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Even though An Beibei was clearly aware that she had indeed interfered in Huang Yizhens relationship with Tang Xiaoxiao, she wouldnt admit it in public.

It had happened about over a year ago, and she was still working in the entertainment industry now.

“You know whether its true or not in your heart, but I hope you can stop bothering Tang Xiaoxiao to make news.

Your fans are crazy and theyll attack Tang Xiaoxiao,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Xiaoxiao needed news and publicity, but she couldnt show up often with Huang Yizhen and An Beibei in the news, because only she would be criticized in that case.

Both An Beibei and Huang Yizhen had many fans to defend them, and Tang Xiaoxiao alone couldnt compete against them.

Actually, Tang Xiaoxiao had already been attacked for a long time by Huang Yizhen and An Beibeis fans before.

Tang Xiaoxiao, however, didnt say anything about Huang Yizhens relationship with An Beibei.

She stayed silent, and only her fans defended her at that time.

Even though Tang Xiaoxiaos fans drew more criticisms towards her, she didnt blame her fans for it.

She knew that only her fans would believe her, and she felt grateful for what they had done for her.

Huang Yizhen and An Beibei didnt have moral standards, and neither did their fans.

Their fans didnt care how they were able to be together.

They were all selfish and believed that they would never be wrong.

Therefore, in their eyes, Huang Yizhen broke up with Tang Xiaoxiao because Tang Xiaoxiao wasnt good enough and An Beibei was a better choice.

They admired stronger people, and would bully the weak.

Anyway, fans always defended their own idols.

An Beibei was annoyed again when Gu Ning blamed her for what Tang Xiaoxiao had been through.

Because Gu Ning strongly defended Tang Xiaoxiao, An Beibei believed that she must be Tang Xiaoxiaos fan.

“Beibei, let it go.

We dont need to argue with an unimportant stranger.” An Beibeis assistant stopped her again in case she caused a scene in the plane.

An Beibei was full of anger now, but she had to listen to her assistant.

“Fine, I can let you go this time!” An Beibei said and turned her head away from Gu Ning.

After that, she began to read her script.

The plane was about to take off, so the passengers needed to turn off their phones.

Since An Beibei stopped arguing with her, Gu Ning ignored her and continued to read her book.

However, about an hour later, An Beibei suddenly felt very uncomfortable and was short of breath.

An Beibei thought it was because of her mask, so she took it off at once, but she still found it hard to breathe normally.

Because An Beibeis assistant was asleep, no one noticed her abnormal reaction except for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning frowned and asked, “Are you alright”

Even though she just argued with An Beibei, it didnt become serious, so she was still willing to help An Beibei.

“I-I cant breathe…” An Beibei pressed her chest.

Gu Ning took out a power crystal at once and gave it to An Beibei.

“If you trust me, take it.”

An Beibei hesitated for a few seconds, but still took it because she was in a lot of pain.

Before long, the pill came into effect.

An Beibei started to breathe normally, and her chest wasnt painful anymore.

She was surprised and couldnt believe it.

“Thanks.” An Beibei thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

She was a bad person in some aspects, but she wasnt dumb.

Gu Ning just saved her life, so she should thank her.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

When the plane was flying steadily in the air, several stewardesses walked about once in a while, but they kept glancing at Gu Ning once they walked by her seat.

Gu Ning knew that they had probably recognized her.

She didnt mind their looks, but said nothing.

After a while, the plane finally landed at the airport in City B, and Gu Ning needed to wait for a while to get off the plane because there were many passengers in front of her.

When Gu Ning stood up later, two stewardesses got excited and walked towards her.

“Hi, Miss Gu, um, were your fans.

Can we take some photos together” a stewardess said with anticipation in her eyes.

Several passengers heard it and turned to look at Gu Ning with surprise.

They thought that Gu Ning might be a celebrity.

An Beibei was surprised too, because she didnt know Gu Nings identity.

She stared at Gu Ning for a while, and thought that Gu Ning could be a new actress in the entertainment industry.


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