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It was impossible for them to look exactly the same every time they moved and acted in the camera, but Gu Ning and Tang Xiaoxiao did their best to make every time look the same.

They passed in one go, which surprised everyone.

After that, the leading actor joined them in the second scene.

In the second scene, the leading actress was abducted by the supporting actress who started to hate the leading actor after she failed to get him.

The supporting actress then tried to force the leading actor to hurt himself because she wouldnt allow the leading actress to get what she couldnt have.

The leading actor was willing to sacrifice himself for the leading actress, and the leading actress had the same idea, so she chose to jump off the cliff.

The leading actor then killed the supporting actress in grief.

Although the supporting actress was able to abduct the leading actress, she was no match for the leading actor.

Right after the leading actor killed the supporting actress, the leading actress was rescued by the Goddess of Medicine and they finally reunited.

After that, they thanked the Goddess of Medicine.

At the same time, the leading actor recognized the Goddess of Medicine, and asked her whether she came from the Medicine King Valley.

Goddess of Medicine nodded and the leading actor begged her to help his master, because his master was poisoned and many good doctors failed to cure his Shifu.

The Goddess of Medicine was interested, so she agreed.

Although the conversation was simple, it required a high level of acting skills.

It was a very simple scene, but Lu Zhan noticed that Gu Ning was a talented actress.

She wasnt a professional actress and didnt have acting experience at all, which proved that she was a talented actress.

Lu Zhan felt very excited and asked Gu Ning when the scene was done, “Boss, I think youre a talented actress.

Why dont you consider becoming an actress”

However, Lu Zhan was just joking, because Gu Ning was a very successful businesswoman and she was very busy every day.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning had a lot of fame, and she could attract a huge audience.

“Ha-ha, I think I shouldnt compete against them for their job, but I can play more guest roles if there are chances in the future,” said Gu Ning.

She thought acting was very interesting.

“No problem, its easy,” said Lu Zhan.

“Arent you afraid that Ill overshadow the leading actors” asked Gu Ning.

“Not at all.

Im more afraid that you dont want to play a role in my shows,” said Lu Zhan.

Gu Ning would only have a guest appearance in the show, so it wouldnt be a big problem.

Moreover, the leading actors picked by him were all excellent at acting.

In the third scene, the Goddess of Medicine went with the leading actor and leading actress to a wooden room in a bamboo forest.

In it there was an old man in his seventies lying on the bed with a pale face and slightly purple lips.

However, the second Goddess of Medicine saw the old man, she discovered that it was her father who had abandoned her mother and her.

She immediately became enraged, and refused to heal him.

Gu Ning showed touching hatred and anger on her face and in her eyes, which made people believe that she really had the feelings.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen were impressed by Gu Nings acting skills, if she used any.

When the Goddess of Medicine refused to cure the old man, the leading actor asked her for the reason.

He had a feeling that they must have a grudge against each other.

The Goddess of Medicine then told him the truth, and the leading actress wanted to have a private talk with her.

After that, the leading actress walked aside with the Goddess of Medicine and told her the real reason why her father abandoned her mother and her that year.

It turned out that a killer was chasing her father at that time, and he was forced to leave his wife and daughter behind in order to protect them.

The Goddess of Medicine couldnt accept it at the beginning, but was persuaded to rescue the old man in the end.

Although Gu Ning had no experience of acting before cameras, she often acted in her real life, because she used to be a professional killer.

Therefore, Gu Ning played a vivid role as the Goddess of Medicine in the show.

As a result, even Tang Xiaoxiao couldnt perform properly at the beginning.

Luckily, Tang Xiaoxiao was an excellent actress so she began to focus on her role and proved her ability.

Gu Ning and Tang Xiaoxiao just had different advantages.

Anyway, the filming went on smoothly.

When the Goddess of Medicine returned to the wooden room, she helped the old man take a pill before she began to treat him.

As time went by, the old man opened his eyes.

The Goddess of Medicine had left before the old man was conscious, and she told the leading actor and leading actress not to tell the old man that she had rescued him.

That was the final scene of Gu Nings part.

Although she didnt show up in many scenes, it still took a long time for her to finish her guest appearance.

“Very well, you have your own advantages,” said Lu Zhan.

“Well, I think our boss is better than me,” said Tang Xiaoxiao.

“Maybe because she is your boss, you felt a little uneasy before the cameras,” said Lu Zhan, encouraging Tang Xiaoxiao to be confident.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Gu Ning understood him, so they dropped that topic.


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