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Chapter 1781: She Is Special

“May I know which university youre going to study in” the reporter asked again.

“The Capital University,” Gu Ning said.

“Wow, you must be a very excellent student!”

Knowing that, many people showed admiration and envy, because it was very hard to be accepted by the Capital University.

Gu Ning smiled but didnt say anything.

“Are you freshmen at this film academy” the reporter turned to ask Gu Nings friends who were beside her.

“They are not, but I am,” said Chu Peihan.

“You look familiar too.

Have you ever played a role in any TV shows before” the reporter asked.

Hearing that question, many people rolled their eyes, because he always asked the same question whenever he saw a good-looking student.

“Yeah, but its an unimportant role in a popular film a while ago,” said Chu Peihan.

She had no intention of hiding it, because most people who aimed to join the entertainment industry had all been extras before.

Hearing her answer, everyone was surprised.

“Can you tell me the name” the reporter got interested too, because he really felt Chu Peihan looked familiar, otherwise he wouldnt have asked her that question.

As an entertainment reporter, he should definitely pay more attention to the events in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, he must watch many TV shows and films, especially the popular ones.

“Infinite Horror, directed by Director Lu.

I was one of the students in the archeology team,” said Chu Peihan.

“Infinite Horror She has played a role in Infinite Horror Its amazing! That film is quite scary and popular.”

“Ive watched it too, and I almost peed in fear.”

“My friend went to watch it with a girl he admired, and the girl became his girlfriend after the film was over.”


People got excited and began to talk about the film at once.

Because it had been very popular, many people had a deep impression of it.

Unfortunately, it was too scary, so not many people could remember the unimportant actors faces.

As a result, nobody recognized Chu Peihan when they saw her.

After Chu Peihan told them she was one of the students in the archeology team, many people remembered her face and name.

“Oh, I know who you are.

Your name is Chu Peihan, right” the reporter asked, although he already had the answer in his mind.

“Yeah,” said Chu Peihan.

Fu Xiaoxiao hadnt watched the film, but she had heard a lot about it.

To her surprise, Chu Peihan could win a role in such a popular film.

Even though the role wasnt important, she was still displeased.

Gu Ning and her friends didnt talk much longer with the reporters before they left for enrollment.

Fu Xiaoxiao also walked away in anger.

Because Fu Xiaoxiao had already joined the entertainment industry, she had an assistant now although she hadnt signed an agreement with any companies.

Once they walked away, her assistant defended her.

“Those reporters arent professional at all.

They were interviewing you just now.

How could they leave you aside halfway!”

“Alright, keep your voice down.

I dont want other people to hear and make an issue of it.” Although Fu Xiaoxiao was very mad, she had to hide her real feelings in public.

She already had some fame now, so she must be careful outside.

Since Fu Xiaoxiao said that, her assistant stopped talking about it.

After Gu Ning and her friends walked away, the reporter who thought she looked familiar was still thinking about where he had seen her before.

He could see many familiar faces because of his job, but Gu Ning gave him a special feeling.

“What are you thinking” his colleague asked.

“Do you know who the girl is Why do I feel she looks so familiar,” the reporter asked.

“Is it really strange We can see many familiar faces every day,” his colleague said airily.

“No, shes special,” said the reporter.

“Oh, isnt the girl Goddess Gu She looks the same as Goddess Gu!” Right at this moment, a girls cry of excitement sounded, and the reporter finally remembered where he had seen Gu Ning before.

“It turns out shes the famous Goddess Gu on the Internet.

No wonder I felt she looked so familiar.

What a shame that I didnt seize the good chance to interview her!” the reporter said, because Gu Ning was already far away.

“What Shes Goddess Gu” His colleague was astonished too.

They had heard about Gu Nings achievements, but not many, so they failed to recognize her just now.

In the film academy, many people were surrounded by more people here and there, and they were mostly new actors with some fame.

Gu Ning and her friends accompanied Chu Peihan for enrollment without encountering more trouble.

They only attracted a lot of attention and some unkind looks along the way.

When they went to the dorm, Mu Ke waited downstairs because he was a boy.

The other girls in the same dorm room as Chu Peihan were already present, and there was only one upper bed left.

Chu Peihan didnt think it was a bad thing, because she disliked sleeping at the bottom.

After simple cleaning, they left.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning and her friends attracted the attention of an old man.

Gu Ning felt the old man must have recognized her, but it wasnt strange.

In fact, the man wasnt very old, he might be younger than 60 and was still full of energy.

After giving them several glances, the old man walked to them.

At the same time, many students who walked by showed surprise.

They were surprised because these freshmen happened to know Professor Gu.

If so, it would make everyone feel envious, because Professor Gu was the most respected teacher in Capital Film Academy.

Each of his students had a very bright future.

Even though not all of his students joined the entertainment industry, they held a great position behind the screens.

Therefore, many students wanted Professor Gu to teach them, but it was very difficult for Professor Gu to accept a student.

One had to be super lucky to get Professor Gus attention and approval.

Moreover, Professor Gu had great connections in the entertainment industry.

As long as a student gained his support, he or she could have endless opportunities to play great roles in films or TV shows.

Most importantly, Professor Gu was a reliable teacher, and he disliked unspoken rules.


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