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“Who are you” asked the woman.

“How dare you humiliate me in public before you figure out who I am Arent you afraid that youll offend someone you shouldnt mess with Youre really a stupid woman,” said Gu Anna in annoyance.

In fact, even if her husband had a mistress, she should blame her husband for it.

She simply didnt dare to argue with her husband, so she turned to attack another woman.

Actually, if her husband didnt learn to be loyal to her, she would have endless enemies in her marriage.

A disloyal man was the key problem of an unhappy marriage.

And the woman tolerated her husbands behavior, which meant that she didnt deserve sympathy.

“You…” The woman was angry, but Gu Anna interrupted her before she could say a complete sentence.

“Why dont you call your husband right now and ask him who Gu Anna is”

The womans husband had indeed tried to seduce Gu Anna because of her outstanding appearance, but he was scared and gave up the idea once he found out Gu Annas family background.

Gu Anna wanted the woman to call her husband earlier, but the woman was too crazy to listen to her.

If Gu Ning hadnt helped her, she honestly didnt know what she would do now.

The woman suddenly panicked because it seemed that Gu Anna was indeed more influential than her.

The onlookers were curious about it too.

The next second, the woman called her husband and asked him who Gu Anna was.

“Gu Anna Why do you ask about her” The womans husband was frightened when he heard Gu Annas name.

At the same time, he felt strange that his wife asked about Gu Anna all of a sudden.

“How did you know Gu Anna What did you do to her” he asked at once.

“Just tell me who is Gu Anna!” The woman lost patience.

“Do you know the Gu family in the capital Its a super-rich family and Gu Anna was born in the Gu family,” said the womans husband.

“W-What” The woman was shocked.

It was hard for her to believe it.

She turned to look at Gu Anna and couldnt say another word.

Her husband felt that something must be wrong and asked nervously, “Did you offend her”

The woman remained silent, and her husband was even more anxious.

“Say something!”

“I-I-I…” The woman hesitated to tell her husband what she had done.

Seeing her reaction, the onlookers were sure that Gu Anna wasnt someone she could mess with.

After that, Gu Anna grabbed her phone away and the woman stood still in shock.


Liu, your wife just humiliated me in public by saying that Im a siren and tried to seduce you.

I feel very embarrassed right now.

Shouldnt you do something” said Gu Anna.

The womans husband apologized at once.

“Miss Gu, Im terribly sorry.

Its all my wifes fault.

Please forgive her this time.

She wont do it again, I promise!”

Although the womans husband was quite polite on the phone, he was actually really angry at his wife.

If his wife was in front of him at this moment, he would slap her and criticize her without hesitation.

However, the woman was his wife after all, and he had to do something to solve this problem in case his business was affected.

“Forgive her My reputation is already damaged,” said Gu Anna.

“Well…” The man didnt know what to say now, because Gu Anna was born in a super-rich family and her reputation mattered a lot.

He could only blame his stupid wife for offending someone they shouldnt mess with.

However, he totally forgot that he had sexually harassed Gu Anna first.

He was a shameless and selfish man.

“I can forgive her, but she must apologize to me 10 times in public,” Gu Anna said later.

It wasnt serious trouble, and Gu Anna was unwilling to waste time on them.

She had more important things to do.

“Of course she should!” said the man.

Even if Gu Anna wanted his wife to apologize to her 100 times in public, he would agree.

He only hoped that the Gu family wouldnt punish him by damaging his business.

Gu Anna didnt bother to talk with the man any longer, and she gave the phone back to the woman.

The woman took the phone with a shaking hand, then heard her husband shouting at her on the phone.

“Did you hear what Miss Gu just said”


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