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Because the flood dragon moved fast, they arrived at the place within 10 minutes.

Afterwards, the flood dragon figured out which mountain the Kunlun Sect was located in.

They went to the foot of the mountain where the Kunlun Sect stayed, and felt much thicker magical power here than was at the Supreme Deitys abode.

Leng Shaoting was excited as a cultivator, and couldnt wait to start his cultivation right here.

However, he didnt do that, because they still needed to climb up the mountain.

In the past, the Kunlun Sect was a leading orthodox sect among cultivators, but now it had disappeared for hundreds of years.

Although many people came here to climb the mountain for exercise, they never went deep.

The Kunlun Sect was located in the middle of Kunlun Mountain, so no one was aware of it nowadays.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt hesitate to climb up the mountain, but they didnt sit on the flood dragons body this time.

They needed some time to observe the surroundings along the way.

Because a dominant sect had stayed here before, there were stairs for people to climb up and down.

The road was a little slippery because of accumulated snow, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting werent affected.

Gu Ning didnt put the flood dragon back in her telepathic eye space, she let it out to keep them company.

There was no one else around them anyway, and the flood dragon could tell her more about the Kunlun Sect.

Leng Shaotings cultivation was still at a low level now, so he wasnt able to understand other creatures languages.

The flood dragon didnt know much about the Kunlun Sect, but Gu Ning merely knew nothing about it.

“Because the Kunlun Sect is the most powerful sect among the cultivators in the ancient time, it had many martial arts cheats, but I dont know whether they still exist now,” the flood dragon said.

“Cultivators need to practice its cultivation and kung fu skills in order to do the best of his ability.”

Gu Ning then told Leng Shaoting what the flood dragon explained to her.

“In the past, senior cultivators could start to learn to fly with their swords, but it needs magic instruments,” the flood dragon added.

Gu Ning conveyed that message to Leng Shaoting, then asked the flood dragon, “What are magic instruments”

“Theyre weapons with magical power and most of them are knives and swords,” the flood dragon said.

Gu Ning frowned.

“I had a bronze sword with magical power, but I sold it to someone.”

She sold the sword to Jiang Zhongyu, and it wasnt likely for her to be able to get it back.

“Not every weapon with magical power is a magic instrument.

Magic instruments are refined into weapons with a variety of precious material treasures in this world.

Only the best blacksmith could make them.

Cultivators have many professions, and the most common job is martial arts apprentice.

Martial arts are also the basic ability of a cultivator.

Among 100 cultivators, perhaps only one or two are good blacksmiths or alchemists, so there are very few magic instruments and medicines, and they are both very expensive.

In ancient times, blacksmiths and alchemists were the richest people.”

“Magic instruments all need to recognize their masters, and continue to evolve as their masters continue to grow stronger, so they can work better with their masters.

Holy artifacts are better than magic instruments, because they have autonomous souls and belong to advanced weapons.

However, they choose their masters on their own, and they only have loyalty to those who they approve of.

Moreover, you dont need to hold holy artifacts in your hands, because they live in your body.

If you want it to appear or disappear, it will appear and disappear as you want,” the flood dragon said.

Both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had learned that about cultivators before, but they werent sure whether it was true.

Since the flood dragon said the same thing to them now, they believed it was highly likely to be true.

The flood dragon continued, “My master, your man might need a magic instrument, but you dont, because you can help me transform into a dragon and Ill be able to fly then.

I can fly faster than magic instruments after all.”

It was the truth, because a dragon was like a god and holy artifacts listened to gods.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning had no interest in magic instruments, and she hoped that Leng Shaoting could have a holy artifact.

She wouldnt mind helping the flood dragon transform into a dragon, because it was helpful for her as well.

As they climbed up the mountain, Gu Ning didnt forget to use her Jade Eyes to check the surroundings.

She noticed the magical power grew thicker when they climbed higher.

However, because they breathed in magical power along the way, they felt energetic and fresh.

The mountain was very tall, and the stairs snaked upwards, so it took them a long time to reach the Kunlun Sects place.

There was snow everywhere, and they had to walk slowly and be careful.

Winter always lasted long here.

When they were about a hundred meters away from the Kunlun Sects place, Gu Ning saw a beautiful gate.

The Kunlun Sect was a big sect, so it had a spacious building as its base.

In the end, they finally reached the gate of the Kunlun Sects base.

Even though hundreds of years had passed by, the place still had an atmosphere of solemnity.

In fact, this place was protected by gods, and magical power could help objects and people stay in good shape for hundreds of years.

They entered the outer gate, and walked 50 meters ahead to the main door of the Kunlun Sects building.

Both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were amazed by the scene behind the main door.

There was an unbelievably large square with alabaster ground.

It was shiny and made every visitor feel that he or she was too little.


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