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Chapter 164 To Impress Gu Ning

“Ningning, youre finally here.” Seeing that Gu Ning was here, Yu Mixi immediately ran to her arms crying.

She had been depressed for a long time, but didnt dare to show her feelings.

She didnt want to upset her father, so she pretended to be strong.

However, when Gu Ning appeared in her sight, she failed to pretend any longer.

“There, there, itll be fine!” Gu Ning comforted, secretly giving Yu Mixi her power, in case she fainted too.

Yu Mixis father didnt know what to do seeing Gu Ning and her friends, because he had no idea who the one that had helped his family was.

Yu Mixi, meanwhile, was busy crying, and forgot to introduce them to her father.

Yu Mixis father understood that Yu Mixi was unhappy and needed to vent her depression, so he didnt stop her.

Luckily, Yu Mixi calmed down soon because of Gu Nings power.

“Lets go pay the bill,” Gu Ning said.

“Let me handle it.” Chu Xuanfeng interrupted.

Around two hundred thousand yuan was nothing to him.

Most importantly, Yu Mixi was Chu Peihans friend too.

Although he wasnt an altruist, he was willing to help his younger sisters friend.

“Yes, please allow us to do that for Mixi,” Chu Peihan added.

“No, I must pay it this time,” Gu Ning said in an undeniable tone.

Yu Mixi had turned to her at the very beginning for a reason, because they were closest friends.

It would be less stressful for her to ask for help from Gu Ning.

In addition, Yu Mixi was used to depending on Gu Ning, so Gu Ning decided to be her strong support.

Seeing Gu Ning being so determined, they knew that there was no room to argue with her, so they didnt insist.

“Thank you so much!” Yu Mixis father almost cried with tears in his eyes.

He even wanted to bend on his knees for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning immediately stopped him.

“Please dont do that.”

“I dont know how to thank you enough for lending us money.

I-I promise Ill try my best to pay you back as soon as I can,” Yu Mixis father said.

His wife was in danger.

He didnt care that it was embarrassing to borrow money from a teenage girl.

“Please dont worry about that.

As long as Mixis mother can recover, I can wait.” Gu Ning actually had no intention to let them pay her back, but she didnt want to hurt Yu Mixis fathers dignity.

After that, Yu Mixi along with Gu Ning went to pay the bill.

Although for the sake of Chu Xuanfeng, the director arranged the best doctor and a VIP patient room for Yu Mixis mother, he didnt own this hospital after all, so it was impossible to get free medical treatment.

They wouldnt have the final bill before Yu Mixis mother left the hospital, so Gu Ning paid two hundred thousand yuan at first.

“Ningning, I honestly dont know how to thank you! I promise well pay you back as soon as possible,” Yu Mixi said to Gu Ning.

“Mixi, you dont need to pay me back,” Gu Ning said to Yu Mixi.

“What No,” Yu Mixi was shocked.

She couldnt accept it.

She was already quite thankful that Gu Ning was willing to lend her money.

How could she not pay her back

It was two hundred thousand yuan! Not twenty or two hundred yuan.

“Mixi, you told me your dream job is to be an accountant, right” Gu Ning asked.

Yu Mixi didnt understand why Gu Ning suddenly changed the topic, but answered, “Yes!”

“Good, let me tell you this.

Im going to start a business, and I need a person who I can trust to be my accountant in the future.

Will you help me If youre willing to, the two hundred thousand yuan will be your advance,” Gu Ning said with sincerity.

That wasnt the reason that Yu Mixi could not pay her back, but Gu Ning already had the idea of hiring Yu Mixi.

She did this on purpose to comfort Yu Mixi.

If Yu Mixi was willing to help her, it would be so much better.

She was excellent at math and calculating.

Once she gained more knowledge about accounting, Gu Ning believed that she would be an outstanding assistant.

To win a persons loyalty, one could give her or him the best treatment, but the best way was to always let her or him be grateful to you.

Unless the person changed in the future and betrayed the one who had helped her or him.

Gu Ning wasnt 100% sure that Yu Mixi wouldnt change in the future, but at least she was more trustworthy than others.

“What” Hearing that, Yu Mixi was stunned.

Gu Ning was going to start a business No matter whether Gu Ning could be successful, Yu Mixi was of course willing to aid her.

Moreover, Yu Mixi believed without a doubt that Gu Ning could make it.

She was so perfect in every aspect.

Thus, Yu Mixi replied with determination, “I will!”

Now, Yu Mixi was even more interested in an accounting major.

She made up her mind to study harder so that she was able to help Gu Ning in the future.

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi went back to the operating room.

She said to Chu Xuanfeng and the rest people, “Why dont you go back now I can take care of it.”

The surgery could last for a long time.

It wasnt appropriate to let them wait together.

They all had their business to deal with after all.

“Yeah, the surgery wont end within a short time.

Please dont waste your time here.

Thank you so much for your help today!” Yu Mixis father added.

He was the one who would feel the guiltiest if they all waited here.

“I wont leave,” Chu Peihan said.

She didnt pay the bill, and she wont leave now.

She wanted to stay and keep Yu Mixis company.

“Oh, I already told Hao Ran and others.

Theyll be here soon.”

In Chu Peihans eyes, they were all close friends, so she had to tell them.

They were so supportive.

If she didnt tell them, they would be mad if they found out later.

Gu Ning didnt say anything.

It wasnt a bad thing, but Yu Mixi was a little embarrassed, because she knew the boys wouldnt come with empty hands.

Since they would come, Yu Mixi couldnt stop them.

They were good friends anyway.

Chu Xuanfeng couldnt make the decision himself.

He looked to Situ Ye.

“Lets wait for a while!” Situ Ye said.

Both Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan were greatly astonished.

Since when had Situ Ye become so kind and gentle

In fact, Situ Ye intended to spend more time with Gu Ning to impress her.

Since they said that they were staying, Yu Mixis father didnt insist.

Thirty minutes later, the surgery was still going on.

Chu Xuanfeng received a call, and left afterwards to deal with his business.

Chu Xuanfeng was going to leave, and it wouldnt be appropriate if Situ Ye stayed.

Thus they left together, even though Situ Ye was reluctant to do so.

He had no excuse to stay after all.


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