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Chapter 158 Leng Shaoting Is in the Middle of A Task

Gu Ning probably wouldnt believe it herself unless she had seen it.

She was almost sure that the ancient objects in the cave must have belonged to the prefect Liujiang.

Meanwhile, Gu Nings phone rang.

The caller was Qin Yifan.

Gu Ning wasnt willing to pick it up.

Because of Qin Yiqing, she wasnt in a good mood right now, and she was a little mad at Qin Yifan too.

However, after a while, she thought that it was better to make it clear, so she answered, “Hi!”

Once Qin Yifan heard Gu Nings voice, he apologized, “Gu Ning, Im so sorry about what my older sister did to you.

Please accept my apologies.”

“Well, apologies accepted.” Gu Ning wouldnt forgive Qin Yiqing so easily, but she didnt think she would meet her often in the future.

There was no need to ruin her connection with Qin Yifan.

“Thanks,” Qin Yifan replied.

“Its my fault actually.

If not because I…”

At that moment, Qin Yifan stopped all of a sudden.

He felt anxious and hesitated to tell Gu Ning that he liked her.

He was afraid to be rejected.

He was worried that he couldnt be her friend any longer, but if he didnt say it right now after what had happened, he probably wouldnt ever have a better chance.

Also it was inappropriate to tell the girl his feelings on the phone.

Thinking of that, Qin Yifan planned to meet Gu Ning at first.

“Um, Gu Ning, I have something to tell you.

Could you please come out and meet me for a while”

“Just tell me on the phone.

Its fine.” Gu Ning almost knew what Qin Yifan was going to tell her.

Although she didnt want him to do it, she couldnt stop him.

Since Gu Ning said so, Qin Yifan had to continue in the phone.

“Im sorry for what has happened to you.

If I hadnt told my older sister that I like you, it wouldnt have happened.

My older sister is bossy, and likes to be involved in everything, but Im different.

Im strong at work, but not pushy, nor snobbish in my life.

And, most importantly, I really like you Gu Ning.

Can you give me a chance”

Indeed, Gu Ning guessed correctly.

Qin Yifan was going to tell her that he liked her, but Gu Ning felt nothing.

She probably didnt feel happy because Qin Yifan was not the man she liked.

“Sorry, I think its better for us to be friends,” Gu Ning said.

It was a no.

It wasnt a surprising answer, but it was still hard for Qin Yifan to accept it.

He felt as if someone stabbed a knife into his chest.

He was in great pain now.

Probably because that was how it felt when he was heartbroken.

Gu Ning was the first girl he felt had touched his heart, so he didnt want to give up right away.

He continued to ask, “Really Cant you give me a chance If Ive done anything that you dislike, please tell me.

Ill change.”

“Nothing,” Gu Ning said without hesitation.

“It has nothing to do with your appearance, or your background.

I just dont have feelings with you.

Im sorry.”

Qin Yifan couldnt help but step backwards several times.

Gu Ning didnt even give him a chance.

Besides, she felt nothing for him.

Although Qin Yifan was terribly sad, he didnt want to annoy Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning had said it plainly, he also didnt want to bother her any longer.

“Well, then, um, bye.” Qin Yifan hung up at once.

He felt empty and lost now.

Gu Ning sat gazing at the screen of her computer.

She had mixed emotions.

She knew that Qin Yifan would be unhappy that she had rejected him, but she couldnt comfort him.

If she did so, she was giving the man hope.

Gu Ning chose to be cruel to some extent.

She never lost confidence at men, even though a man had betrayed her in her previous incarnation.

However, she truly treated Qin Yifan as her friend only.

Gu Ning had no idea what kind of man was her type.

Thinking of that question, Gu Ning was unconsciously involved in her illusion.

Suddenly, Leng Shaotings face appeared in her mind.

Gu Ning was astonished.

She immediately got her mind back, but she couldnt stop her heart from beating so fast.

Why Was Leng Shaoting her type Although she wasnt sure, she actually had quite a good impression of him.

Gu Ning wasnt a chicken in a relationship.

Since she wasnt certain, she decided to figure it out.

She hated suspicion.

Of course, if she fell in love with someone who disliked her, she wouldnt force him to love her.

Gu Ning took out her phone calling Leng Shaoting, but his phone was turned off.

Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting must be in the middle of a task.

She was right.

Leng Shaoting was indeed in the middle of a task.

It was sunset.

The sky was still aglow.

In a mountain area far away from the city, a black Hummer was moving fast in an unstoppable way on an uneven dirt road.

Its engine was roaring along the way.

In the car, Xu Jinchen sat in the drivers seat while Leng Shaoting was in the passenger seat.

There were also two young men in the back seats.

“Boss, the road is too uneven to drive on! The car will break apart soon,” Xu Jinchen complained.

He was a car lover, and couldnt tolerate it.

Leng Shaoting ignored him, but fixed his eyes at the GPS in his hands.

“Boss, is the task more important than the car” a man who was sitting in the back teased.

He was named Xin Bei and was ranked fifth in the Red Flame.

Xu Jinchen was ranked tenth in his team.

Except for Leng Shaoting, who became their boss because of his outstanding ability, the rest all ranked according to their ages.

They were all the most elite soldiers from the military.

They were young people who had gotten great achievements and had official positions.

“Ha-ha, you know Jinchen loves cars so much.

He would rather suffer for his car!” another man joked.

He was Si Ming, who ranked seventh in their team.

“I think our boss does this on purpose.

He knows Ill suffer in such a situation, but he forced me to do so.

Im not necessary for this task by the way!” Xu Jinchen continued to complain.

“Why would boss do it on purpose” Xin Bei asked.

However, before Xu Jinchen could open his mouth, Leng Shaoting said coldly, “Stop the car in the woods, then lets go up to the mountain.”

Once Leng Shaoting gave an order, no one dared to complain.

They all wore a serious face.

Xu Jinchen immediately turned the steering wheel driving the car into the woods, and stopped it in an unnoticeable place.

They swiftly got out of the car.


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