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Chapter 1771: Go Get Your Thing!

A ghost could pass through objects, but she couldnt, so a tunnel must be dug.

After that, Gu Ning put the male ghost into the telepathic eye space again, because the monster fox will be released later.

She needed to prevent them from encountering each other and causing trouble.

Although she could easily stop them from having conflict, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Once the male ghost was put back into her telepathic eye space, Gu Ning took out a hat and a mask from it and put them on.

She couldnt leave any traces when she came here to dig a hole.

If she left traces, she would definitely be discovered.

People might watch the surveillance videos to find her, so she had to cover her face to protect herself.

Gu Ning went to the backyard of the haunted house.

It was a lawn of about 10 square meters, and wasnt big.

There were a few big trees with lush foliage and rows of red-leaf heathers which were about 1 meter tall.

They could block a lot of outside vision.

The moment Gu Ning reached the backyard, she first observed the surroundings for a while.

When she was sure there was no one else, she used her Jade Eyes to see the location of the grave under the ground.

Because it wasnt very deep down, she soon found it.

The grave was about 10 square meters in size.

In addition to the coffin in the center, there were 3 wooden boxes around.

One of the boxes was filled with clothes, one was full of gold and silver jewelry, while the other had some porcelain calligraphy and paintings inside.

It was obvious that the person who was buried here wasnt ordinary.

As for how to dig in, it was unrealistic to dig from the haunted house, because the ground was concrete.

It was difficult to break the cement ground.

Besides, once it was damaged, it would soon be discovered.

Luckily, behind the haunted house was the lawn, so it was easier to dig into the ground.

As long as they filled the hole well later, the chance of being discovered would be very small.

However, in that case, they couldnt dig straight, but diagonally, so the distance was extended by 1 or 2 meters.

Nevertheless, they didnt have a better choice in order to make sure that they would be safe.

Before they began to dig, Gu Ning covered the surveillance cameras, or they would cause her big trouble.

It was very easy for Gu Ning to find those surveillance cameras by a glance with the help of her Jade Eyes, and she covered them with a piece of black cloth.

Without delay, Gu Ning let the monster fox out and told it where to dig and how deep it should dig down.

Before letting the Monster fox dig the soil, Gu Ning first took out a piece of complete lawn.

The monster fox dug very fast.

Although it dug with its legs, it used some magic, so it became easy and fast.

Gu Ning worked behind the monster fox and put the earth it had dug out into the telepathic eye space.

She planned to put it back later so that no one would notice what they had done here.

As the monster fox dug out a tunnel which could accommodate a person, Gu Ning followed in, then took out a wooden plank from the telepathic eye space.

She put the piece of complete lawn on it, then covered the entrance of the hole with it.

Therefore, no one could see any difference if there would be any people passing by.

About 7 minutes later, the monster fox successfully dug the tunnel into the grave.

Gu Ning then put it back to the telepathic eye space and quickly walked inside.

After entering the tomb, she directly put the box of gold and silver jewelry and porcelain calligraphy and paintings into the telepathic eye space, then released the male ghost.

Although they were in another persons tomb, it was also a place where the male ghost had been living for years.

Accordingly, the male ghost didnt feel much surprise when it suddenly appeared in the tomb from the outside, but it was eager to get its thing back.

“Its in the coffin, on that persons body,” said the male ghost.

Because it was thinking about its own thing all the time, it didnt notice that there were two boxes missing in the tomb.

Actually, even if it found it out, it wouldnt mind.

It couldnt stop Gu Ning from doing what she wanted to do after all.

Gu Ning walked to the coffin and saw through it with her Jade Eyes at the same time.

Nothing was wrong, so she took out a shovel and opened it.

Once the coffin was opened, the most noticeable thing was the violet jade pendant on the waist of the skeleton.

“Thats it! The purple jade pendant.

Its the token my wife gave me.” The male ghost cried excitedly when it saw the jade pendant.

Unfortunately, he knew he couldnt get it at all now, or he would immediately reach out for it.

In fact, if he was able to touch it, he would have taken it back hundreds of years ago and wouldnt wait till now.

Because ghosts could pass through concrete things, the male ghost lay in the coffin every day.

In order to see the jade pendant, it could even tolerate sleeping with the body of its enemy.

Gu Ning didnt go to get the jade pendant right away, but took out the Taoist magic figure Shangguan Yang gave her, and said: “Just stick this on your body, and your body will have a shape, then you can get the jade pendant.

I should remind you again, You only have 15 minutes.”

“Sure!” The male ghost couldnt wait, but didnt urge Gu Ning in case she was annoyed and refused to help it.

After that, Gu Ning pasted the Taoist magic figure to the male ghosts shoulder.

The taoist magic figure contained magical power, which was used against monsters and ghosts, so it naturally could touch the male ghost.

In a few seconds, the male ghost had a clear shape.

“Alright, go get your thing now,” said Gu Ning.

Without hesitation, the male ghost rushed to get the jade pendant in a hurry.

It cried with excitement, “I finally got it.

I finally got it back!”

The next second, it gradually gave up its obsession and its body became transparent.

“Thank you.” The male ghost thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

She watched the male ghost disappearing along with the jade pendant.

She was originally worried that the male ghost might not be able to give up its obsession and disappear within only 15 minutes, but it was done within a few minutes, which was beyond Gu Nings expectation.

Anyway, she was happy to see it.

Since she successfully solved the problem of the male ghost, she should leave here now.

There were many other valuable things placed in the coffin with the body, but Gu Ning didnt take them.

She thought the two boxes were enough.

It wasnt right to take all the valuable objects out after all.

Gu Ning thought that she could take some antiques to Xiangyun Antique-store tomorrow when she and her friends went to Qianling Mountain and walked by the antique street.

Gu Ning made that decision.

As she left the tomb, Gu Ning used a box inside to block the intersection between the passage and the tomb.

Only when it was blocked would the soil not enter the tomb and fill the passage instead.

If the soil entered the tomb, it wouldnt be enough to fill the passage.

Along Gu Nings way out, she took soil out from the telepathic eye space to fill the passage.

After she came out, the passage was already filled with soil, then she placed the piece of complete lawn back.


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