, because it was forbidden according to the law, especially in the capital which had strict rules.

Amusement arcades in the areas with a large population didnt dare to break the law, but those far from the city center provided that service.

The city center was too noticeable to avoid punishment.

Businessmen knew it very well, so did the government, but the government didnt carry out a detailed inspection every day.

If the government did that, those businessmen wouldnt dare to be involved in illegal businesses.

Since those businessmen dared to do it, they knew the government would turn a blind eye on it.

Actually, if they had support in the government, they would get the information before the inspection was carried out so that they could get prepared for it.

So although they couldnt avoid all the inspections, they would be much safer.

Gu Ning and her friends went to an amusement arcade in the downtown area of the southern district.

She glanced around and found no illegal gambling games.

Mu Ke went and exchanged four hundred yuan of game currency, which was divided into four parts.

Each of them had a hundred yuan.

They played whatever games they wanted to play, and started with the claw machines.

Unfortunately, because the claw was specially designed, it was quite difficult to catch a doll.

Each of them had tried three times to finally win once.

Gu Ning got two dolls, which was already extremely lucky.

Some people couldnt get a doll at all after trying 10 times.

Gu Nings mental age was already 30, and she wasnt interested in dolls, so she gave her dolls to Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi.

Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were only 18, so they werent very mature yet and liked cute little dolls.

They played games along the way, then saw slot machines, but the prize pool here wasnt as much as in the amusement arcade controlled by the Kirin Gang in City B.

However, it was still a lot for ordinary people, and it should be over a million yuan.

Many people were playing slot machines, but only a few could win some money.

It wasnt an easy game after all, but its prize pool attracted endless players who wished to instantly win a fortune.

“Why dont we play the slot machines” said Chu Peihan.

She knew it was difficult, but she didnt care.

They came here to have fun, so it didnt matter whether they win or lose.

Because there were many players, they needed to wait for a while longer.

Before they went to play slot machines, they needed to exchange game coins for chips first.

The chips used for slot machines were different from the general game coins.

Gu Ning went to do that this time, and she paid four hundred yuan for the chips.

Each chip was equal to 10 yuan.

Gu Ning decided to buy all 10 lines this time and make a fortune to get her friends excited.

Gu Ning and her friends waited in the line for over a dozen minutes to play the slot machines.

Since they came together, they didnt bother to play separate machines and chose to play the same one.

While they were waiting in the line, no one was able to win any money from the slot machine.

In fact, only one or two people could win money by playing it each day.

Besides, they could only win a small amount of money from it, but they might have paid a lot of money for the game.

Chu Peihan played the slot machine first.

She bought 10 lines, but still failed in the end and lost a hundred yuan.

The same thing happened to Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

In addition to the players, there were many onlookers in the amusement arcade too.

Everyone knew it was hard to win money by playing slot machines, and it was already very lucky if one could win some money several times out of a hundred times, but the onlookers felt nervous and were full of anticipation whenever there were people playing slot machines.

Precisely because it was a difficult game, they hoped to see someone succeed.

However, if anyone succeeded, they would be green with envy then.

Next it was Gu Nings turn.

She bought 10 lines as well.

She pulled the spin and the slot machine began to work.

Chu Peihan and her other friends also hoped that Gu Ning could win, but they were aware that the probability was pretty low.

All the slot machines were specially designed for the game, so it was nearly impossible to win a lot of money, which was the trick played by cunning businessmen.

If every player was able to win money, the businessmen would lose a lot.

Gambling was a very profitable industry, so it was impossible for the businessmen to lose money.


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