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Chapter 1626: Its Just the Beginning!

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had parked their car in a wasteland, because there werent surveillance cameras, and no one would find them.

So Gu Ning met Gao Yi and Qiao Ya at the wasteland.

Huang Haihao was already tied tight with ropes by Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, with his mouth sealed and eyes covered.

He was also still unconscious.

“Did he wake up” asked Gu Ning.

“Yes, but we knocked him unconscious again,” said Gao Yi.

Gu Ning then took a photo of Huang Haihao and sent it to Tang Bingsen.

She used the phone which was registered under the name “Tang Aining”, and still remembered Tang Bingsens phone number because she was his daughter in the previous incarnation.

In addition to the photo, Gu Ning also sent him a message.

Gu Ning: Tang Bingsen, Im Tang Aining.

The leader of the Tianying Gang is in my hands now.

Your base and two bars were completely damaged by me.

Are you surprised Unfortunately, its just the beginning!

Because Tang Bingsen just passed out, he didnt read Gu Nings message right away.

After that, Gu Ning sent out a post on her other Weibo account.

[Exclusive news: The base of the Tianying Gang in City C exploded at 12:30 am last night.

The person who ruined Tanglong Winery is a strong enemy of the Tianying Gang.

Illegal stuff like guns were also found in an underground room of Tanglong Winery.

Two bars owned by the Tianying Gang were also seriously damaged.

People who like visiting their bars must be careful in the following days! [Photos attached]]

Gu Ning exposed many photos of Tanglong Winery before and after it exploded.

There were photos of the house before and after the explosion too.

Before the house exploded, Gu Ning didnt leave until she took several photos of it.

She had also taken photos of Tanglong Bar before and after it was damaged.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning @(mentioned) many influential media of City C on Weibo, but not many people saw it because it was too late now.

Besides, Gu Ning didnt have many followers on her second Weibo account.

However, she wasnt worried about it, because she knew it would go viral tomorrow.

Even if those influential media refused to report it in fear of the Tianying Gang, Gu Ning had plenty of ways to make it popular.

Moreover, she attached many photos to the pose, which made it quite obvious that she wanted to tell everyone that the person behind this Weibo account was the one who exploded Tanglong Winery and Tanglong Bar.

After all only she could get photos at the scene.

She even had photos of the illegal guns and drugs hidden in the underground room of Tanglong Winery.

Gu Ning had no intention to keep it a secret, and she decided to make it public.

After that, they went to have a rest.

There was no need for them to stay in a hotel, so they directly parked their car at a less noticeable place and took a nap in it.

That night, the members of the Tianying Gang didnt sleep at all.

Its senior management had an urgent meeting overnight.

Their leader was missing, and the deputy leader was absent, so the four senior managers had to stand out and take the responsibility right now.

However, all of them were ambitious and didnt get along very well with each other.

With neither their leader nor the deputy leader present, each of them wanted to seize the absolute power, so the meeting didnt go well and they were secretly competing against each other.

In the end, they had to wait till their deputy leader was back to make the final decision.

Although Tanglong Winery was owned by the Tianying Gang, it was a legal business, so they turned to the police for help.

Actually, they hadnt found Gu Nings post on Weibo yet, otherwise they wouldnt have called the police.

What was hidden in the underground room was already exposed, and what they shouldnt do at this moment was to let the police be involved in it.

Tang Bingsen woke up in a few hours, at that time it was 5 am.

Once he opened his eyes, he checked his phone in case he missed any messages when he was unconscious.

A new message from a strange number caught his attention and he read it at once.

Tang Bingsen, Im Tang Aining.

The leader of the Tianying Gang is in my hands now.

Your base and two bars were completely damaged by me.

Are you surprised Unfortunately, its just the beginning!

After reading it, Tang Bingsen was scared.

His hand trembled and his phone fell on the ground.

Because of Tang Bingsen it, he passed out once more.

When he woke up again, it was already 9 am.

He was quite weak now and even woke up in the hospital.

Tang Bingsens secretary went to pick him up before 8 am, but he didnt leave his room yet.

His secretary called him, but no one answered.

So his secretary became anxious and went upstairs to find him.

His secretary had special permission and could freely enter and leave the Tang familys house, so none of the Tang familys domestic servants stopped him.

He directly went to Tang Bingsens bedroom to see him because his secretary knew that Ji Yijing wasnt home.

In fact, Ji Yijing cried in the hospital almost every day after Tang Yaxin had tried to committed suicide.

She only had one child.

If her daughter died, she honestly didnt know how to live her life further.


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