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Chapter 1768: What Has Our Boss Been Through

“Great, go dig soil with me tonight,” said Gu Ning.

Before the monster fox could say anything else, she caught it and put it back into her telepathic eye space.

Gu Ning then went to the company and continued to deal with the files.

Leng Shaotings training, however, didnt go well.

They went to the wild training base at 6 am.

It was a dangerous virgin forest with many beasts.

Originally they were going to act in groups.

Every 3 people were in one group, and there were 12 people in all, so they were separated into 4 groups.

However, when they were about to separate, they ran into a lion.

They had come here many times, knowing that there were beasts, and they had also seen them, including lions.

Nevertheless, the lion they encountered this time was totally different.

It was a red lion with fiery red fur, and it was much bigger than all the other lions they had seen before.

When it glared at them, they were scared and trembled in fear.

At this moment, Leng Shaoting and other people stood opposite the red lion.

They were no more than 5 meters apart, and the red lion focused on Leng Shaoting the entire time.

“Boss, does this lion have wisdom” Xu Jinchen asked Leng Shaoting.

He wasnt just saying that; he really believed it.

Ever since he had met the man of the Evil Practice last time, he began to believe in monsters and ghosts.

Therefore, once he saw this unusual red lion, he felt that it might have wisdom.

It was not only Xu Jinchen; Chen Meng and Ai Weishun also held the same idea.

Because they had been with Xu Jinchen last time, they knew that monsters and ghosts really existed.

The three of them kept it a secret from their teammates.

No matter how they liked to talk about strange things in their daily life, they clearly knew what they shouldnt discuss.

Besides, it was too unbelievable and no one would believe it before seeing it in real life.

If they hadnt witnessed it with their own eyes, they wouldnt believe it either.

“What Since when have you begun to believe in that” Si Ming snorted.

“There are all kinds of strange things in this world.

Just because you havent encountered it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist.

We can never be too careful,” said Chen Meng.

He couldnt directly tell them that monsters and ghosts really existed, but he still needed to remind them to be careful in case they didnt take it seriously.

Only Leng Shaoting had the real feeling that the red lion indeed had wisdom, and he was its target because it smelt his air of a cultivator.

However, although the red lion stood opposite them, it did nothing right now, because it was afraid of Leng Shaoting.

It was at a low level, so it hesitated to attack Leng Shaoting.

Since the red lion had wisdom, it was able to think like normal human beings.

“Boss, what do you think” Xin Bei asked Leng Shaoting.

He didnt believe a lion could have wisdom, but this red lion indeed looked different from other lions.

“I agree with Chen Meng, There are all kinds of strange things in this world.

It doesnt mean they dont exist although you havent met them yet,” said Leng Shaoting.

He couldnt directly tell them that monsters and ghosts really existed either.

“You can stay here, and Ill go to see what it can do.” Leng Shaoting raised his foot and walked towards the red lion.


The others were shocked by his behavior and wanted to stop him, because it was obvious that the red lion was quite dangerous.

“This is an order,” Leng Shaoting said in a serious tone.

Hearing that, the others closed their mouths.

They were soldiers, so they had to obey orders.

Xu Jinchen, Chen Meng, and Ai Weishun had witnessed Leng Shaotings fighting skills as a cultivator, but their other teammates hadnt, so they were less worried.

They had failed to catch the man of the Evil Practice last time, but Leng Shaoting had succeeded.

Therefore, they believed that Leng Shaoting might be able to deal with this red lion too.

The others knew nothing about the man of the Evil Practice, so they were more worried.

However, even though they were worried, they could only watch behind and be prepared to help Leng Shaoting once he was in danger.

Leng Shaoting walked steadily ahead, and the red lion subconsciously moved backwards because it felt stressed.

However, it was reluctant to leave right now and believed that it might not lose.

After thinking for a while, the red lion rushed towards Leng Shaoting.

No matter what, it decided to have a try.

It could run away if it couldnt win after all.

Leng Shaoting was well-prepared and immediately fought back the second the red lion rushed to him.

The red lion already had wisdom, so it was naturally stronger than other beasts.

It was even as strong as the man of the Evil Practice Leng Shaoting had encountered the other day.

Luckily, Leng Shaoting was different now, so it wasnt difficult for him to deal with this red lion.

It wasnt easy, but it still only took minutes for him to defeat it.

Because both of them were in cultivation, the fight was much fiercer than that between mortals.

All the trees were completely destroyed once they touched them, which amazed everyone.

“Jesus, it seems our bosss fighting skills have been improved a lot.”

“Its definitely true.

Given his reactions and strength, hes more agile and stronger than before.

He also has greater destructive power.”

“What has our boss been through these days”

“Hes probably received a certain kind of devilish training we dont know about.”


Some discussed it in a low voice, and all of them admired Leng Shaoting.

“If I have a fighting competition against our boss right now, Ill certainly lose,” said Ai Weishun.

They had never won a fight against Leng Shaoting, but they never totally failed before either.

However, it would be different now.

They all admired Leng Shaotings talent for kung fu, so they were willing to let him be their leader although many of them were older than him.

“Me too!” Everyone agreed.

As time went by, the red lion found it harder and harder to fight against Leng Shaoting.

It realized that it was no match for him and wanted to escape.

However, Leng Shaoting wouldnt allow it to run away, because it might attack them again later.

They needed to train, and they would get tired.

If the red lion attacked them when they were weak, they would be killed.

Therefore, the red lion couldnt survive.

Leng Shaoting stopped it at once.

Without hesitation, Leng Shaoting ordered his teammates to shoot it in case it ran away.

They came here with silenced guns in order to avoid disturbing other beasts which might attack them in groups.


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