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“Mixi, get back to the car with my cousin.

I need to talk about something serious with them,” said Gu Ning and gave the car key to Yu Mixi.

They were going to have a fight, and Yu Mixi was the weakest one among them.

To make sure that she wasnt hurt, she had to leave first.

As for Gu Qingyun, it wasnt easy for him to watch Xia Linyin being beaten although she betrayed him.

Therefore, he better leave first.

Gu Ning knew that it wouldnt end easily, and they might take revenge afterwards, but she wasnt afraid of it.

She was very mad today, so she had to do something.

She would also warn them to stay away from Gu Qingyun.

If they wouldnt listen, she wouldnt hesitate to punish them.

“Sure,” said Yu Mixi and took the car key.

“Ningning, are you…” Gu Qingyun had a premonition.

“You called me for help today, so you should listen to me now.

Leave with Mixi, and Ill handle the rest,” said Gu Ning in a cold voice.

Yu Mixi then pulled Gu Qingyun out although he was unwilling to leave.

“What Do you want to fight Do you think well be scared” Jiang Yuan saw what Gu Ning wanted to do, but he was still quite aggressive.

Hearing that, his friends also got ready to fight.

“Ill only beat Jiang Yuan and Xia Linyin.

If you dont want to be punished because of them, stay aside, or you cant blame us if anything bad happens to you,” said Gu Ning.

She gave them a chance to stay out of trouble.

“F*ck, come on now!” One of Jiang Yuans friends challenged Gu Ning.

They came to support Jiang Yuan tonight, so they wouldnt retreat.

“Right!” Jiang Yuans other friends all agreed.

“How about you two” Gu Ning asked Xia Linyins two female friends.

“Im afraid you dont have the ability.”

The two girls didnt look scared at all, because this wasnt the first time that they had done that.

Besides, they had more people than Gu Ning, so they didnt believe that they would lose.

“Great, you asked for it,” said Gu Ning.

“Beat them!” Since they refused to move aside, Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to teach them a lesson.

Hao Ran and Gu Nings other friends couldnt wait any longer, so they rushed ahead to punch them.

The next second, Gu Ning went in front of Xia Linyin.

She lifted her up by grabbing the collar then slapped her face with another hand.

“Gu Qingyun was always dragged into trouble ever since you became his girlfriend.

He was almost hit by a car once.

If you dont like him, you can just tell him.

How dare you sleep with another boy behind his back Do you think hes too nice”

Xia Linyin screamed in pain.

Although Gu Ning didnt slap her heavily and wouldnt damage her face, it was painful for her to tolerate it right now.

Because Chu Peihan and others were good at fighting, each of them could beat several up.

Therefore, it was very easy for them to beat Jiang Yuan and Jiang Yuans friends up within a short time.

Hao Ran and the boys didnt want to beat girls, so Chu Peihan beat the two girls alone, which wasnt difficult at all.

If Chu Peihan used great force, the two girls would be useless soon, but Chu Peihan intended to torture them slowly.

It was a soundproof room, so nobody could hear what they were doing in it after all.

Gu Ning wasnt dumb, and she stopped when she thought it was enough.

“Alright, we can stop now,” she shouted to Hao Ran and her other friends.

Although they were unwilling to stop right now, they still obeyed Gu Nings order.

Because they had all slapped Jiang Yuan and Jiang Yuans people, their faces were swollen.

“I think it should be over now.

If you dare take revenge and hurt Gu Qingyun, youll be punished severely next time.

Well, if you want to challenge me, do it whenever you want,” said Gu Ning.

“You can simply let Gu Qingyun tell me whenever you want to do that; I live in the capital.”

Gu Ning still didnt want to tell them her identity, so she told them to find her through Gu Qingyun.

However, she wouldnt stop them from learning more information about her either, because she was quite famous on the Internet.

“Do you hear me” Gu Ning asked Jiang Yuan, and Jiang Yuan trembled in fear.

Jiang Yuan was reluctant to give in, but he knew that he was no match for Gu Ning.


If he didnt give in, he and his friends would be beaten again.

“Great, lets go now,” said Gu Ning, and turned around to leave.

Gu Ning actually didnt care about Jiang Yuans answer because she knew he might change his mind at any second.

Anyway, no matter what Jiang Yuan would do in the future, she had confidence to pay him back.

She couldnt directly kill him right now, because they werent so guilty that they should be killed or disabled.

Gu Ning could only wish that they could keep their words.

“F*ck!” Once Gu Ning was gone, Jiang Yuan swore with an evil expression.

“Yuan, should we pay some people to beat them” One of his friends was mad too.

It was obvious that he didnt take Gu Nings words seriously, and what had happened to them today made him feel humiliated.

“Right, I know some gangsters, and they can help us,” Jiang Yuans other friend said.

“Sh*t! Didnt you see how violent they are Theyre obviously better at fighting than us,” said Jiang Yuan in anger.

He wasnt an idiot, and he knew that he shouldnt mess with Gu Ning again.


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