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They had enough time to go there anyway, so they could wait for an appropriate flight.

Gu Ning could also dine at the airport when she waited for Leng Shaoting.

Therefore, they booked plane tickets for a flight which would take off for City Qing at 1:15 pm.

After it was settled, they said some sweet nothings to each other before they went to sleep.

However, neither Gu Ning nor Leng Shaoting could fall asleep tonight, because they kept worrying about Kunlun Mountain.

It was where Leng Shaotings parents had the accident.

The truth still remained unknown, and Leng Shaoting even found out that his mother could still be alive.

He would be extremely happy if his mother was really alive, but he honestly didnt know how to face it if his mother had betrayed his father to survive the accident.

Besides, why didnt his mother come to see him during the past few years if she wasnt dead Was it difficult for her to do

Although Leng Shaoting was reluctant to believe that his mother could be a cold-blooded person, he needed to be mentally-prepared for it because it was possible for that to be the truth.

Gu Ning was thinking about Yunyao too.

She also hoped that Yunyao was still alive, because Yunyao was Leng Shaotings mother.

Nevertheless, if Yunyao wasnt dead because she had betrayed Leng Shaotings father, Gu Ning would rather wish that she was dead to prevent Leng Shaoting from feeling hurt again.

After all, Leng Shaoting already accepted the result that his parents were dead.

Gu Ning hoped that she could figure out a way to become a cultivator in Kunlun Mountain, otherwise she wouldnt be able to be together with Leng Shaoting for long.

Even though Leng Shaoting didnt mind it, she would dislike it if she aged much faster than him.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning didnt fall asleep until 1 am.

Shortly after she was in a deep sleep, she had a dream which seemed to tell her that something was going to happen.

Gu Ning dreamed that she met a woman in a white traditional long dress by the Supreme Deitys abode, but she didnt see her face.

The woman stood there in silence, and looked quite charming.

Gu Ning woke up in the morning the next day, and was lost in her thought for a long while.

She didnt know whether the dream was just a coincidence or a hint for something.

In addition, she wondered whether the woman in her dream was Leng Shaotings mother.

Gu Ning shook her head and tried to forget the strange dream.

If the scene appeared in Gu Nings premonitions, Gu Ning would be sure that it was going to happen, but now she wasnt sure of it because it happened in her dream.

Anyway, since she couldnt figure out the reason, she put it aside and got up at 6 am to run.

“Morning, grandpa!” Gu Ning saw Tang Haifeng walking out of his room once she walked downstairs.

Old people slept less, so he got up very early.

“Good morning, Lady Ning,” Quan Bohang said to Gu Ning.

“Morning, Uncle Quan.” Gu Ning smiled at him.

“Ningning, why did you get up so early You can sleep for a few more hours,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Im already used to it, and I want to go for a run now,” Gu Ning said.

“Great.” Tang Haifeng nodded.

It was a good habit.

“Oh, wait a second.” When Gu Ning was about to leave, Tang Haifeng stopped her.

“Whats wrong, grandpa” Gu Ning asked.

“Tell Jiakai to run with you.

He cant sleep all day when youre exercising!” Tang Haifeng said.

Gu Ning was amused, and felt that she caused Tang Jiakai trouble, but she had to listen to her grandfather.

In addition, it was good for Tang Jiakais health if he could form a habit of running in the morning as well.

Even though they had Gu Nings power crystals to keep them healthy, power crystals could only protect their organs and they still needed to exercise to have strong limbs.

“Sure, Ill go to wake him up,” Gu Ning said and turned to Tang Jiakais room.

Afterwards, she knocked on the door.

Tang Jiakai was a light sleeper, so he woke up at once, but he was annoyed when someone knocked on the door of his room in the early morning.

“Who is it Its still early! Dont wake me up!”

“Its me! I honestly dont want to wake you up, but grandpa told me to help you form a good habit of running in the morning.

You should exercise more!” Gu Ning said loudly outside his room.

“Alright, Im coming!” Tang Jiakai said.

In his eyes, Gu Ning was a very important younger sister, and he always wanted to grow stronger to protect her.

However, Gu Ning was strong enough and didnt need his protection.

Tang Jiakai felt embarrassed and a little guilty about it, so he didnt blame Gu Ning for waking him up at all.

Gu Ning stopped knocking on the door and waited outside.

Tang Jiakai quickly put on his clothes and opened the door.

Because he rushed to see Gu Ning, his hair was still in a mess, which amused Gu Ning.

“We dont need to rush, so you can at least tidy your hair.”

“Its fine.

Itll get messy after running anyway,” Tang Jiakai said and casually smoothed his hair with his hands.


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