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Chapter 1619: The Tianying Gang

She couldnt leave them behind.

What if something terrible really happened to her They would be heart-broken.

Although Gu Ning was very strong and confident, anything could happen in the process.

Shangguan Yang didnt interrupt Gu Ning when she was lost in thought.

He was an outsider after all, and it was a matter of life.

At this time, Gu Nings phone rang and pulled her mind back.

She took out her phone and saw that the caller was Qiao Ya.

“Boss, Gao Yi found Tang Bingsens illegal support, and its base is in City C.

What should we do now” asked Qiao Ya.

“Prepare yourself.

Were going to City C.

Ill tell you the exact time after I make the decision,” said Gu Ning with a serious expression.

Since they found Tang Bingsens illegal support, they had to remove it as soon as possible.

“No problem,” said Qiao Ya.

Gu Ning checked the available plane tickets and made sure of the departure time before she called Qiao Ya back.

She told Qiao Ya to take the flight which would leave at 9:20 am, and she would book a ticket on her own.

Because Gu Ning was going to disguise herself as “Tang Aining” and Qiao Ya didnt have her ID information, Gu Ning had to do that by herself.

In addition, she didnt want Qiao Ya to have anything to do with “Tang Aining”.

The thing they were going to deal with would be under investigation, so they had to be careful.

Gu Ning also reminded Qiao Ya not to contact her till they were in City C.

Qiao Ya obeyed her orders.

Gu Ning then walked back to Shangguan Yang and said, “Grandpa Shangguan, I need to leave the capital city today, you can tell Stone to help you do whatever you want.

Please dont tell Shaoting that I just asked you the same question, alright”

She was worried that Leng Shaoting might be unhappy.

It was hard for her to make the decision to accept the challenge to become a cultivator now, and she needed more time to consider it.

Even though she would go through the tough process sooner or later in the future, she had to be fully-prepared.

Accidents could happen, so she must be aware of it.

She knew it was selfish because those who cared about her might be heart-broken if anything terrible happened to her because of her choice.

However, she was reluctant to die before Leng Shaoting.

She wanted to try it and hoped that she could survive.

“Sure.” Shangguan Yang agreed.

After that, Gu Ning went to the airport.

Qiao Ya took a taxi from Century City to the airport too.

On the way, Gu Ning called Gao Yi.

Gao Yi said, “Boss, the gang is called the Tianying Gang.

Although it isnt comparable to the Qing Gang, its very influential in City C.

Its base is a winery and it also owns a bar and a hotel.

Many members of the Tianying Gang work in a wine bar at night.”

“Great, we must catch its head first.

As long as its head is in our hands, the other members wont be a threat,” said Gu Ning.

“Pay more attention to its leader and the senior management.”

“Sure, I have some information about them.

Ill email it to you right now,” said Gao Yi.

Members of an illegal gang were always mysterious, and they had different identities to cover their work, so it wasnt easy to have detailed information about the leader and the senior management of an illegal gang.

Gao Yi had already done his best and he only had a few days.

“Great,” said Gu Ning.

She was driving now, so she decided to read it when she was in the airport.

She set off from the city center and arrived at the airport about 50 minutes later.

Once she arrived, she went to the ladies room and disguised herself as “Tang Aining”.

Afterwards, she went to check in.

Qiao Ya came 10 minutes later than Gu Ning.

Although they saw each other at the security check, they didnt give one another a second glance.

While they were waiting for the flight, Gu Ning read the email Gao Yi sent her.

There were photos and identity information in the email.

The head of the Tianying Gang was Huang Haihao.

He was in his early forties.

Huang Haihao seldom showed up in public, instead he always stayed in the winery, so outsiders only thought that he was the owner of the winery.

The winery was named Tanglong Winery.

Two senior managers of the Tianying Gang were also the general managers of Tanglong Bar and Tanglong Hotel.

Gao Yi had also collected information about the elites in the Tianying Gang.


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