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Chapter 1776: Meet Baili Zongyang and His Younger Sister

“It turns out that the girl is really excellent at it.

No wonder she looked so confident.”


At this moment, the girl took a deep breath and stared at Gu Ning with admiration and surprise.

She got nervous too, because it was undeniable that Gu Ning was better than her.

Even though she knew she would lose, she was unwilling to give up.

“We only agreed that whoever hits the red heart with more darts wins, and the time isnt important,” said the girl.

Although she knew it wasnt likely for her to win, she would still try.

In addition, she was very likely to lose, but it didnt mean that she was doomed to failure.

After all, she was good at darts, and she had won the highest point before.

She might just not be as fast as Gu Ning.

“Sure, we only compete for numbers, not time,” said Gu Ning.

After that, the girl got prepared for her round.

Although she looked calm on the surface, she was actually quite nervous.

Not only the girl, but her friends were also nervous, because Gu Ning was a strong match for her.

They didnt think the girl was likely to win or make it a draw now, but they still hoped that she could hit the red heart with all the 10 darts.

They were in the same group after all.

The girl took a long breath to calm herself down.

Once she aimed at her target, she threw a dart out and she succeeded.

However, there was a huge gap between hitting the red heart with only 1 dart and all the 10 darts, so she didnt feel happy at all.

She might be stressed till the game was over.

The girl was indeed good at darts, and she successfully hit the red heart with 6 darts.

Gu Ning didnt feel she would lose, because it could only be a draw even if the girl accurately hit the red heart with all the 10 darts.

Although it might be a draw, the girl wouldnt dare to take Gu Ning lightly again.

“This girl isnt bad at all.

She has successively hit the red heart with 6 darts.

Shes only slower than that girl.

If this girl throws the darts as fast as that girl, she might not be able to hit the red heart with many darts.”


Many people agreed on that.

However, when it came to the 7th dart, the girl failed to hit the red heart.

As a result, no matter how many times she could hit it again, it wouldnt change the result that she already failed.

The girls friends were disappointed and were unwilling to accept it.

“I lost.” Since she already lost the game, the girl didnt bother to waste time on the following three darts.

She admitted failure with alacrity.

“Great, you can start climbing now.” Gu Ning was very calm.

She wasnt gloating over the girls failure at all, which left a good impression on the girl.

She didnt hate Gu Ning as much as just now.

Chu Peihan, on the other hand, was gloating, but the girl ignored her.

Afterwards, the girl took out her phone and had a video call with one of her friends.

Because the time was shown on the screen, there was no need for them to pay special attention to their watch.

Without delay, the girl started climbing up the mountain.

In order to get back as soon as possible, the girl ran a little.

Her friends knew her ability very well, so they werent worried that she couldnt finish.

It was harder to climb up than climb down the mountain, so the girl spent 18 minutes on her way up to the Guanyin Cave and sped up on her way down.

When the girl went down to two-thirds of the road, there were still 7 minutes left, which was enough for her to get down to the bottom of the mountain.

After completing this punishment, their bet would be over.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt wait for her to come back and directly left with Chu Peihan and her other friends.

Before they walked away, Chu Peihan didnt forget to take the prize Gu Ning just won.

It was a 1.2 meter big toy bear.

The girls friends didnt dare to stop Gu Ning and her friends from leaving, and they could only watch them walking away.

The girl originally planned to make friends with Gu Ning.

Although she lost the game, she didnt blame Gu Ning for it.

Instead, she admired Gu Ning, but unexpectedly Gu Ning left earlier.

The girl was displeased, but could do nothing about it.

Gu Ning and her friends stayed there for more than half an hour, and the cultivator watched them for half an hour too.

He left the place once Gu Ning and her friends walked away.

The cultivator stopped his car in the parking lot of the Qianling Mountain as well.

Most cultivators who often visited the mortals world had a car, and they normally parked their cars in the same parking lot.

In addition, many of the small restaurants or shops around the foot of Qianling Mountain were opened by cultivators.

It was a way of misdirection, because the boundary between the cultivation world and the mortals world lay in Qianling Mountain.

They frequently showed up at Qianling Mountain, so it was convenient for them and wouldnt arouse suspicion.

However, when Gu Ning and her friends almost reached their car, she felt another two cultivators around them.

They were in Qianling Mountain, so it wasnt surprising to meet cultivators.

Gu Ning remained calm and looked over, but only saw two familiar faces.

They were Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue.

As Gu Ning turned to look at them, Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue also noticed her.

Baili Zongyang also felt another cultivator around them, but it was very normal in his eyes, so he didnt pay much attention to it.

The cultivator who followed Gu Ning behind also saw Baili Zongyang and his younger sister, so he stopped and turned to a nearby shop in case they noticed him following Gu Ning and learned his purpose.

Since Gu Ning ran into Baili Zongyang and his younger sister, she needed to greet them.

Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue already walked towards Gu Ning, so Gu Ning along with her friends stood still.

Chu Peihan lost control of herself once she saw Baili Zongyang again.

She stared straight at him, which made him feel embarrassed.

Although he was used to being admired by women, he still felt uneasy when Chu Peihan refused to move her eyes away from him.

“Hi, handsome man, what a coincidence!”

Chu Peihan greeted Baili Zongyang first when he and his younger sister walked near and she directly ignored Baili Zongxue.

“Nice to see you again,” Baili Zongyang politely said.

“Hi, Gu Ning, did you come to climb the mountain too” Baili Zongxue greeted Gu Ning.

“Yeah,” said Gu Ning.

“Were about to go back.

How about you”


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